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 Why do insurance do not pay up when other drivers are at fault and revoked license?
How are revoked licensee getting insurance and are allowed to drive? These people should be penalize even if they are helping the revoked licensee get insurance. I found out about my claim 2 days ...

 Is their anyway i can re-register a car that dmv has suspended before February?
I have a car which DMV suspended it being on the road till February due to a insurance lapse.
Additional Details
I did get Insurance back on it but DMV will not register it until ...

 is there a free website where I can find the owner of a vehicle using just the texas plate number?

 How much would my insurance cost?
I can't seem to get some of the online quotes to work??

I'm 21, have been driving since I was 16, with NO blemishes on my record. I (will) drive a 2006 Acura TL.

Just ...

 When is the best time to get rid of collision on my cars?
How old should a car be b4 not carrying collision on your auto insurance policy?...

 Register a Dune Buggy?
Anyone know how to make a Dune Buggy stree legal and get it registered In Kentucky?...

 can a person still register there car when its in repossession? As in I still have the car.?
My car was issued for repo ack in august, but I have not turned it in. My tags expire in January and was wondering will I still be able to register?...

 I,m very confused and not going to except this.I financed a new car a couple of months i also got full coverag
insurance. FULL COVERAGE well someone backed up into my car at a high rate of speed. i called the police got a report and called the ins . they want me to pay the 1,000 dollar deductable and wont ...

 Need title or lien release letter,but original finance co. has been bought and new company has no record of me
How can I secure a car title or lien release letter from Citigroup Financial who bought my original finance company Transouth.
I've been getting the run around from them stating they have ...

 The rent car company requires additional repair and loss expense after they stop dealings with me and I paid.?
I was stolen rent car and submitted police report to the office. They informed to stop dealings with me unilaterally.
I paid for the rent reciept. Maybe, they found the car recently. They ...

 dmv county codes on driving record print out?
Need to find out California county codes on my DMV driving record print ...

 Titles on Old Motorcycles?
I just bought a 1975 Honda 360. The bike is complete and the guy gave me a second frame, front fork, rear wheel. There is a title but it is for the frame that is not built up. So, as not to have ...

 The opposite party claims that I hit their car which I deny and they want to take it to CCJ. What do I do.?
I have not been in a accident but someone is putting a false claim on me that I have been in a accident and they have noted down my vehicle registration number down. The claim the opposition party ...

 can you get insurance on a vehicle if your license is suspend?

 Junking a car?
Any tips on junking the car? Like should I cut out the number plates etc?
Additional Details
its a honda ...

 I was rearended in a company van and denied pay for short time off. Is this true in Texas on workers comp?
I was given time off by a Dr. and put on workers comp by my company. My company has denied pay for this time off. Time off went to Dr visits and PT visits. This totaled three and a half days so far....

 "Cooling off" period for a vehicle purchased in Ontario?
I just purchased a vehicle and i wanted to know my flexibility into the contract before and after delivery? Any responses specific to Ontario regulations would be appreciated....

 how can i get another copy of my auto title in texas?

 How do you figure out the year the car was made by the number plate?
B reg..V reg.. ??? what does it all mean?

this applies to UK i ...

 How difficult is it to get a driver's license and registration in Illinois coming from another state?
Just wanted to get an idea of the downtown wait time, and process for getting a license, license plate, and registration for a vehicle. Thanks!...

how can i find out if there is a lien against my car for free?

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www.carfax.com will be able to tell you. that the only way to find out small fee involved no way to find out for free if buying from someone tell them to provide carfax.

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If you look at your title there should be a section there that indicates who the lean holder is (if any). If it has one listed, you can contact whoever is listed on it to see if you still owe money to them. If you do, you'll have to pay it off to get the Lien released, if you don't you can request that they send you a new Lien Release. Hope this helps.

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