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 How can I come to the USA legally and be documented?
I want to come legally, be documented, learn english, and assimilate to the american way of life, eat junk food, watch foot ball on sundays, and go shopping to the malls playing with my i-pod, ...

 Could some one give me a link to the Arizona Immigration Bill?
I tried finding it on the internet,
but I couldn't....

 Do You Need A Canadian Passport In France?
A group of Canadian retired teachers recently went to France on a tour.

Robert Whiting, an elderly gentleman of 86, was on the tour.

At French Customs, he took a few minutes to ...

 Illegal immigrant wants to join U.S. military?
I know this guy who honestly wants to fight for the U.S. and is even willing to go to war for it. But he is scared of revealing himself and being sent back to his home country. Is there any way he ...

 If you were a Mexican National planning to move to the USA; what State/City would you choose to live and work?

 Im lithuanian and want to go abroad to USA to work? How can i get the visa? i got an uncle living there...?
currently im in UK. Help ?>

Thank you in advance....

 is obama a illegal alien?
obama was born in Hawaii... which is part of the U.S but it is still like thousand miles away

HOWEVER.. Obamas father WAS not a U.S citizen, so how is obama?? (his father was only a ...


 changing status on a Visa or under Visa Waiver Program?
I have seen some conflicting information on this subject. Can a person from England/Scotland come to the US, get married while on a Visa other than a Fiance Visa and be able to change status without ...

 Immigration question for green card?
I just got letters from the Immigration for my green card interview in my country (Thailand) I'm living in USA for over 3 years now. What should I do?...

 work visas- I'm a US Citizen, do i have unrestricted access to work in Asia?
specifically, for any of the following:
China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Singapore or Japan

potential employer does not sponsor visas.......

 Is it ok to go out of the country on a greencard?
My friend has a greencard and is planning to go back to his country for one year? is this ok? will he have any problems? is it legal?...

 Would it be dangerous to move to korea?

Additional Details
Either one (North or South)...

 Why is it that when the word immigration comes up?
Its always mexico, there are other types of illegals in this country too....

 How can non U.S. citizens become a citizen?
Like besides marrying them and bringing them here, isnt there another safer way for them to get to the U.S.?...

 American babies born in other countries?
I know if a pregnet woman from another country gives birth to her child in America, her child becomes an American citizen. But if a pregent American woman gives birth to her child in another country, ...

 i am with green card in america, can i apply after 3 year for passport ?

 will my visa be cancelled?
I came here in the month of june and now due to crisis was given an option to resign or to get myself terminated...and as the matter of fact I know after resigning I will get a month's time to ...

 How could the US toughen Immigration?

 Immigration Reform Rallies in the Bay Area?
Where and what time will people meet on May 1st for the Immigration Reform Rallies? I know there are 2 in San Francisco and 1 in Oakland. But I don't know what time or where exactly they will ...

What should I write in a letter to support my friend's marriage is real to the US immigration?
my friend getting married and ask me if I can write letter to support there marrige, so they know its real marrige, can you help me out

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2010-05-13 22:10:30 +0000
Ideally they will have dated for a long time and taken plenty of pictures of vacations and such. Anything visual you can provide along with a story i.e. "We all went to a concert together in 2005.." would be helpful. ICE will be looking at the longevity of the relationship and how wide their circle of mutual friends is. Cohabitation will play in their favor so if they don't already live together they should move in together ASAP and establish gas, phone and electric bills in both their names. Truthful memories about socializing with them as a couple will help. You should also play up your relationship to the spouse that isn't your direct friend, indicating that you've known him/her for a long time.

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2010-05-13 17:19:40 +0000
the truth!

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2010-05-13 20:05:13 +0000
There is no requirement for such letter ..they are poor evidence of anything

samples here


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2010-05-13 21:01:21 +0000
either or both you and your friend are confused; no such requirement for immigration; however after immigration to the usa and 2 yr conditional residency, married couple will need at least 2 affidavits from people who know them that they indeed live a married life to remove conditions

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2010-05-13 17:32:03 +0000
Explain why you believe they are a real couple and not a sham. It's not that hard.

HOWEVER, be honest. I have a couple of good friends who got married, and I can honestly say I knew very little about their future wives. And both cases were between Americans. So don't make up stuff because it will be investigated, and you could get into legal trouble.

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2010-05-14 07:21:39 +0000
Tell them what you think of your friend as far as morals and characteristics. Tell them about what YOU know of the relationship or have seen from your perspective along with how long you have known and been a knowing friend of the relationship. Tell your opinions on your wife and her characterics and morals.

Examples would be details like are they affectionate in public and at home when friends such as yourself are around. Do they look like your average newly married couple or does it seem more like roommates. Do they share the same things such as bed, room, and other things married couples may or is it more his and hers vs theirs.

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