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 I got in trouble with the law the other day but I didn't get a ticket, does it still go on my record?
My friend and I got in trouble with a few policemen and they took our information, however neither of us received tickets or anything of that nature? Does it still go on my record? i f so, I haven...

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 Where can I find a rental car that I can take out of state?
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 which auto insurance companies only go back three months for accidents and violations?

 How long should it take before my insurance company goes after the other person.?
I was in a car accident 1/16/10 and my car was totaled my insurance company payed what i stilled owed on my car, but told me that they had to go after the other person insurance company so that i get ...

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Pls be ...

 Do I need a parent to renew my license?
So I need to renew my license today and it's bad enough that it's my birthday so It's expired now, but I'm afraid my mother has to be there. I mean, I have a valid excuse why I ...

 i heard you can change your address on your license by doing it online, and they mail you a sticker .....?
does anyone know if this is true, what the website is and how to do it. I'm searching myself now but if anyone who knew could maybe just help me out. thanks
Additional Details
i ...

 can you get your license at 16 if you don't have your permit first and have a baby?
can you get your license if your 16 without having your permit first if you have a baby to drive to doctors and stuff like that? and how much do you think insurances would be for a 16 year old thats ...

 Using address in another city for insurance purpose?
I wanna get insurance for my car but because of where i live the premiums are a lot higher. some of my friends use our old address in another town for their insurance and their premiums are ...

 Rental car ran off road, will insurance company pay for another rental?
Was driving a rental two flat tires, bumper busted ...

 i lost the title to my car before putting it into my name how do i get a replacement?

 can someone advise me if i am liable about broken windscreen?
Hi all.
3 years ago my windscreen broke. I had comprehensive insurance covering it.
I went through the normal procedure by contacting my insurers who gave me a number to call which was ...

 how do i get a title for a car i plan on purchasing?
this car lot has a bmw that im interested in buying. some guys that were visiting from california owned it. they broke down and had it repaired there. never paid the bill< muchless come get their ...

 no damage car bump trying to claim?
I had a minor bump with another car about 7 months ago,we only exchanged phone numbers as there clearly wasnt any damage.

Out of the blue i had a call from this woman saying her friends ...

 Can I sue in this situation?
Can I sue someone if they allowed their son to drive their vehicle out of town, and they wrecked into me, but he was not on his mothers policy, so now her insurance will not cover my vehicle. They ...

 Alright, Im 18 going to buy a car.?
I would like to know information on what car would be best for me considering insurance and all the good stuff. The cars that Im taking into consideration are, mazda3, honda accord, eclipse, scion tc,...

 how do i go about getting a car for work?

 just passed driving test can i drive automatic?

How soon do I have to turn in my plates after selling car?
I just moved down to FL from MO 2 weeks ago and I sold my car to a cousin here in fl. I signed the paper on the bottom of the title and mailed it back to MO letting them know that I sold the car and the paper said you have to do so within 30 days but it says nothing about the plates. I'll be back in MO for thanksgiving vacation so I am wondering what is the time frame you have to turn in your plates?

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2009-11-08 03:03:55 +0000
ask the dmv

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2009-11-08 02:41:32 +0000
I don't think you have to. I have my plates from my Suburban I sold in 2006 hanging in my garage.

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2009-11-08 02:41:39 +0000
That all depends on whether you cancel the insurance on it as soon as you sold it. It also depends on what state you live in. If you live in a state that you buy the car with the plates on it you don't have to. I live in Upstate NY and if you sell your car and cancel the insurance on it you have 3 days to turn them in or they will start charging you so much a day that you don't turn them in. It can add up to a serious fine.

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2009-11-08 02:45:36 +0000
I would mail them now. Most states, and I am not certain about MO, will still require you to carry insurance on the car if the plates are current. Failure to do so can get you in big expensive trouble. Mail them certified with a signature required and you should be OK.

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