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 when are all illegals going back to mexico n peurto rico?
they take our jobs, deplete our welfare systems, pay no taxes, get priority over americans so the companies get a stipend when they get hired,i feel i am the minority in my neighborhood, this is ...

 have we forgotten the alamo?
have we forgot that it wasnt really all that long ago that we were at war with mexico? and we are now in a since at war except this time instead of weapons they are using our own judicial system ...

 Are illegal aliens becoming to dependent on free goverment services ?
What will they do when it ends ? Will there be marches and protests demanding free services be reinstated ?...

 So, why the Israel supporters accuse the Mexicans, Chicanos and Aztlan Nation of being antisemitic?
I don't think they are anti-semitic or anti-zionists or anti-Israel.
Israel is a diverse country. Palestinan has support from many other countries. Israel and Palestine need to learn how to ...

 Will you call your Senators and Representatives to pass the Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill?

 Do illegals protest in this country because they are too big of p..U..s..s..y..s to protest in their own?
You guys can get millions of people to protest your " illegal rights" in this country but can't do it in mexico............

 What is the real crapola on the haters of illegal aliens?

 What do you call people fighting for immigrants to have rights?
civil rights activist, human rights,...what?


 Is the immigration bill only for illegal or also for legal immigrants?
Im a legal resident, but i cant understand how a bill could favor only those who came her illegally....

 why do the UK govenment want immigrants to speak English,when they ad their colony they didn't speak the lingo
of the colonised people...................Isnt this double ...

 Should the areas that are affected by the Brush Fires in California give back to Mexico?
If we give back those areas back to Mexico it will be their problem to fix it?...

 Why should I become a citizen of U.S.?
Many others I meet (namely African immigrants to America and Hispanic ones) ask me often what is the benefit of being a US citizen over a permanent resident? Are more scholarships open to citizens ...

 legal immigration; are you anti or pro and why ? (read details below)?
Thanks for taking time to answer this question, please elaborate your answer and explain in details, I appreciate your time and sharing your points of view.

note: if you are a racist, ...

 why do people think illegal immigrants are entitled to social programs?

 What would US's culture be like without immigrants?
I think it is wonderful because all immigrants make good food and have wonderful cultures. Italians make pizza. What do you think?...

 Amnesty for illegals?
Look at all the people on this board who are attempting to gain citizenship LEGALLY and asking questions about various forms etc...They are paying thousands and thousands to immigration lawyers in ...

 Will Amnesties encourage additional illegal immigration into the United States?

Additional Details
Mendi8a what are they offering then?...

 Why do some people hate Lou Dobbs?

Additional Details
Zoe you are forbidden to answer this ?...

 Before we had the Mexican there was American that built this country?
And after the Mexican leave there will still be American that will work and continue to build this country...
Additional Details
And yet there still more that come and once they become A...

 When the words illegal immigrants comes to mind, do most people automatically..?
think of Mexicans? There are illegals coming in from other countries as well but seems to me that most people associates illegal immigrants as Mexicans.

On a side note, there has been a ...

Why aren't illegals deported as soon as they are discovered?
federal law is being broken, yet they get US medical care and sign up kids for school.

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Because the Goverment knows how important they are to the economy and labor workforce.

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Lava sponge
Everyone get's their day in court. Besides, weather buy boat or fence, we all got here in a similar way (unless your native American). U know we illegally bought most this land from Mexico, right?...

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Giselle A
Because of this wonderful piece of paper called the Constitution.

Oh, and by the way, most children of illegals are US born citizens.

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It's not children's fault, why should their education suffer because of a decision their parents or family decided to take?
basic emergency medical is a human right to everyone.. even a dog on the road deserves to be taken care of, let alone a human being.
Deportation process goes through court and don't forget that you can still claim asylum when caught and you get a chance to explain your situation. the US is a huge, rich country.. live and let live.

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We can deport illegal alians as soon as it is determined that they are illegally in this country. The agency that takes care of this is the I.N.S.
Sadly other government agencies and local goverment agencies, like police forces etc do not turn all the illegal aliens over for the I.N.S to deport. Many in this country feel that if they are not commiting any crime other than being here illegally that they should not be deported. Every president in the last century, both Democrat and Republican has promised a crackdown or solution to this problem and all have totally failed.

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Let me ask you something. If you were to go on vacation with your family to a foreign country, and you happened to find yourself in a situation where you can't return to the US. How would you like to be treated? Would you like schools to turn down your kids? would you like the hospitals to not treat you and yours? Would you like for a landlord to say, "oops, sorry but since you're not a citizen i can't let you stay here"? All immigrants aren't the same, nor do they fall under the same circumstances as the next. For example, my mom migrated to this country some 20yrs ago, and thought that letting my siblings and myself be raised by family would be a good idea. So not the case. So when i was 6, we came to vacation for the summer, with no pretense of overstaying or anything of that nature. But when my mom began questioning us concerning how we were being treated and raised, she grew concerned, so we ended up staying (which is what you consider illegal). I'm 21, my sister 24, and my brothers 19 and 17. My mom raised all of us to be upright and good-standing Americans. I do not need a document to tell me that i am or am not...it's all i've really ever known. I've never seen my mom break any law, engage in any illegal activity(except for this one) or tarnish this country in any way. Verbally or otherwise, and she has instilled the very same mentality in us. My sister graduated college, my 19yr old brother and myself are still in college and my 17 yr old brother is doing great in school. Am saying all this to say that most immigrants (illegal or otherwise) are here in search of that "something more to life". One may argue that there are other [legal] means of getting into and remaining in this country. So why would you not study for that exam as opposed to cheating for it? Because it's faster and more convenient. Why would you become a prostitute instead of working that 9 to 5? Because 9-5 does not pay $200 per hour...you get the point! I totally agree that immigrants who are already here and continue to break the law (i.e driving without a license and placing ppls lives at risk, falsifying documents, felonies, etc) should be punished without hesitation. But not all of us are menaces to society. And i would that politicians and citizens alike take these facts into consideration before the House and Congress write their bills. Thanks for reading...I apologize for the length:)

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Curious Kitty
I don't know, but this is to dd. Let me be the first to say that if the day comes when Mexicans start thinking they control the country and they are saying it all over the place, treating the REAL americans like garbage (not much different than now, actually) and refusing jobs to the citizens, believe me that i'll be the first to take up a sawed off shotgun and start spraying entire neighborhoods of the invading roaches, man woman and child. All the children grow up to be is breeders in this city, and it's made this city mostly a ghetto and trashbin.

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Bureaucracy my dear.

Its all about the Holy temple of Bureaucracy

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Thomasina Paine
That just sounds too good to be true. Local police insist immigration is a federal matter - and we know the feds will do nothing.

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they can't get US med care until they get a soc sec card and green card which makes them legal.

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Im way cooler in real life.
I thought about htis myself. but for the first question probably when it comes down to it its ethical.

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because of the court process.

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Because of Liberal politicians and courts that obstruct the process and interpret the law to their liking.

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Joe C
The way it was explained to me by someone I know with several years of experience as an immigration officer, not all police agencies that arrest illegal aliens contact ICE or the Border Patrol to come and pick them up. He said some police departments call but not all. Degrees of cooperation vary tremendously.

For example, in Buffalo, the Border Patrol had a station, and they did very good liaison work with the local police department, so the police department called the Border Patrol when there is a case of an illegal alien.

Another example is in Boston, there is no Border Patrol, just ICE. If the relationship between the Boston Police Department and ICE is good, they'll call. In Las Vegas, they call ICE more often than ICE would like. However, in Los Angeles, the police officers would never call based on just an illegal alien (with no hard criminal record).

In New York City (another sanctuary city), the police officers would never call ICE for an illegal alien unless that person is involved in a hard crime. The mayor of New York City will never address that issue.

The bottom line is that all of you US Citizens have to continuously write to your government representatives (local, county, state, and federal) in enforcing legitimate US immigration laws that includes swift deportation.

And Giselle A, all children born in the United States of illegal aliens are not automatic US Citizens according to US Code 8. As it was pointed out to me from before, they are covered by the US Constitution but only in terms of legally prosecution.

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