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 how can i know the address from the car number?

 How much would i pay for car Insurance?
How much would i pay for car
Insurance for cheap car that cost me honda accord 2000,I am 28 Years old, never been in any accident,I got my license 8 years ...

 what is the minimum age for driving in uk with a french driving license?
hi all! i am 20 years old and i have a full french driving license,and i was wondering whether i could drive in uk or whether i have to wait until i am 21??


 Failed driving test :[[?
I turn 16 in a week and a half, and I really wanted my license on my birthday. Anyways, I failed my first driving test because she said take a right at the next curb, and I was coming to a stop light ...

 I have my permit, How do I delay paying it until I have my license, which I am supposed to get in 1 month?
I am have my learner's permit and am supposed to get my license in a little less than a month. About a week a go I got a ticket for speeding and if you get a conviction you have to hold your ...

 Does the person who insured the car have to be present at my driving test?
I am from California. I am going to take my friend's sister's car to take the test. The car is insured under my friend's sister's name but my friend is going taking me instead. S...

 i rear ended a 2007 tahoe.went underneath it. my dad has liability it was my fault. so now they suing for 37k$?
i dont gots 37thousand. it was minor damage to their rear bumber.my car a 2001 gt front was all smashed.no seatbelt. my head hit the windshield. so what now?...

 i lost my title is there any way i can get a replacement.?
Im in florida I want to know if the DMV can give me a new Title in the office? I cant wait for them to send off for it?...

 question about auto insurance?
i have insurance on my bf's car, and i am buying a car off of my friend she is letting me drive it around for a while. can i get in trouble for not being insured on her car. even though i have ...

 Does vehicle registration have to do anything with auto loan?
My vehicle registration is coming due and I am about 3 months late on my car payments. Will my problems on my auto loan affect me renewing my registration?...


 I heard that if your car was made before a certain year then you dont have a front license plate?

 I bought a car in florence s.c. and didn't get a title. I have a bill of sales and want to know how do I get a?
I bought the car and recieved a bill of sales but the guy is giving me the run around about the title. I justwant to get a title without dependin on this guy because he is not doing anything to ...

 can i drive my truck without a hood in the state of texas?
My hood is damaged and won't be able to replace it for a while. can i drive without it?...

 what happens if you don't get a new vehicle registered?
My sis has had a brand new vehicle for almost a year now, and she hasn't had it registered. I'm going to go and have it registered...has anyone ever been in the spot? There was no reason ...

 Urgent question about the texas driving test! please answer!?
Alright i am 18 years old and i want to take my driving test in texas. i know how to drive but i am a little rusty at it since my family is very busy and my parents never had the time to take me out ...

 what do you think would happen if you lost something like your car?
emotional, physical, mental, and ...

 Car Accident, How Long Will Record...?
I am 16 now, and in February was in a car accident. I only had my G1, and it was my parents car which I was not supposed to have (I know many people will call me stupid for this, please refrain). No ...

 i bought a car in 2006 & the title was signed over, but i have misplaced the title,can i get new title?
i have no idea where the people who originally owned the car moved to. I was told i could file a lost title? is that the only option i have??
Additional Details
green4dj**i don't ...

 Rear spoiler - blocking rear centre brake light? MOT?
Hi, I'm just about to fit a rear spoiler on my year 2000 Toyota MR2 (believe it's called an MR-S in the US/Japan?). Noticed that with it seated on the boot, if you bend down and look ...

What is the law on impounding fees when the vehicle was stolen in Montana?
ok my car was stolen and then the individual that stole the vehicle had it towed to a impound place to get a key cut. the owners of the impound place was going to cut her a key without verification that the car was hers. we drove by and saw the car. we did a police report and all but now that it is in impound they want me to pay the towing fee and the impound storage fee... can someone help find a law stating since they know who the individual is that she is responible for the fees or any other advise... im sick of searching the internet looking for something to show the owners of the impound that im not responsible. Thanks =]

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2010-09-25 23:45:02 +0000
I used to buy and sell cars from impounds. You own the car and you want it you pay it. Then sue the individual that stole the car. I sold a car once and that dude got it stole about 8months later. It got impounded in san diego but the dude never transfered title and I paid the impound and got my car back at a fraction of the cost. Pay them sorry.

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2010-09-26 02:25:43 +0000
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2010-09-26 00:55:01 +0000
Unfortunately, you are the owner of the car and that makes you responsible. If you want your car back, then pay the fees. They are adding up every day your car sits on their lot. Then you have file a civil case (lawsuit) to seek reimbursement from the individual who stole your vehicle.

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