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 How do i sell a private number plate?
A company has offered to sell it for me for 400quid but how do i go about getting another number plate issued? and what does it cost? what does all this ' on retension ' mean?

 Advice for handling minor damage from rocks from a cement truck hitting my car?
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 My car got towed and auctioned off due to parking tickets in NYS. Can I register and insure another car in NYS?
The old summons' are still unpaid....

 permit and license hows?
okay im 17 and 1/2 and turning 18 in 4 months but i wanna drive so if i get my permit know do i still have to wait the 6 monthes with my permit to get my license or just have my permit for 4 monthes ...

 If a car sits in your yard for over 6 months can you get the title?
My grandma died a little over a year ago. She had a mustang that needed a lot of work. She always said the first person to graduate high school would get it and that would be me, but its not in ...

 Insurance Policy incorporating Grandson and protect my NCB?
Hi, am trying to find an Insurance Co that will allow me to add Grandson to Policy, while protecting my NCB but allowing him to build up his NCB.
Can anyone help please???
Additional D...

 GA Salvage Inspection Testing?
Does anyone know what the Salvage test consists of, as I have a car with a Salvage Title but my vin number is off of a Parts only title. The car was repaired. I just dont want to spend the $118 to ...

 I got an accident with no insurance!!!?
I didn't have an insurance when I got in an accident but I was hit so I report a claim to other car's insurance company but they said he had right of way so they denied my claim. but two ...

 i am 18 and have a permit , when i get my license do i have to take a written test at the dmv ?

 still waiting on tags?
after you get a new car, how long does it usually take for your hard tags to come in?...

 Vehicle insurance type?
Which is the following is a type of vehicle insurance that covers damage sustained by the insured's vehicle in an accident?
A. Collison
D. Deductible

I ...

 how do u get a learners permit?
in connecticut? how old do u have to be? someone told me 16, but cant u apply for a liscence at 16??...

 Can I get a Licence renewed?
I am a Student in Florida, and have a Florida Driving licence, which will expire in Jan,09. I am planning on taking some courses from a university in CA, but will be taking them online so will stay ...

 Researching Obsolete Car License Plates, Any Info?
I have a bunch of obsolete license plates from various states and I'm interested in trying to find out which county these came from. I know that you can tell this info on modern plates but I�...

 i got in a accident today and i need advice?
i got in a accidnet today with my moms car. she has insurance on it. as i was turning a guy passed me in a no passing zone and side swiped me. i had 4 witnesses saying i used my blinker because i did....

 Permit road test.....help........?
i took one 2 weeks ago, and sadly failed. do u have any tips for me???? i rlly need help. i skimmed the book and i do not have time to read it, so dont tell me to. and i did not take drivers ed, but ...

 If you have a claim pending and you renew your insurance do you lose your no claims bonus?
i made a claim of a potential claim on a car i reversed into but the driver has not made a claim in the last three months and i think it highly unlikely that he will make a claim as it is possible he ...

 My son's C.P.K-MB test value is 31 U/l what is the affect of this?
he is not able to walk properly and his legs shivers, earlier he also suffering with convulsions problem (without fever in sleep). presently homeopathy treatment in progress....

 what do i do if my car fails MOT.?
My car is due for an MOT, and a couple of days later i have to also pay my car tax, what happens if my car fails the MOT, i won't be allowed to tax my car without MOT certificate, if i SORN it ...

 How old do you have to be to get a drivers liscense in the state of virginia?


how long can i drive without my registration sticker on my plate?
you know the sticker you get from DMV to put it on the [year] place opposite from the month on your license plate?. well how long can i drive with a expired one? i heard that if you get pulled over, you're car gets taken away and license. but i don't know. i haven't register because i haven't passed my smog. i don't have that much money so am saving in the mean time.

thanks in advance.

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feeling lost
The short answer is until you get caught. If you do get caught you can get a ticket unless the officer decides to let you off with a warning. Usually they write the ticket. Also, even if you don't do anything else wrong, if they see it you'll get caught because cops want to check you out and see if they can bust you for anything else. It is a red flag excuse for them to pull you over and look for other possible offenses, like drugs, etc.

I don't think they can tow the car for just expired tags, as long as you have a valid license and insurance.

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You can't if you get caught it is a hefty fine.

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dawn b
you wont lose your license but u will definrtly get a fine better off getting a sticker

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Brian W
technically, you can't drive with an expired one at all, but as long as you dont get caught, keep on truckin!

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I don't know what your location is or what your state requirements are. Here in Texas, registration is totally separate from smog which is part of the safety inspection. Here the registration and the safety sticker go on the inside of the windshield. Drive with either one expired at your own risk, as they will surely garner you a huge ticket.

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