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 Hydroplaning, who's fault?
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 I was involved in a accident where the other party rear-ended me.No police report. What do I do now?
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 how can I find out if the car Im buying was in an accident?

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 Would a criminal damaged car not repaired by the insurance company without affecting the no claim discount?
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 when you have a car accident how and when do you pay your excess and who to?

 Am I being ripped off?
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 A legal question!! Help?
My daughter was working for a local barbeque restaurant yesterday evening and the manager sent her to another location of theirs in her own car to pick up some salad trays during her working time.

2nd Commander
How can I retake my driver's license picture?
See my license expires in about a month. When I renew it for 28 bucks i don't get to retake it each time i renew it huh? I'm not sure what happens. can i retake my picture anytime i want? how much is it? cuz the picture in the license is when i was 14. and i'm 19 now. it also says i'm 108 pounds and 5'5 i was a skinny guy back then.

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Baby RM
lose your ID and go get another one. they have to retake your pic. do will have to pay for it tho. here in ohio it was $19.00 go to the DMV anytime. go early cause sometimes theres lots of people

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Here in Missouri, you would have to ask the people at the bureau if that could be done. I think they would possible allow it, if you go through the procedure of explaining to them everything you just explained to us. I hope you can get it done. Talk to them and see if they will do it.

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make sure you go in to the DMV to renew, but i might i suggest that you keep that picture for as long as possible, boy do i wish i still had my pic from when i was 16 it was a good one compared to the one i have now!!!!!

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Philip T
go to your drivers license authority and get a new picture taken and update your information....it costs you what it costs you....

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Boɳɛs, Ɍεαpϋrr Ӄittεӊ
Most of the time when you go to renew your license they take your picture so it is up to date. I have heard of some cases (in Florida) where they just stamp the back inside of giving you a whole new card, but I think its depends on the state you are in.

I have asked they retake my picture simply because I didn't like it, the folks are the DMV were happy to oblige. However you might not get such friendly folks... if all else fails, pretend you've lost your driver's license and they will have to re-take your photo then. But I would only do that as a last resort. Chances are you will get a new photo when you go to renew.

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ask for a replacement and when you do, you get the option of retaking your photo

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Jennifer W
They should be taking your picture every time you renew or get a replacement. If you go in and say you lost it and pay for a replacement, and then you go in a month later and renew, your going to be paying extra money for no reason. I don't know of any state that keeps using the same photo on file. They are supposed to take a new one every time.

With your license expiring in just a month you may be able to renew now. The state I live in lets you renew up to four months in advance. I would just go in, give them the license you have now, and ask for a renewal with a new photo. When they ask you if any of your information has changed, tell them the height and weight. If they forget to ask tell them anyway and they will change it.

If you "lose" your ID, you're going to have a hard time getting issued a license because then you won't have that as identification for purposes of issuing you a renewed license. They would tell you to go get your birth certificate and social security card then, which can be a hassle.

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