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 Plz help if you're a good DRIVER :) Driving Q's?
I'm pretty sure i know the Q's i just wanna make sure they're correct :)

PLZ Help!

Best answer gets 10 points!!

When alcohol is consumed, ...

 Will I lose my G1 after 5 years?
Ive had my g1 for 4 years on Dec.27. If I do not get my G2 before that date will I loose my license on Dec 27 2011?
Ive heard i have to get my full license within 5 years of getting my G1, then ...

 How to change my CA license to over 21?
I just turned 21 today (very excited :)) and I'd like to change my driver's license to an over 21 license so there's no mistake when I want to go into clubs and bars. Do I have to go ...

 Illinois Renewal on License Plates Tag, is there a Grace period?
I couldn't believe it, but my dad forgot to get the plate sticker renewed, is there any grace period, seeing as how we are only a couple days late?...

 Who is responsible for a car pile up in Australia?
We were travelling as the last car of 3 and the front car hit the brakes, the car in front of us hit the breaks and so did we, but we just nudged the back of the car in front of us. No damage to the ...

 how do i get a new vehicle title, old one wasn't signed?
i purchase a vehicle from a dealership and the original owner hadn't signed the title over to the dealership. so now i can't register the vehicle in my name, how can i fix it....

 i have drivers florida licence and it has expired can i still transfer it over to a ny drivers licence?
can i do the ...

 switching regsitration with a lien?
I am one of two registered owners on my vehicle and it has a lien on it by my brother. can I transfer the registration to my name only and be solely responsible for the lien ?...

 got in a car accident and need advice and info?
i got in a car accident and i was with my friend. when i wrecked we got out and then we looked our selves over and the car over we were ok but the car was wrapped around a pole, totaled ( i **** ...

 Need some help with a legal title?

I hope you can help me out. I am looking at a 1999 Honda Shadow that is for sale at a local repair shop. Apparently, the owner of the bike has left the bike at the shop for more ...

 Vehicle licensing taxes deductable?
Can you deduct taxes on used vehicle purchase on licensing?...

 Question For Illinois Drivers?
On the illinois secretary of state website, how do i check if i am able to get my license yet?

i was told that i could put my driver license number in and it will tell me if i could go in ...

 is there a one week insurrance?
im planing to buy a car and ship it overseas...i dont have any kind of insurrance but i do drive. wondering if there is any type of insurance that i can buy for this short periode as well as to bring ...

 What can i do if a cop hit my car from behind and told me to wait at 7/11 until they return and then they tick?
and a random female sheriff was talking to me rude and called me an effing baby after i complained about getting ticketed. and the officer didnt have his siren on. i was yeilding to traffic prior.

 Lost the pink slip to the car we just bought, how do we register it?

 If the dealership messes up on the taxes do i have to resign a new contract and pay the difference?
I bought a car a month ago and did all the financing and paperwork at the dealership. I got approved and signed the contract then took the car home. Its been three weeks and the manager just called ...

 How long does an HGV provisional license last?


 Points earned by Drinking and Driving in British Columbia?
Does anyone know how many points ill get by drinking and driving in British Columbia?
there is a chart @ icbc but it did not say anything about drinking...

or is it just the ...

 How much do collection agency charge to recover deductible from at-fault party in car accident?
My car got rear-ended in Nov 09 by an uninsured motorist. Since I did not have uninsured motorist coverage, the insurance company proceeded by filing the accident under Collision. I got a letter from ...

How fast do indian mopeds go? and are they street legal?
I'm thinking about purchasing a 1979 indian moped and fixing it up but I'm wondering how fast they can go and if they are street legal or just a bike and you do not need a license for it because it starts going by pedals?

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2010-11-04 04:18:56 +0000
Not as fast as the Chinese rickshaw.

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2010-11-04 04:28:08 +0000
used google " moped laws in ( your state) " you can find the laws if you look for it.
Some people think if its under 49 cc and has pedals that it leagal.
but where i live Florida, any thing with a motor even with pedals requires reg and driver lic.

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