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b. South American Jews
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How qualified are they in America? are they like how it's shown in the movie "Sicko"?
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 Can she apply for social security benefits ?
Ok so my co workers mom, has been a citizen for like 7 years now and she is 62 years old, she is having SSI "Supplemental Security Income ", can she apply for benefits beside the ssi ?

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 does the us army have a program for illegels?
i have been in this country for 22 year my mom brought me here when i was 3 years old i cant afford to pay for my residency it cost over 3,000 dollars to do so just wondering if the us has a program ...

 Does anyone here know where the new home of La Raza is?

 how do i stop my husband from being deported. he is from pakistan. we have three children.?

 can my bf get his citizenship if......?
i have a boy friend that has been here since 2001. he came here to america illegal when he was 13. we been together for 2 years now and have a 4 month old son together. he speaks perfect english and ...

 Why do most of L E G A L Hispanic/Latino immigrants in the united States are from Mexico?
did i say it clear? LEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

Additional Details
my english is broken because i am an illegal alien myself.
I am a commie from cuba who hate the US and Mexico....

 can you get a medicare without a social security number or a green card? please help?

 Do you think this weekend's May Day Rallies will show that those polls were wrong?
concerning Arizona's immigration law where so-called 45% of Americans support it? What do you think?

http://www.mercurynews.c A...

 Legal Alien marries an illegal alien. Test Question?
I had a question on my immigration law test that really took me for a loop.
The scenario was:
"Mario, a legal immigrant with a Valid Permanent Resident Card was married to Patricia, ...

help getting a work permit for a Hispanic worker.?
i have a Hispanic worker who works for me here in California, he used to have a work permit but it expired 2 month ago.
he tried to find people to help him renew it but two times the people that claimed they can help him took his money and disappeared.

i need to help him get a work permit so he can get a driving license, i tried to look online but i couldn't find any information relating to this.

if anyone knows where i can go to get information regarding this matter, or know how the permit can be obtained/renewed the help would be greatly appreciated

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2009-03-23 21:58:36 +0000
If the Work Permit was genuine, doubtful, and if he's LEGALLY in the United States, again, doubtful, renewing the Work Permit is SIMPLE.....

He needs to file an I-765 with the USCIS. It will take less than 90 days to get a new one....


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2009-03-23 21:25:28 +0000
you need to file immigration form I-129. The cost is 320 dollars.

Before you can do this, you will need to show that you could not filll the position locally.

You will also need to show that you will pay a living wage to the worker, so that the worker will not have to seek public assistance.

You will also need to show your tax returns for your business, showing that your business can afford to pay a living wage to the worker.

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2009-03-23 21:43:06 +0000
Considering that a company has to sponsor an alien to work in this country and that alien has to work for the company sponsoring him I would have to say you are guilty of aiding, abetting and or harboring an illegal alien (once he left the company he was working for, that sponsored him, he became illegal) punishable by a 5 year prison sentence and a $250,000 fine. Now you could try to sponsor him but when USCIS finds out about this the result is more likely that he gets deported and you get...
Have a ICE day!

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2009-03-23 21:24:38 +0000
Why don't you find one of those "American" people.
I've heard of these legendary creatures from a buddy of mine....
It would solve your problem quick fast and in a hurry because, well he wouldn't need a permit to get a job. AMAZAZING!!!

i crack myself up lmao...

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2009-03-23 21:29:38 +0000

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2009-03-23 21:20:36 +0000
"they took his money" right there that tells you there is something odd about that. Work permits are not sold, they are given to people that are needed as employees here.

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