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 How are auto injury settlement amounts calculated?
Is there a common calculation that is a rule of thumb at all with auto injury settlements? My husband and I were hit head on a few months ago and he was badly injured (in the hospital for a week). Do ...

 error on nys dmv registration?
i have a 1996 chevrolet blazer and just registered it today and i got home to realize the registration said 1966 chev. subn. i think that means a suburban which i dont have but maybe it is registered ...

 Going From Phoenix, Arizona To Los Angeles, California With Temporary License Plate. This Legal?
I'm 19 and just bought my new street bike. Took out a loan so I do not have the title yet fully in my name but it is insured with full coverage, I do have the temporary tags that are still good ...

 In California, What is the process for getting a driver license?
Here's my situation
-Im 15.5 yrs old
-I have taken the online course and have received a blue certificate of completion.

Here's what I need to know...
- What are ...

 Can specialized plates be used for the ID license plate (back) or does it have to contain the state name?
Hi, I'm saving up to buy myself my first car, but I'm wondering about the license plate. I'm planning to buy the following:

 Friend doesn't have a license but just bought a car. Could I register it in my name in VA?
from VA. She will b drivin wit no license. If I could do this what are the risk on my part?PLEASE DON'T ATTEMPT TO LECTURE ME ON WHAT I SHOULD DO.....i just need to ...

 how long do you have to wait to get you liscense?
I'm fifteen and am starting drivers ed on febuary 1st, my birthday is june 29th..will i be able to get my liscense on time because some people say you have to wait 6 months but others say if you ...

 Getting my permit in NYS?
I am 17 and hoping to get my permit soon hopefully this month and was wondering how is the fee for ...

 my license is revoked and my son is 16 Will i be able to register a car in his name in the state of texas?
will i be able to get tax title and license in his name, i want to put the title in his ...

 Did you take your drivers test in Ga? What all did you have to do? Was it in the parking lot?

 I live in NC and i have a small dirtbike I wanted to know if I needed a license to drive it on the streets?

 How much should it cost to register my vehicle in PA?
I just moved here from out-of-state.
Additional Details
Thanks, David. Already did that...I see there's a $22.50 title fee and $36.00 fee to register the car. I called one place ...

 Will i end up losing my license if i chose not to go to court?
I got one ticket close to a year ago for stop sign violation. I recently got the other ticket for speeding because my speedometer was broken and the officer gave me a faulty equipment charge as well. ...

 Is it possible to get a copy of a lost car title if i cant find the original owner?
My dad bought the car in Louisiana from some lady and she signed the title over to him but before he could take it to the DVM here in Texas he lost it....

 DMV owner/title vehicle registration?
I am trying to help my husband he has hardly anytime he works a lot.
His stepdad in the military base in japan is handing over the Cadillac to him.

it is currently at navy base in st....

 How old do you have to be to take the G2 road test in Ontario?
I herd there was a new law starting in 2009 or something. Anyways, what I want to know is:

note: I am 17 and I have passed my G1 this month (February 2009)

How long do you have ...

 Failing New Jersey DRiving knowledge Test?
I failed my knowledge test (to get my permit) and i have told i have to wait till i'm 17 to retake it but 16 years olds can get there permits if they pass. So can i retake it if i join a driving ...

 Driver's License Issue !?
I live in NC and have my limted learners permit. I've had it for a year and 3 months so I'm eligible for license.
Do I have to be on the insurance to go get my license, or does it not ...

 Can you register a vehicle with a suspended license?
Okay, call me "dumb" or whatever you want but 4 years ago I got a ticket in Atlanta for "license not on person". I asked the officer that I left it at my sisters and if he could ...

 how much would the average cost of car insurance for a 16 year old male in ohio be?

If your car insurance policy gets cancelled?
Can you not get another policy through a different insurer with out putting 100% down?

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Probably not, particularly if your insurance was canceled due to non-payment.

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Yes you can. I had insurance with Travelers and they were going to cancel my policy because my mom had a permit(embarrasing). So I beat them to the punch and switched over to Progressive the same day. You cannot have a lapse in coverage. They have to give you a notice of cancellation at least 30 days before effective cancellation date. This will give you enough time to get another policy. I've never heard of having to put 100% down on a policy, unless you have really bad credit. You can just pay monthly, and if you don't pay they will just cover until the day your payment was due. Good luck!!

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