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if you are married to a us citizen and have 5 us citizen kids and have an aggravated felony can u be deported?
my husband is being held in an immigration detention center. he went to jail on his 3rd dwi. he was picked up by ins after i bailed him out of county jail. i have a lawyer but he is no help to my questions i have. they are holding him for aggravated assaults he had in the past and one at the time broke his probation. he has a 25,000 bond. he was NEVER convicted or went to jail for the aggravted assaults... ALL the cases are dismissed or unknown... so what does that mean in immigrations eyes? i am wondering if he was never convicted will he be able to stay here? or does he need to get voluntary departure? or does he need to stay and fight? does it matter that he is married to a us citizen and has 5 us citizen children and has been here for 13 years and entered the country LEGALLY his stuff just expired.

please help and i would appreciate real answers. thanx

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2009-08-29 08:09:54 +0000
Hey all you criminal supporters.......here's some reality for your butts. "he just let his stuff expire" because he was too damn busy trying to kill innocent people -3 DWI'S????? and those are just the times he's been caught. I bet that bail money could have come in handy for those 5 kids, instead you wasted it on a violent, illegal criminal. wtf. You should be happy your kids (and the rest of the world) are a little safer.You are just retarded...........

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2009-08-29 07:32:47 +0000
I'd be lookin' over my shoulders.A felony is not good.

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2009-08-30 02:45:34 +0000
Why did you or he filed citizenship, I think you will beat this case but i advice y'all get him citizenship status he was in this country for 13 years with green card. with the citizenship they cant easily throw him out.

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2009-08-29 07:44:32 +0000
He can be deported simply by being here regardless of if he has children or not. If he has a green card, you have a chance, but if he never got a green card, I am afraid you have real trouble, and he has few options.

You could petition for a K3 visa (spouse visa), however with the three DWIs alone you would have a very difficult time with your case.

Good luck.

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2009-08-29 08:44:47 +0000
trouble maker u can. it is not us. it is and only U.S.A.

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2009-08-29 07:33:52 +0000
The marriage and kids mean squat if he is illegal and they want to deport him.

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2009-08-29 07:31:27 +0000
Citizenship is not a right for immigrants. It is an honor our country bestows. If you disrespect the laws of the US you have no regard for her people or way of life and you will be tossed out on your ear. Nuff said.

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2009-08-29 07:29:57 +0000

Aggravated felony would have to be shown to the standards necessary for deportation which might not be the same as would be necessary for conviction with jail time.

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2009-08-29 10:12:03 +0000
It's possible for him to get deported but not likely. From what I have learned from going thru the immigration process with my son-in-law, marriage and children have very little to do with deportation. It has more to do with how he came here. If he came over legally, he will most likely have to pay a honking fine and get his visa renewed but they can usually stay.
Now the question is, how much will his crimes come into play. I honestly don't know. But I would assume they could play a big role. Maybe this will be a wake up call for him. 3 DWIs and assault? Sounds like he has some issues that need to be dealt with and he needs to start taking responsibility for his actions.
Good luck and God bless.

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2009-08-29 11:55:23 +0000
Honestly he is likely to be deported. Having kids and a wife will not help him. The judge will consider the greater good, meaning all us innocent American citizens out of the road where this jerk-wad has been playing Russian roulette by drinking and driving.

What I don't understand is this. You obviously have enough smarts to use a computer, get on the internet, and ask this question. Then I assume you also knew that marriage to a US citizen would make him legal, and he could have become a citizen after being married to you for 3 yrs. There is something fishy here. Trust me all immigrants know most of the in's and outs of US immigration. In the time to make 5 children he could have been a citizen a long time ago. You are leaving something major out.

I would get a lawyer, if for no other reason to take his kids down to the jail to say good bye to their dad before he is deported.

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