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 Do I need to take Drivers Ed or Driving School before I take the written test?
I like in California. I am 15 and only 4 months till i turn 16 so i am pass the 15 1/2 so i can take the written test. but do i need to take drivers ed or driving school before i take the test?...

 Speeding on motorcycle?
Today I got 3 points on my licence for speeding on my motorcycle. Do I have to inform my insurer now? I have also got a car. Do I have to inform my car insurer too?...

 I have a car Insurance claim question?
Someone hit the fire hydrant in front of my house. The spray was directed towards my house and my car. Along with spraying water it also sprayed rocks. It broke my two passenger side windows, my ...

 Driving with temporary plates?
I just bought a car and I still haven't gotten my regular metal plates. I still have the paper plates, but only on the back. This weekend I am driving to Kansas, but I am worried that I will ...

 Can police accident report be challenged/changed?
Can police accident report be challenged/changed?
I live in NY. I was coming out of a parking lot in my car and was behind another car. The lady who was driving the other car saw a parking spot ...

 My car has an alterered VIN, all the obvious spots have been altered. What can I do to find the real VIN #?
It's a 1998 BMW 528i. Car fax and several other organizations (NYC police) show the vin as non existent. The VIN under the hood on one of the columns was obviously rubbed out and etched in ...

 Can you purchase GAPS insurance other than with the dealership?
I'm currently leasing a car and the dealership told me that I couldn't get the GAP insurance; I really want gap insurance. Is there any way I can purchase Gap through other insurance ...

 insured vehicle in NY, and registered in CA, Is that legal?
I have lived in NY all my life untill 2 months ago when i moved to CA. Now I'm looking to get a second truck for transportation.
My current and only car is still registered and insured in NY...

 My driver's license or my permit?
My driver's license or my permit?
I dont have a license , but i would like to know if i can buy a car just with my driver permit.......

 Could I contest in court?
I was involved in a 3 car accident last night where my view was blocked by a line of cars/trucks in the turn lane, but the road looked clear and so I inched out to get a view of any oncoming cars. W...

 How do i obtain a notorized certificate stating that I am un-insured?
Hello guys,
I just need some advice on this. I do not own a car, so obviously don't have car insurance as well. I rented a car from enterprise in Minnesota and preferred to use my C...

 If someone else gets a speeding ticket while driving your car, does your insurance go up?
If you let someone drive your car in Ontario, and they get a speeding ticket, and they aren't on your insurance for the car, will the insurance for that car still go up?
They have a G2, but ...

 car for sale title transfer?
I bought a car from a dealer a month ago. I decided to sell it but haven't transfer the title to my name yet. can I just sign it over to the buyer or do I need to go down DMV and get it on my ...

 i have questions about my driver permit and licence!?
im 17 .... my friends tell me that i can go and get my permit and the next day i can get my licence... is this true?... if its not ... can you give me the facts about it?
Additional Details<...

 my car got towed while at the repair shop.the owner refuses to pay for the impound fee, what are my rights?
i am wondering if the car was not in drivable condition, it had a defective motor, which was being replaced at the repair shop, it was towed for expired tags, the owner of the repair shop will not ...

 how to register a car in my name when the seller has only given a bill of sell and now cannot find the title?

 i have some parking tickets that i have'nt paid there like 2 year old parking tickets and im sure i have warra?
i have these parking tickets that i wanna pay off but noe sure where to go to check to see how much they r all together i kno i have to go to the dmv and or sumthing im just scared will i get ...

 Auto accident with no info trade?
I got into an accident today where I took a late yellow light (i watched it turn red over me) at a highway/side road intersection (I was on the side road) the other woman must have seen that her ...

 What is a car title number?
See, I found my car's title number, and I know that I need a title to either sell my car or to put it in a junkyard.

Is the car's title number actually the title?

If ...

 No front license plate?
some cars dont come with a location for a front license plate how can i receive a ticket for it....

How do I gift a car in NJ?
I'll be selling my car and would like to gift it so the buyer can avoid paying tax. Any ideas on the process and forms if necessary that needs to be filled thanks.

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2009-08-02 02:55:01 +0000
a 'gift' has to be $10,000 or less...if the car is more than that, you can't gift it...but you can specify on the paperwork you sold it for a dollar( $1) that way no taxes need to be paid.

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2009-08-02 03:55:19 +0000
You sign the pink - you give a bill of sale to your buyer listing the price at no less than 50% value, the Dept. of Motor vehicles will be suspicious if you try to say "gift" for a transfer of title, and they will say you will have to pay sales tax as if full retail price per Kelly Blue Book. If DMP asks why the low price, your buyer says the car needs a lot of maintenance. (New tires - muffler - body work)

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2009-08-02 03:30:39 +0000
in most states, this works only if it's a gift to a close family member; otherwise it's better to list a low amount for the sale price and pay the tax.

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2009-08-02 02:54:53 +0000
I don't know if its the same in NJ, but in Florida if you put trade instead of a price then they still don't pay taxes. I think that you have to pay gift taxes on a gifted car.

Edit: A problem with the putting ($1) is that sometimes auditers will catch it and decide to fine them to make an example out of them.

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