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bought a car, the dealer didn't have a title, how do i get a title? already tried a duplicate title.?

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The dealer cannot legally sell a car without the proper title. I would go to the DMV to find out the legalities before taken ownership.

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You can try typing car titles and your state under a google search and there are companies that specializing in obtaining titles to vehicles. I don't know if they work only with dealers or also individuals but you could check it out good luck. By the way, you may be able to file a complaint with your states Motor Vehicle Division against the dealer if you are unable to obtain a title on it either through the dealer on or your own. It would be worth asking them if they know if the dealer was fraudulent in the vehicle's transaction with you. They can possibly help you. Good Luck.

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It is the dealers responsibility to provide you with the title or the paperwork necessary to have the vehicle retitled to you. I'd be all over their butt, otherwise your assuming the car was last titled in your current state....maybe , maybe not. the dealer should do a title search on the vin #, don't let them make this your problem, make them earn that fat commission they're making on you.

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Without the title, the dealership was not legally able to sell the car. Take it back and demand a refund.

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It is up to the dealer to get it for you..Otherwise he can't sell it

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I would go back to that dealer right away and tell him to take care of this now. Legally he can not sell you that car. If he does nothing get a lawyer and sue him

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dances with cats
kind of shady that the dealer did not have a title, most will not even take your car for junk if you do not have a clear, tangible title

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Go to the DMV! Bring the bill of sale.

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The dealer didn't have registration/title???????????? Geez!!! What kind of dealership is that???

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The dealer is not allowed to sell a car without the title, he is in big trouble. Contact the licensing agency for your state, ask for the Dealer's division. Tell them about your story, they will take care of it for you. I bet this is a small dealer, correct? I also bet he goes to the car auctions, buys cars damaged, and rebuilts, then resells, correct? He likely didn't complete your transaction legally and you will have a hassle getting the title. When you do, I bet it is going to be a salvage/or rebuilt title. Now, most people do not want to buy cars that have been totalled and rebuilt, these cars normally have all kinds of problems. Right now, the United States car dealers are taking cars from the flooded areas of Louisiana, cleaning them up a bit, and selling them for good money. The buyer will suffer terribly with this car, it will have nothing but problems and the dealer is hiding the title, likely. This could be what happened to you, I highly recommend you contact your state's dealer services division. Good luck.

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