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 In the UK are you able to Insure yourself?
As in, sign something promising to pay for all damages to third parties in the event of an accident caused by yourself?
Additional Details
Referring to Car Insurance BTW ...

 Rear ended by uninsured driver-single mother?
I just asked this question but i'm hoping for more input. I was rear ended by someone who gave me a fake ins card. police didn't repot and no one was hurt. He gave me bogus info and i can ...

 Do i need insurance on my mums car to drive it with my provisional?
ok people im only 17 and ive just got my provisional through and ive bought some L plates. my mum said she will take me on a quite road where i live where all the learner drivers go.

Do i ...

 How can i get a better deal from this insurance company??? please help?
I was in a car accident, it was not my fault, the person who crashed into me has taken full responsibility.
I had it for a year, it cost me $1800, from a registered car sale yard, it was a 1994...

 Can I cancel car insurance if I don't drive any car for 3 months? I will be over sea. My car is in Ma.?
My car insurance is expensive, but they said I can't cancel it. Anybody advice?
Additional Details
the car will be parked in my garage....

 how old do you have to be to get your learner's permit in tennessee?

 hit a deer wrecked my car $8500 damage why is my car not concerned total?
99 gs lexus hit a deer $8500 worth of damage so far the wreckage company did not even check the engine believe my car is worth 12,000 private sell 15,000 retail not sure why it is not total out. I ...

 When 3 cars are in accident who's fault is it?
If a driver in front stops abruptly or crashes into something, is the second guy responsible for hitting the first guy? What if theres a third car and it hits the middle car?
Additional Details<...

 If a friend is driving my car and is in an accident, who has to pay?
I have just the required liability insurance on my car. If I let a friend drive it and she is in an accident that SHE CAUSED, will that affect my driving record and who has to pay insurance wise?...

 I lost my drivers license!?
And it had the best pic ever! i dont want to go back down to the dmv and get a new one just yet so where do you recomend i look for it. I was in my boyfriens car with my bestfriend lindsey after a ...

 Car damaged by Road? Can you claim?
My dad was driving down the A17 near Kings Lynn in the snowy weather recently. He followed the tracks made by other motorists. His car then went into a huge pot hole. Which has damaged his wheels/...

 Driving without a valid M.O.T?
I brought a car yesterday but it has no valid MOT and i need to drive to my mums to put 4 wheels on the car then take it to strait to get MOT'd, is this illegal and if so what would happen if i ...

 What documents do you have to put in your car?
Like insurance or some kind of identification? And is it a law? (US - specifically California)...

 What should I do about a car I bought and never received the title from the seller?
My husband and I bought a car from a couple for $2000, it needed some work on the brakes and that is why we got it for such a good deal. We wrote out a bill of sale on paper and both the woman and ...

 Do you need to have full coverage insurance before driving a new car?
The car will be financed of course. I'm trying to figure out if I will need coverage before I drive it off the lot, or if there is a grace period....

 Do the car need to be under my name to get insurance?
I've recieved a car as a gift from my parents and I'm looking for insurance....

 taking my car off the road for 6mths will i lose my no claim bonus if i cancel my insurance?

 Car accident?
Okay guys, July 2006 I was at a traffic light and got rear-ended, nothing was wrong at the time and I was late for school so I just said it was fine and we left. That weekend my back hurt so bad and I...

 If a driver rear ends a car that comes to a dead stop on the merging lane of the interstate, who's at fault?
This is just a hypothetical question. This never happened to me and I never saw it happen, but am just wondering since the merging lane is used to increase speed with traffic on the interstate and ...

 My car was totaled and my insurance company isn't paying what the car is worth. What can I do?
Long story short, my 1987 Camaro Iroc-Z28 was totaled in an accident that wasn't my fault. I'm dealing with my insurance company (USAA) for replacing the car but the other driver's ...

I'm moving out of state, do I have to get a new license before I can get a job?
I'm moving to Indiana for only about six months from South Carolina, and I had planned on getting a job. Do I need to get a new license before I can get a job? Or can I keep my South Carolina license?

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No, you can keep your old license until it expires, as long as you keep your insurance in that old state as well - until it expires.

Your drivers license must match the state on which your insurance policy is issued.

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If your moving there permanent I would recommend getting an Indiana driver license. This way you have proof of residence. Check the link below and see if its helpful.

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It wouldnt hurt to get a new license.
That way you have proof of residence in Indiana, but when you move back to South Carolina you may need another one.My start requires you notify of change within twenty days so Id be safe and just shell it out for a new one.

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they some times give you 30 to 90 days to buy and or text for a new one

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As long as you are not required to drive as part of the job, you shouldnt need to change your license!

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Cover your ***, I would because if you are now living in Indiana and you want to work in Indiana, then you need to establish yourself as a resident of Indiana and not just some drifter. Remember, first impressions also mean having yourself established, you will probably have to explain your relocation in job interviews anyway when it comes to past places of employment, I moved to Michigan from Ohio, i still have to explain that, and it was 2 years ago since I have moved back to Ohio.

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Just call the DMV. Some states require you to change your license over within 6 days. Others much longer. But you can go ahead and work anywhere. It's the DMV that's concerned with where you move, it's no matter to your employment whether you've changed your license over or not.

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Check out this site

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No, you don't need a new license before getting a job.

You are supposed to get a license in the new state if you will be a permanent resident. I believe there is a time period requirement- 30-90 days?- but it's not something that will generally be enforced or have serious repercussions.

If you get pulled over and a cop asks, just say you moved there a few weeks ago.

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