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 I was hit by a person with no license and no insurance, how am I covered ?
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 Got a loan on a car in December 2006. Just last week it was hit while stationary, third party has?
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 When to display a new car tax disc?
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 Can I Drive without Insurance? I have a license and my car Is Insured under my parents name?
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 How to report to authorities someone driving w/a suspended license on 4 DUI's????
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 How Much do you pay for Car Insurance?
Im 19 and i just bought a new 07 Impresa 2.5Si non-turbo.....my insurance is 2650...i was wondering if anyone else was getting screwed

Ohh ive had my liscence 2 1/2 years, no tickets, no ...

 Do you need to report a delivery job on auto Insurance?
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 Can I drive on the same month registration sticker on my car?? Will i get pulled over?
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 I got pulled over last night (new years) but I dont know if I got a ticket... Help!?
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 what should I do after getting sued for a car accident?
Almost two years ago I hit a bus at the rear because my car was lost control in heavey snow.The bus didn't even move but my car was totaled because my car is pretty low. I reported to my ...

 A week ago a lady ran into my parked car.?
She was having a seizure. The police came to the scene of the accident and took a report. She was taken to the hospital immediately after. THE PROBLEM IS, I HAVEN'T HEARD ANYTHING FROM THE WOMAN ...

 Can I drive a second car on my first insurance?
I have one car which is fully comprehensively insured and registered in my name. I have now bought a second car. Can I drive this second car and still be insured (third party only), as I will only ...

If you're 18 years old do you still need to have a permit for a year before getting a license?
Or does the permit rule no longer apply after you turn 18? In the state of Georgia. Please only answer if you know for sure.

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Evan B
No, you can just get a license.

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you need a permit no matter what age you are.

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Nico S
Hi, if you want to get more information about it, go to http://car-insurance2009.synthasite.com/?q=permit

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no you are an adult you do not have to have a permit you can go and get your licence most people wai till they are 18 so they wont have to get there permits

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well depends where you live in ct you need 40hrs of school (driving) to get liscense but im pretty sure you dont need it

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Jackie M
You just have to pass a driving test.

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Mike B
Once you are 18 pretty much every state just reqires you to take the written and drivers tests.

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No you can just get a license.

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In CA you don't, you need your permit for like a month or something, it's much easier to get your license when you're 18. Dunno about GA sorry.

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Crystal J
No in most states even if you have never had a permit if you are 18 you are considered an adult and all you have to do is pass the driving test and the written test and they will usually give you your license.

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You get the permit first. If you pass the written to get the permit, you can take the dirving test for the actual liscense immediately.

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