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 Auto Accident not at fault?
I was in a car accident but is was not my fault. Nothing happen to my car and no police report was file, and I also let him go but we exchange information and he file a claims with his insurance ...

 Car insurance question? (Canada)?
My boyfriend is 18 years old turning 19 in July. He just got his liscense about 2 weeks ago and he is looking to buy a car for himself. I heard that you can't get insured in Canada unless you ...

 can i get in trouble for a car accident using a company car?
i was on my way to home depot to get supplies for work and while i was making a left turn i got hit by a car, on the right side by the back near the gas tank. the car was coming straight while i was ...

 does anyone know if auto club charges a yearly surcharge for incurring 1 accident?

 car was towed but i don't know license plate number?
Police station needs license plate number to look for the car. My friend doesn't know his license plate number, his insurance is weird is an insurance that works on any car he is driving, so ...

 DMV question...please help me out?
So my dad recently bought me a car off craig's list, but he forgot the guys name he bought it from and he is no longer on the page to get a number to contact him. He also didn't get a bill ...

 When can i get my license, NJ?
i am an freshmen in high school and i am really jealous of other kids who have cars. I always ask my mom or father and they are uncertain because they are foreign. I just want to know where i can go ...

 how much will it cost to register my car?
i just bought a 96 spyder eclipse & i also got to switch my license plates over, i want an estimate on how much it would cost so i can gather the money ...

 Does anyone know if the California DMV is open on fridays?
thank ...

 Pennsylvania Junior License...?
I have a PA jr. license. Can I drive in other states, like New Jersey, or am I only allowed to drive in PA until I get my senior license?...

 whats the time at the dmv?
what time is the DMV open on saturday in davis, california?...

 can i trade in a car with the registration not renewed?
yes i have the title. In the state of VT?...

 how can i get my truck and bonds from my dad when i turn 18?
Ok my mom past away in 07, so i now live with my dad, she never lived with him. well she had a 05 newq chevy, which i don't think she had a will. so every thing she owned went to me right?? well ...

 if i have to take the written test for the second time do i still have to wait 6 months to take the behind the?
I've taken my written test almost a year ago and I lagged it so much to take my behind the wheel test so on the 25th of august i will be taking it, if i fail i know imma have to retake my ...

 if my car is registered to my parents and its paid off, how do i get it registered in my name?

 When moving from one state to another do you have to renew your drivers license?
I'm moving from Illinois to California and wondered if I would have to get a new license. Mine won't expire for years so will I have to retake the driving tests? Thanks!...

 About getting my Minor's Driving Permit?
When i need a guardian's signature on the DL 44 (The permission Document) do they have to have a driver's license?...

 At DMV, for the written test, what is the fee?
I'm taking the test tomorrow
Additional Details
In NJ, you don't pay a dime unless you pass the test?...

 Front license plate in Ohio?
I spoke with the BMV and they informed me I can use my old plates on my new car. I received my old plates in the mail (Right now have 30-day tags) and one of them is scuffed up to the point the color ...

 can you take the drivers ed test online? (Texas)?
not sure if I can take it online or not and would like to find out. I'm to lazy too go to the school....

gurly girl
help with filling out my provisional driving licence form?
if you provide your digital passport number for your FIRST provisional driving licence, do you have to fill out part 6 - signing a photo to verify identity?

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2009-08-09 17:52:30 +0000
Yes, I think you do.
Well, I did anyway, as well as giving them my digital passport number.
Hope this helps

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2009-08-07 21:20:16 +0000
no you dont, and if using your passport photo you can do it online (even easier)


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