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 Why are Asians and Europeans ignored when it comes to the illegal issue?
How can you only point the finger on Latinos/Mexicans?...

 How would you secure the southern border?
Personally, I'd send 5,000 Wookies down to the border equipped with Bronzium light armor and beam crossbows.

Then, I'd leave 250 Jawas and 250 Mandalorians all equipped with S...

 Doesn't this make sense with the immigration issues?
A lady wrote the best letter in the Editorials in
ages!!! It explains
things better than all the baloney you hear on TV.
Her point:
Recently large demonstrations have taken place ...

 Do you think illegal immigrants should be bilingual, or the American people?
I just wonder why do we have to go out of our way to learn a second language to cater to illegal immigrants? I have to learn Spanish just so that I can remain competitive in my career field. I know ...

 Should American English speakers learn Spanish?...?
Ever so often I get just amazed by brazenness of Latinos/Hispanics, who so often in their comments on this category, state that American English speakers should learn Spanish, so we could communicate ...

 Why is it the brown people sneak into white countries and no whites want to sneak into brown countries?

 Are you Canadian or American?

Im just wondering how many of you are Canadian or American. Im Canadian!!!:P

go canada!

Additional Details
whoa- i am NOT racist. Im just ...

 Horrible immagration stories !!?
For my GCSE English coursework i have to write a story on immigration. This story has to be a dramatic , awful and touching story of how someone/family gets from one country to another , why and how ...

 Is this why illegal immigrants call us racist?
I did not know that the only good caucasion is one that gives up his heritage for all other races and denounces his own.

http://www.stormfront.or D...

 Do non illegal people think they can get rid of over 12 million immigrants..?
living here in the U.S? They have been trying so hard, but it seems they keep coming in and even with that big wall up on the border they still can't keep them out.
I doubt they will ever ...

 Born in Mexico raised in America?
Ok,I have a cousin that was born in Mexico his parents brought him here when he was about 2 years old illegally, he's 30 years old now he speaks and reads perfect english but remains an illegal ...

 When will we wake up and have ENGLISH only?
This is still America, right? Then why don't we encourage everyone to only speak English here?

I have no problem with a German coming to live in the US as an American-German, or a M...

 I live in Arizona, so if im walking down the street how can i tell whos an illegal?
like in the north phoenix area, i mean i see people brown, asian, unless their selling oranges or something , how can we distinguish?

 Would you, personally, ever move to a foreign country and openly refuse to learn the native language?
...Why do people, who would never ever consider doing this themselves, tolerate others who do it so blatantly?? And I am not talking about anywhere in America, in America that is the way it has been ...

 Why are Latin Americans so xenophobic?

 why is that they want to exclude the immigrants who are not latin americans?
is it because they standed behind a legalization and this a revenge ???

why not let them stay too now that they are here and are as valious to the economy as the latin immigrants are ???<...

 What is your immigration story?
The debate of immigration needs to be humanized in order for true reform to be effective. What is your immigration story whether it be legal or illegal. I find everyone's story of how they got ...

 If people are so upset that ICE is breaking up families through these raids and deportations....?
then why aren't people up in arms when the DEA breaks up families when one of the parents smokes pot?

Where are these feel gooders when the primary income for a family is lost when ...

 What do u think of the whole mexican immigration thing?

 how do i go about changing my name?

Why do people say hispanics are lazy??
and use up a huge portion of the welfare system??

Whites use almost TWICE as much as hispanics do and so do african americans. . .

I guess it's just another myth they just can't let go of. . .

Additional Details
"people" = xenophones that live up in the boonies lol. . . No but on a serious note, I meant certain people that for some reason don't like Hispanics in general.

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jus like they say us blacks are ignorant

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They're Not Lazy, they're Cleaver.

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Antis Suck
because those people are racist against hispanics.

it is a well-known fact that hispanics are the most not lazy and we are harder workers than anyone else.

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Hispanics? Central Americans or are they South Americans and if they are LATIN one could be refering to lazy french speakers?

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Luis, I f you can't say something nice, well your not.

There is different form of hard working and Hispanics at least fill the bill for some of the definition. As for a reputaition of being lazy, it probably came from how they work in Mexico. Hot countries tend to work at a more leisurely pace than temperate nations. I ask a Filipino about how they can work in such heat, and he told me they tend to work more at night. Due to lack of electricity, I would suspect tehy are less productive at night. THis is an outdated belief, because It probably started before farm machines was available and Americans were still required to do a lof of back breaking work.

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It's a very old and outdated misconception that started with misinterpreting the siesta as laziness (rather than common sense: why work through the hottest part of the day, take a nap and work through the evening instead).

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They just don't know anything about the Hispanic people. They choose what to believe and use it against all Hispanics.

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Define "people".

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Who Loves Ya Babe
The women stay at home and have many babies while the men work their 10 dollar an hour jobs. They live 20 people per house, why do they need to get welfare. And a million others are illegal and do not have the resources to get a fake ID in order to receive welfare. Lets also not forget how they are getting free Medical which is no even included in the Welfare statistics.

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First of all since most illegals are using fake id's and such to get the benefits then nobody can give an accurate number as to how many are on welfare. Also how dare you say they are the hardest working. Asian people are the hardest working period and there is no fighting over that one. They are welcomed here as long as they are legal. So too are legal Mexicans, Cubans, African, and any other one. Illegal is just that and I don't see the fight over it. If someone comes to your house breaks a window and decides that they like it and want to live there and it is much better than the house they lived in before they should be able to stay because it would be too much of a bother to get them out. Please no one would do that but we are expected to do that with the illegals that are here.

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Your welfare source is a web site created by middle and high school students. I guess they are like Ph.D's to you.

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Which "people" are you talking about. Is this like the group "They". they say......

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It is just a myth. Just look around and you can see for yourself who do the harder jobs.
People talk without getting straight facts, in order for people to get benefits they need to have their papers in place. There is no way you can get welfare without been legal. They ask for ss card, birth certificate, naturalization certificate, green card etc etc .

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I don't know if you mean illegal, legal or Hispanic Americans. But I'm Hispanic American and we are hardworking determined people.

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I don't think Hispanics are lazy, I think illegals drain the system, as they don't pay taxes, they work for dirt dirt cheap wages, which whites and blacks (legals) can't compete with, because we want stupid stuff, you know, like workers compensation, benefits, all the stuff that corporate America doesn't want to provide, so it is easier to pay some illegal under the table, and guess who pays for that? I do. So, no, Hispanics aren't lazy, but, they are stealing from an unstable economy - of course I am referring to illegals here, whether they be Hispanics, Albanians, Serbs, Scandics, whatever the hell, if you are illegal, I don't like you, and I don't appreciate having to pay taxes for you, period.

Was that cerebral enough for you?

also a Psi Chi Member.

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I think that every race has its good and bad so sterotyping races is not right, just look in to your family and you'll find all kind of different people such as lazy, gay, selfish, smart go getter, drunk and so on so lets not concentrade on race because we all are humans. Just think about it and worry about your actions and what changes you could make to lead by example.

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Psi Chi member
They believe in stereotypes and like complaining about people.

I have found research that Whites use welfare more than any other group, from credible sites (from my university library and a TEXTBOOK I read for a psych class), but the people on this site don't believe credible research, just propaganda sites!

Of course there are lazy people that belong to different ethnic groups, but there is no group that has all lazy members! Insane!

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