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 how much time would my friend get if she trasported illigal aliens her first time but got caught?
it was her first time but she goes to school and work but she has 2 young babys and she always ask me how long would they give her in jail or if she can do homesupervision. or what can happend....

 Currently is it true what i read on here a while back that?
jack the ripper W A S adolf hitlers D A D...

 Is this a green card? Can my mother use it to enter the US?
My mother lived in the US for 6 years and was "admitted as an immigrant" on 05/28/1962. The outstanding features of the card is the words "admitted to the United States as an immigrant&...

 US BORDER PATROL on a freeze and not hiring?
My husband will be getting out of the army early next year when he arrives home from his 2nd deployment..He will have 8 yrs done with the army And is very interested in the border patrol he's ...

 how hard is it for a US citizen to move to the UK?
I want to move to the UK. I'd like to eventually get indefinite leave to remain, but not citizenship.
What visa should i get so i can stay longer than 6 months?what is the easiest way to be ...

 Compare Modern immigration to past immigration?
I need assistance in this topic. I've done a good amount of research but all I've found thus far is a bunch of racist statements toward Hispanics. Help Please.
Additional Details<...

 What is it like marrying an illegal alien?
What kind of things should I be prepared to deal with? What will I not be able to do that normal couples can?...

 is it illegal to make fun of somebody on youtube?
I made a video of an old ex friend making fun of her calling her fat and lazy and put it on youtube with my friend after she spread a bad rumor about us at school. well she saw it and her parents ...

 Why do people insist on halting our economic recovery by not wanting to grant citizenship to illegals?
Plenty of reports out there have surfaced showing that granting citizenship to those illegals that are already here and in good standing would help boost our economy significantly and get us out of ...

 I married my wife here in the states, she was illegal. Is it possible for her to get a green card?
Before going to an attorney i wanted to do a bit of research so i can be prepared prior to the consultation.

Here is a bit of details pertaining to my case,

-My wife came into ...

 What do U think Illegal immigrants with gang ties targeted in sweep?
More than two dozen illegal immigrants with ties to violent street gangs were arrested in a three-day Chicago-area sweep led by federal immigration officials.

The arrests of 26 people took ...

Hi Everyone! I am an Asian married to an American. We are about to file for our spousal visa. How long will it take me to be an American Citizen?
Additional Details
Oh thank you JS SM...

 help,,,im us citizen and i came to stay with my boyfriend in toronto ,,plan was to stay for 3 months ?
plan was to stay 3 months but i been here 9 months now,and now i wanna go back tthe states,,,will they know when i entered,,when i came on the bus,do they type in the day i came through or what???

 Do you think it is better to live in the USA or UK?

Additional Details
Dick H what the hell are you talking about Obama isn't muslim he's Christian. (No matter what Fox News would have you believe)...

 what is the fastest way to become a u.s. citizen?
what is the fastest way to become a permanent citizen?...

 can my husband be deported?
Hi my Husband left me after he was granted ILR this was a marriage of convenience. In order to get his ILR he paid a college for a scam esol certificate, if i report him would he get deported.

 if i get married to a US citizen, can i stay in america?
i dont want to sound like a illegal immigrant.
or alien or whatever.

but i really want to start a new life in america
and im willing to do anything to do so....

 hi i have f1 visa can join usa army ?

 I am a US citizen my fiancee is UK citizen how to we obtain a marriage license and prenup?
He is coming here (to kansas) for 2 wks since I will be moving back with him soon to help tie some loose ends up, I am US born he is UK how do we obtain a marriage license in Kansas or anywhere in ...

 How can I escape America qucikly?
I really want to get out of America, I can't stand the culture or the people to well. I think South America would be a better place for me, but I have a problem, money. I am not employed, ...

reporting scams?
met woman in ghana paid for visa now need plane ticket she says need to buy ticket in ghana can i buy in us
I prepaid for flight already but she say customs delay travel if not paid for with cash in Ghana .I am in US booked ticket on line

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2008-08-08 01:25:37 +0000
You met this woman in person in Ghana or on-line?

A ticket is a ticket no matter where it is purchased.

This sounds like a scam to me. Please be very, very careful.

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2008-08-08 01:54:45 +0000
Scam. Probably not even a woman you are talking to. But Go ahead, send the cash and see if its enough to teach you a good lesson. Whats with all the saps that cant find a relationship in their own country...

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2008-08-08 00:53:44 +0000
It is a scam and, dare I say, probably a felony.

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2008-08-08 01:11:31 +0000
You are involved in a scam. For God's sake, do not send any more money. Check the US embassy in Ghana's web site.....


United States citizens should be alert to attempts at fraud by persons claiming to live in Ghana who profess friendship or romantic interest over the Internet. Correspondents who quickly move to discussion of intimate matters could well be the inventions of scammers. If they are after your money, eventually they will ask for it.

Once a connection is made, the correspondent typically asks the U.S. citizen to send money for living expenses, travel expenses, or "visa costs". Sometimes, the correspondent notifies the American citizen that a close family member has suffered an “accident” and is in need of immediate monetary assistance to cover medical bills. Other variations of this confidence scam have emerged of late, all with the principle goal of soliciting money from the U.S. citizen. Several Americans have reported losing thousands of dollars through such scams.

The anonymity of the Internet means that the U.S. citizen cannot be sure of the real name, age, marital status, nationality, or even gender of the correspondent. In the majority of cases reported to the embassy, the correspondent turned out to be a fictitious persona created only to lure the U.S. citizen into sending money.

- U.S. citizens may refer to http://uscis.gov for authoritative information about the immigration process and the true costs involved.

- They may arrange to prepay for a plane ticket directly with the carrier rather than wiring money for transportation to the traveler.

- If the correspondent provides an image of a purported U.S. visa as proof of intention to travel, the U.S. citizen may contact the United States Embassy in Accra at acsaccra@state.gov to ascertain the validity of the visa.

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2008-08-08 01:02:12 +0000
ofcouse u can buy ticket online. worst case scenario,call any airline and fnd out the real truth. she might want the money for keeps. did u meet her online? are u already sure she got the visa? ask her to send u a copy of the visa and make sure u very its the real deal by checking from the american embassy in accra,she might wanna dupe u. be careful,my people are smart

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2008-08-08 01:30:52 +0000
She cannot get a visitor's/tourist visa unless she buys her own round-trip ticket and can prove she has sufficient funds for all of the "typical tourist" expenses. If you pay for her ticket, etc., she does not qualify for a visa.

You are the victim of a very common scam by Ghanians and Nigerians. Kiss your money good-bye. And "she" is probably a "he" anyway.

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2008-08-08 00:55:01 +0000
This lady is taking you for a ride!

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