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Jared M
I just got hit by a car while on my bike, how much money should I expect?
The police and EMS were there and everything, they filed an accident report stating that the driver was in the wrong. I'm not the type who wants to "milk the situation for all its worth" but I definitely want some compensation. I'm relatively okay, a few cuts, scrapes and bruises, but I will be going to the Dr. tomorrow. I just want to know what to expect...My mom thinks the dudes insurance is going to contact me and offer me a sum of money if I agree not to press charges; is this how things typically work? How much do you think they would offer? Any reliable info would be great to hear
Additional Details
Wow you guys are so helpful. I don't really get why you would assume my bike was undamaged...maybe if you graduated high school you would realize that basic principles of physics will tell you that a two ton suv hitting a 30 lb. bike is going to rip it into pieces, which it did. If you all think its immoral to want a little compensation beyond breaking even after what your paying out of your own pocket for something that wasn't even your fault, then well, I hope you all get hit by cars. Especially bungholio. Every time I ask a question on here everyone has to think they're better than me and say anything but an answer to my question. I'm sure you all flip out when someone cuts you off on the road. Imagine if they hit your car. Now imagine if they hit your body.

I regret even asking you pretentious idiots for help to begin with. Go do something more constructive with your time than criticizing the morals of someone who specifically doesn't want to ruin someones life.

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You should expect your medical bills to be paid for and your bicycle repaired or replaced. Anything in addition to that is a bonus.
They are right, the insurance company isn't going to file charges, that's not how things work.
The police ticket the driver. You get the police report and contact the insurance company listed on the report, then submit all medical bills to the insurance company.
Never wait around for an insurance company to contact you, never assume the at fault party will contact his insurance to report this.
Get a lawyer and loose 20% - 30% of what you will get from the insurance company and you will wait 6 months to a year for the lawyer to even cut the check.

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What it sound is you are "milking" the system at least trying to. I was hit police and end were there etc. He was at fault and there are no charges you can really file. In my case my rear wheel was bent up. We mailed him the bill the bike repair place charged and he felt very guilty and was happy that I didn't want anything more. So he sent me 100 dollars, the bill was around 50.

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the kid
If you aren't hurt, and your bike is undamaged, you shouldn't expect anything. I'm not sure how you would "press charges". The cops were there, he probably got cited, etc. You don't really have a criminal case...

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I was hit by a car on my bike and never sued. I could have. However, I don't see a reason to abuse the situation. If you had any medical charges in relation to it; I could see you wanting compensation for that. Ican see you wanting to teach the driver a lesson.

However, posting a Yahoo! Answers question to verify how much to aim for? That's cold; you can't say you're not milking this a little.

Don't worry, some less moral people will gladly post some 5 to 6 figure numbers you should aim for.

Shame on you.

(That said, I'm glad to hear you're ok.)

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Charges? And what charges do you think you'll be able to file, if the police didn't do so already? YOU can't file *any* traffic charges; only police can do that. Not milking the system...that sounds exactly what you're *trying* to do. All you'll be eligible for is your actual expenses IF you can file a civil suit.

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Adam J
Everywhere except florida, its open ended, 3 times your medical bills on average. get back therapy, m.r.i.'s, muscle testing, possible psychotherapy (afraid to ride bike again). talk to a lawyer. you'll could walk away with anything between 5 to 35k.

everyones else can go suck it, you didn't ask that if i sue am i milking , so fu k'm. thats why we have insurance, you may have problems later in life in the same areas of injury, and you'll have no recouse at that time.

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