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 I sold a car several months ago. I gave the guy the title and bill of sale, he has not picked it up, how long?
I sold a car several months ago. I gave the guy the title and bill of sale, he has not picked it up, how long do I have to wait for this guy to pick up this car. I do not remember his name, at all. C...

 private registrations?
I am looking for a 'sonia' but I dont realise is that how people could write their names on them as if it was personalised.

my question also is about what if you just get private ...

 I had an accident in my wife car and the claim was on her policy of which I'm a named driver...?
when I renew my own insurance and I am asked have I made a claim do I answer yes or no. What will happen when my wife renews hers.

Not looking to defraud the insurance company just want ...

 i have an auto drivers licence but want to learn manual wot do i need to do this?

 car insurance/write off question !!urgent!!?
i smashed into the back of an audi last week,
the garage that towed my car away just called me and told me my car was valued at £500,
my excess is £750, if the audi costs say £250 to ...

 Can I get my license without a permit in NH at the age of 17 ?
I live in MA but I have a house in NH, I was wondering if I can take the test now and get my license without having a permit, considering I heard you dont need one ...

 Insurance question (see details)?
Would the insurance company pay up if I had an accident on the way to an MOT centre and my car had no TAX, or MOT and is on a SORN?...

 I failed my permit test?? im so sad..?
I'm not used to failure
i will admit im not the smartest girl
like it takes me longer to learn than average
ever but i usually NEVER ever fail
b/c i'll try and try ...

 Are you allowed to hit the curb in a drivers license test?
when you are parallel parking?...

 Who is at fault? I'm assuming that it's not us.?
My sister was backing out of a parking lot where every row is one way. As she was backing out, another car from the row across backed out also and hit the rear passenger door. Since I was the first ...

 theres an abandoned car in my yard?
theres a car in my backyard that has been there for a few days now. i live in a two family home and my neighbors say they dont own the car. some guy came by today and went into the car and i told him ...

 is it okay to buy a brand new car but the insurance that i'd like to buy or have is the liability only?
and not the fully coverage one so that it will be cheaper for me.............

 Is it cheaper to buy car insurance from an agent or online?
I just purchased a vehicle and I haven't had a vehicle in a while. Usually I'd get insurance from an agent in an office. I usually get a pretty good deal, but a lot of people are doing ...

 I'm still learning how to drive, how can i get insured on my dad's car and would it have to be yearly?

 How Should I Fight My Auto Insurance?
I was involved in a car accident this afternoon which, I believe, was not my fault. There was something on the freeway that I did not notice until after my car ran over it. I lost control of my car ...

 Can a 16 year old get there drivers license if they never had a drivers permit?

 Car Accident, how much should I expect from their insurance company?
I was just in a car accident on Thursday. Its basically totalled my car. Two weeks before the accident, I just put $2345 into the transmission, $500 2 weeks before that, and another $500 about a ...

 I was rear ended in a car accident and now im getting screwed by the other guys insurance company?
I was rear ended. 100% the other guys fault. My car is a 1990 but the damages total up to $3500 and because the car is that old they only are offering $900. The NADA blue book value is roughly $5000. ...

 How do you look up a car license plate without paying a fee??
I want to know the owners name of the car who keeps driving by my house....

 can i get insurance on a vehicle with only having a learners permit?
im trying to get a vehicle from a car dealership but i need insurance on it first......will i be able to get insurance on the vehicle with me only having a learners permit?

Is it legal in CA to refuse to give insurance info in an accident?
A lady backed into my car at a shopping mall and told me that she didn't have her driver's license or insurance info with her. She gave me her name and number and I took down her license plate number. (I called the police but they said they weren't going to deal with an accident in a parking lot) After trying to contact this woman three times, I finally left a message that I was going to call the police and let them handle it. She called within an hour to tell me she had been "out of town", and gave me the name of a person who would fix the car and she would pay for it (still wouldn't provide insurance info). So, this guy calls and gives me the address of his "shop" and it turns out to be a towing company.

I called my insurance company and they said I could file a claim and they could try to get her to pay, but I don't want this on my insurance...especially if they're only promising to try to get her to pay for the damage!

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Take her to small clams court. let the judge do their job.

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Hire an attorney that specializes in this area. Done.

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What kind of shady police would tell you that they're not going to deal with a parking lot accident?

That's sounds ridiculous! And how would it go on your insurance if it wasn't your fault?

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Actually here in Canada the police will not attend a parking lot accident unless there is a personal injury.
Parking lots are considered private property.
That's why you can let your kid drive in the walmart lot on a sunday morning!
Your only options are to either get your insurance involved or take them to court. If she hit you then your insurance will not go up.
However i would get a Police report so it is on the record that she hit you and she cant deny it.
Depending on how much damage she caused i would get a lawyer and let her have it.


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get another girl 2 f*ck that b*tch up and there done for

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Usually when someone refuses to supply insurance information it is because they either do not have insurance, or they have many points on their record and are afraid any more will cause their license to be suspended.

Allow your insurance company to handle this matter. They will repair your car, then try to recover any deductible you pay from the other party. If they are not able to recover any deductible you can sue in small claims court for that amount. Get permission from your insurance company before you do this .

If your damages are over $750 make sure to file a report with the DMV within the time limit, and include that the other party refused to supply insurance information. The DMV will get it from her or will suspend her license.

You do NOT have to have your car repaired by a person recommended by the other party. The shop you use is YOUR choice.

Please review pages 61 & 62 of the California Driver Handbook. It outlines your rights and responsibilities when involved in an accident.

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It's true. In Los Angeles police do not come out unless someone is injured.

Thank God you got her license plate. That is the most important thing you could have gotten.

You need to put in the claim with your insurance company. Since the accident was not your fault it will not count against you so put in the claim. Let your insurance company do the work and go after her. That is what you pay them to do. When your insurance company starts sending her letters and puts in her collections she will cough up her insurance info or they may put her in collections.

Do you have collision coverage? Uninsured motorist coverage? Put in the claim with your insurance company. Let them help you. They will explain what they can do for you. Put in the Claim!!!

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