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 Driving Without M.O.T?
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Additional D...

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We purchased two cars back in June. Both were inspected in May. When we got the registration sticker, we put it on the license plate...

Anyway, we didn&#...

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 Auto accident,I have a suspended license but i was driving a car which had insurance,Will the insurance cover?

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I've looked this up on DirectGov but its kind of confusing!

I'm looking to sell my car but this is looking unlikely before the insurance runs out. I will still have tax and MOT...

 I got stopped for driving without insurance but i already have 6 points on my liscence, whats going to happen?
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Also, how would that work if we were ...

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 car insurance question..wasn't my fault.?
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 Can I do driving lessons in my own car?
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 What will the insurance company use to assign a value to a 'totaled' car?

How many people out there drive with no license?

Additional Details
i have a license..i was just asking if you do or how many people you know that do

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I've done it, You're just more careful...

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almost everyone that doesnt have a licence drives lol

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whats a license???lol

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lol nobody will admit to that cause its unlawfull and verry naughty

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2 MANY.............................

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I gotta go renew my license this month. Its gonna be a ***** if I have to retake the damn test again.

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Not me, not now.

I did in the past, when young and irresponsible, would not dream of doing it now.

I had applied for my test and it took 11 months to come through!!

If it happened now I would just wait.

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I hope they're all in jail.

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EvelynThe ModifiedDog.
It's reckoned to be about 1 in 10 people have no insurance, so thet probably don't bother with having a licence or an MOT either.

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Those without licenses should have their cars impounded. That should force them to get one.

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Ian M
People who are caught doing this should be jailed -no question.

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I highIy recommend you dont do it! I have done it --- much to my regret, I ended up spending the weekend in jail.

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far too many...

and theres even more with no insurance... tut tut...

plod will nick you, not today, not tommorow, but someday... unlicenced drivers have to be luck all the time.. plod doesnt.

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Too many

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Anyone who does is a total idiot and i hope they do themselvs damage. DRIVERS LISENCES ARE THERE FOR A REASON. IF YOU DONT HAVE ONE YOUR NOT QUALIFIED TO DRIVE!!!!

The ammount of people that are killed because of drivers without lisences/ cars with no tax etc.....

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