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 if you have a suspended license from a dui, is it possible to get a license just to drive to work?

can state take the title of your vehicle because of unpaid child support?
was looking at a used truck for sale, owner said he bought it from another person who claimed that the state took the title from him because he owed back child support.

Sounds strange to me, I don't want to buy the truck anymore since all this came about, but just had never heard of the state doing that. Have you?

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the cats&#39; mother
I have to be honest and say I have never heard of this. However I live in Canada and I can tell you that the government will grab your income tax refund, any refunds coming from the government, in provinces where they have government run auto insurance they can get your injury claim settlement. They can also not issue a drivers license,
auto insurance or a passport if you owe child support.

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It's called placing a lien on a vehicle. Yer damn right they can - - and do! I have absolutely no NO pity for a person in this predicament. Own up to the fact that you have to pay child support. Pay it and then get the lien removed. As soon as the shild support is up to date, they'll releade the title. Until all is taken care of, you cannot sell, trade, give the car away.

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Dana R
I know they can take your license away, but I'm not sure about taking your car away. You can always get a carfax history report. I think the website is carfax.com. Yep, that's it. It might cost you money, but it's worth it to know the truth. Good luck and I say trust your intuition!

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Never heard of that. Child Support Bureau can request that your license be suspended, but not take your property. I think this guy was trying to scam you. If the title had been taken, how did he get it in his name to sell to you?

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i bet it was registration that they refused to renew due to child support. if interested in the car, take the title and/or vin number to the dmv with the seller.

they can check the title status for the owner and he can advise you.

if it is just the registration, back fees may be in the picture. who pays for that?


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Yes they can.

When someone owes back child support or "arrearages" then the child support agency can place a lien on ANY property in that person's name (car, house, etc). The lien keeps you from selling it, and when it is sold all of the profit MUST go to your arrearages. Now if you owe a TON of back support, into the thousands, then they will acutally sell the property out from under you, & use the money from the sale to pay your arrearages. Every state varys on the dollar amount that is owed in back support before they place the lien or sell the property out from under you.

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