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 In CA, do you take your SR 22 to the Dmv yourself?
Friend got an SR22 issued but his insurance doesnt do electronically filing, and they mailed him the certificate, does he just take the certificate to the dmv and get his restricted license?

 Does it really make a difference on whos name is on the car?
im planning on buying a car, maybe from the dealership, im only 20 and in college and i was thinking, will it be a good idea to put the car under my name or my mothers? My mother doesn't drive ...

 My car was involved in an accident with no witness, but caused damage to other person?
My car was involved in an accident. I was not the driver, I was not aware that my car was involved. All I remember was going to my car and then waking up somewhere and being driven to the hospital. M...

 WHY do US licence plates expire?
A rather naive question i expect.

Just being watching some daytime TV.
Somebody mentioned that their 'plates had expired' and there car had being impounded.
This has ...

 Car accident scenario?
I was making a right turn onto a 2 lane street. The turn I made was a little bit too wide and a car passing by got scuffed. When we pulled over to inspect our vehicles, my vehicle had some minor ...

 How much would it cost for car insurance for a 16 yr old with a 1997 honda civic?

Additional Details
in ...

 Do I have to have a CA drivers license to work in CA?
I am a student and will only be here for 3 or 4 months but need employment. Can I work in the state of California with only an out of state drivers license?...

this message is urgent please provide the ...

 I have no car insurance and was rear ended by an insured driver. Can I still get my car fixed?
If I deal with her insurance company directly will I be able to get my car fixed?...

 I paid for my regisrtation, but they wont give me my stickers. HELP?
Ok, my boyfriend and I share a car. He drives it more and has got quite a few ticket's while driving, so much that his driver's licence was suspened. At the same time, our registration was ...

 I live in MN. Im almost 16 and i will probly buy a Ninja 250. How much would you think insurance will cost.?
and please dont say call your ...

 Switch car insurance company while claim is still open?
I have an open claim with my car insurance company. They are still in the process of trying to get money from the other party. But since they raised my rates already, I would like to switch to a ...

 marriage and car insurance?
My car title has both my dad's name and mine, and is on his insurance. If I get married do I have to get insurance for my girlfriend and I, or can I just leave it under my dad's insurance?...

 I got an expired registration ticket and I have SINCE THEN sold the car,am I still required to pay the ticket?
its like 250 bucks,, and i already sold the car. i went to court before the due date to show them proof that the car had been sold. I figured they would just give me a $10 fix it ticket deal and i ...

 Can the other driver's insurance disclaim coverage?
A driver hit my car. His insurance company is now refusing to do anything until they get his statement, but he is not responding to their letters and calls. They clim that if he does not cooperate ...

 HELP!!! a tree fell on my car wile i was driving today!!!?
it was on someones property and i don't have full coverage insurance!! can i go after home owners. my car is totaled!!! and im even lucky im alive and walk out without a scratch!!!! someone help ...

 insurance company final settlement?

 auto insurance question?
would your siblings or a family member stole your car and total the car, would insurance still pay you for the loss of your car?

I was told if a family member stole it, then you get ...

 My Jeep Liberty has been in the dealership service dept for 17 weeks, what can I do?
In June, my Jeep Liberty broke down on the freeway. The fuel injection pump seized, being driven by the timing belt it stripped several teeth off it, essentially blowing the motor with 24,000 miles ...

 I can't find my voters card, what do I do to find out if I am registered?

Can my sister take me to get my learner's permit?
My sister is 20 years old
She really has her full license but she never got her provisional license changed yet

I turn 16 this monday
Can she take me to get it?
Do my parents really have to be there?

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2008-04-01 16:06:45 +0000
depends on the state you reside in...

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2008-04-01 16:05:51 +0000
Any licensed driver can accompany you. The driver's car will be used for your road test.

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2008-04-01 16:09:00 +0000
she MIGHT have to be 21, but i'm not positive.
it could just have to be 18.. idk?

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2008-04-01 16:09:48 +0000
It truly depends on the state requirements. In Ga, i was only able to get my permit if my legal parents was there. My grandmother was taking care of me and my mother was in Nj so my grandmother had to go get court papers showing she was my legal care giver. it took a while before i got my permit! good luck!

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