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 Do you have to disclose penalty points?
Do you legally have to disclose to an insurance copy that you have penalty points on ur licence?...

 Roughly, How much do you think my car insurance will cost?
I'm getting my license when I turn 18 in may, I'm prob. gonna have a honda, or an ultima.. i live in raleigh. nc that is.. this will be my first time getting my license.. i work at walmart(...

 Can you get your learners permit at 15 and get your license at 16?
I'm from Edmonton AB Canada. I just need to know, thank you (=
Additional Details
if its not too much trouble can you please give me more detailes please? it would greatly be ...

 my car was recently hit from behind and the other driver is saying it was my fault. if i was hit from behind i?
i was on the road putting on my seat belt when she hit me from behind she says i was reversing if this was the case she would have hit the side of my car not the ...

 Is $3,000 a good settlement for a car accident where i was saw a doctor and a physical therapist 5 times each.?
I had a bulging disc in my neck, tore all the little muscles in my neck and shoulders and had a headache off and on for 3 months....

 i have lost the counterpart of my driving licence?

 Kwik Fit Car Insurance Cancellation charge how much do you HAVE to pay?
I have tried to cancel my policy after one month as I am getting a company car with insurance paid for so I am selling my current vehicle. Kwik Fit told me I need to pay £400 to cancel my policy, is ...

 Fear of driving?
Well heres the story... when I was 15 and legal to start the driving process my parents wouldn't allow it because I had low grades. When I was 16 I took the car out twice in two days, both ...

 Can you find out the owner of a vehicle by running just the tag # and if so where?

 do you live in texas i need to know?
if when the safty inspection sticker exspires do you have only the month that it exspired to have your car reinspected or do you have the following month as ...

 got into motorcycle accident. other car got ticket to fail to yield.?
got into motorcycle accident. other car got ticket to fail to yield. i got a ticket for no license, bike was brand new 40 miles on it. i broke my wrist and had to get 10 staples in my legs thing is ...

 Accident on private property who is at fault?
My father had a accident in Houston, Tx when he was just pulling out of burger king drive thru some man was not paying attention and side swiped my father on the drivers side of the car, there is ...

 I've financed my car but I have the title in my name with NO lienholders.. can I get out of paying for my car?
I'm really trying to get out of this.. as times are tough and money is tight. hey wouldn't you!? haha. So any help on this would be great. I think I'm gonna sell it or even make the ...

 i need all the answers to the test you go mva to get your learn permit?

 Can I rent a car without a credit card?

 Car insurance question: Is my brand new car totaled?
Just bought a 2009 fusion SE x plan price (around 19000 before tax) without gap insurance. only got Full coverage with $500 deductable and liability with AAA.

a crazy driver crashed into ...

 Can I somehow get insured to drive my dad's car legally?
I live OVERSEAS and have a driver's license from that country as well as an International Driver's license that allows me to rent a car anywhere and drive legally in the US. While visiting ...

 how do i get a title for a trailer that was reported stolen
bought a trailer that was reported stolen 2 months prior to me buying it (he filled out a police report stating it was stolen collected the money from insurance then sold it to me2 months later) ...

 If you fail your driving test, is it possible to retake it at another DMV earlier?
If you fail your driving test and have to wait 2 weeks in order to retake it, are you allowed to go to a different DMV and retake it immediately?

Just wondering, thanks
Additional D...

 parking lot accident??
so, i was backing off, but when i was turning left, i accidently hit this car's bumper. the owner of the car was at the scene. his bumper was little scratched up and mine was a bit more scrached....

Can I get my car registered if the payments are still under my parents' name?
I just moved out of state, so I need to get my car re-registered and a new license asap. However, I'm still on my parents' insurance (which I do plan to try and get my own within the next couple months) and there's 2 more years to pay off on the car which is under my parents' name as they are making the payments. Can I register my car (or even get my own insurance) if it's still under my parents' name? Or, can we put it in my name but they make the payments? i'm unsure how this all works so any advice would be great.
Additional Details
...so far the answers keep mentioning a loan. as far as i know, we're financing the car and we did not obtain a loan for it.

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2010-08-06 08:32:14 +0000
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2010-08-05 20:39:05 +0000
If your parents do not clear this first with whatever bank/financial institution provided the loan then they can be in deep doo doo if the company finds out the vehicle has been transferred into someone else's name/registered in another State, assuming it's even possible to do this as the title may have a lien showing against it. The bank/financial institution may start proceedings to repossess the vehicle or demand immediate payment from your parents to pay off the balance of the loan. Speak to the bank first and find out their procedure. It may be possible to do this without any hassle.

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2010-08-05 19:27:27 +0000
You can only register a car if it has a title in your name or a lien in your name.

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2010-08-05 19:26:04 +0000
You would have to get a new loan in your name or pay off the old one in order to change the owner as long as there is a loan.

The car is collateral for the loan.

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2010-08-05 22:56:56 +0000
Nope. It's not your car. I don't care who drives it - the ownership of the car, is who's name is on the TITLE. That's going to be your parents.

So, it's your parents car. The name on the title, loan, insurance, and registration all have to match.

They don't even HAVE the title, until the car is paid off, so they can't sign that title over to you. Which means you can't register it.

Financing a car, means that you have a loan. It's a car loan. That's why they're making payments. They're making payments, on a car loan, that they financed the car with. Finance means, "to get a loan". That's why people are mentioning loans.

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