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 Can you take the driving test without any insurance?
and are there any options the DMV offers?...

 Will I take all the fault?
I was making a left hand turn after making a stop at a stop sign across two lanes onto a road. I stopped looked and didnt see anything and thats all I remeber till later that night being in the ...

 I passed my driving test today, how long will the photocard take to arrive from the DVLA?
I ask as i may require it as a form of ID next week. I forgot to ask the examiner who took away my provisional for processing.


 cheapest car insurance?
i am looking for a car which will be cheap to insure. i am only a 17 year old girl, so i need to know what would be best and how much a month around about?...

 My friend's car was stolen and she only has liability coverage. What to do?
Her late-model Honda Civic still has payments left on it. I'm not sure how she has only liability when it's still under payment. Any suggestions?...

 can two people insure the same vehicle?

 can you sue someone for false accusation?
i push carts for walmart and a customer accused me that i hit his van and i didn't touch it. insisted i did and im wondering can i sue for false accusation....

 is the person who hits the car from behind, always at fault?
if someone stops in the middle of the road all of a sudden on a green light, when the traffic is running on a 60 speed, to give someone a pass who wants to come out of a supermarket. and due to the ...

 I'm buying a new car but the car I wanted to trade in is under my parents name. Would that be a problem?
I need to know if I have to transfer the car title me my name before trading in my car. My parent like far away so it's hard for them to get here when I purchase the car....

 Car accident - does insurance company provide lawyers?
My sister was involved in an auto accident few years ago, and her and the other driver both had injuries (not major). She was turning left at an intersection with the left arrow light, and the other ...

 I have limited space in my glovebox. What should I place in there?

 how can i track down a tag # on a car if i only have a partial plate # ???? someone hit and ran my truck!!!?

 what would i get for riding someone else's moped without insurance? ?

what can i do to get this vehicle off my property can i claim it for my own, its has been sitting on my property for 7 years i dont know who the owner is does anybody know how i change the ...

 Who's at fault??
they slowed down to make a right turn..and as I was making a left turn out of the sme parking lot,they stomped on the gas.The front of my car collided with one of the back wheels of their car.Who'...

 how can i get the ph # of the insurance company when i only have a policy number of the driver at fault?
the police report list 'us auto insurance' as the insurance company of the driver at fault.there is also a policy number listed 'ypil000009220'.ther is no such company ,as i tried ...

 How much would car insurance cost for a 17-18 year old first time driver?
It would be under their name as parents dont own a car, and the car he is interested in is a Ford Mondeo. I know you can't say for sure without specifics but how much would you reckon (min) ...

 If a car is in my name...?
If a car is in my name and my name only not my parents names or anyone else can they drive it without my consent or permission? My name is on the title and i have my own car insurance plan which i ...

 Some druggie rear-ended me in a car accident!!?
They did not have any insurance done 3200.00 damage to my vehicle now my insurance has to pay to fix my vehicle, what can i do ? And it was not even there vehicle it belonged to someone else....

 I need an oppinion, what should we do? Do I pay for this, or split it? Or nothing?
So the other day was snowing really bad. My Brother's car was parked on the road and the plows were getting ready to come out. My husband offered to move his car out of the road because he was ...

I was in an accident and the other party wont cooperate. Am I screwed?
I was driving on the expressway outside of Chicago and was rear ended while moving. There was about 1000 dollars damage to my car. I did not call the police or notify the dmv. We exchanged info and I filed a claim. The other party now is not returning phone calls or even talking with their insurance company. Their insurance company says they cant do anything until they get in touch with the guy who hit me. Two months has gone by and they still havent gotten a hold of him. I talked to him once about a month ago and they said they would cooperate. They havent. What steps can I take? Should I file a claim in court? My insurance company has senty letters but still no responce. Am I out of luck here?

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Let your insurance company figure it out...you pay for prem. for a reason...your insurance company should cover for your P.D. (property damage) and any medical bills and they will mitigate their damages to the other party's insurance...if it is rear end the liability seems clear but if you think you need help, maybe you should fired an P.I. Attorney..

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call the police and see what they say....

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hazel 1
you pay insurance for coverage so since you reported it , now it is up to the insurance company to settle this issue. if you have full coverage your car should be covered. i would also check with d.m.v. and explain the situation. best of luck

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It sounds to me like the only issue is that you have $1,000 in property damage and your company can't get reimbursed.

If you have collision coverage, pay the deductible and forget about it. Its up to your insurance company to subrogate the proper insurance company.

It should not be your concern if your company can get a hold of the other driver or not.

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i am assuming that since your insurance company has sent letters, you have full coverage? if you did not i think that they would tke no action and wait for his insurance to contact them.

if you have full coverage, have your insurance fix your car. otherwise file suit.

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Luna & Lawnboy
Hanz has no idea what he is talking about. If you do not have Collision Coverage on your policy, your insurance company is not going to pay for your damages. Property Damage covers the other party when you are at fault for an accident.

I usually do not say this, but yes, file suit. Once he gets served, he will refer the matter over to his insurance company unless he is a complete idiot. At that point, the adjuster can confirm the details of the accident with him. If they accept liability, they will pay you for your damages.

Eventually, he is going to have to cooperate with his insurance company. If he does not, they may deny coverage.

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