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 Why dont the american people say I am mad as hell and Im not going to take this Immigration Bill BS anymore?
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 Illegals must be paid more than Americans? Read below. Can this be?
Heard on Fox Friends this morning, GOP congressman and hosts said that: under this bill it would be mandated that illegals must be paid more than Americans with the same qualifications and experience....

What jobs are mexicans taking from us??
Why are some people still on the whole "mexicans taking our jobs thing"?? please someone tell what jobs are they taking!!!
as far as i know they work in fields picking lettuce and tomatoes and other stuff for like 1 dollar an hour... and ummm im kinda glad i dont have to do that... i mean really ,when was the last time an illegal alien took your " marketing job " or your 'fellowship" at your hospital?? lets face facts people we dont have huge line of everyday americans getting in line to pick tomatoes in some field... have we as americans become so lazy and greedy that we get *** hurt over something that stupid???
its up to us stop this right??

so lets all tell our kids to drop out of school and lets just tell them that when they grow up instead of becoming a doctor or lawyer.. they should become a lettuce picker, so that some illegal mexican wont steel that great job from them...

maybe im missing something so please tell me your side....

(im american)

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Hilda H
gawd now teh illegals take factory jobs and ugh i can't take my tax money paying for teh illegal invaders and the money for foodstamps is cut down for me and the drinking oh my gawd teh illegals drink beer and make me feel like teh sex is right in front of teh eyes and undressing me. gawd i feel so cheap and used. i'll pay 20 dollars for lettuce i do't eat it anyway. the only vegetable i eat is olives and those i get from italy. no illegals don't hurt the prices if you shop foriegn its only the food from here.

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The Wizard.
Areeba Gringo! We Mexicanos are veery good at de leapin'
Havea you notta heard of da Mexican jumpin' bean!

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Well we do have to basically learn their language to get a job. If me (a white girl) who only speaks english, and this other girl (immagrint/mexican) who speaks spanish, maybe a couple english words.. Then she would most likely get the job. I live in Covina, California.. And I was trying to find a job when I turned 15 (september) and the only people who can get jobs at fifteen are (african americans, native americans, and mexicans). Because they have to "give them extra oppertunities", even though Americans are PAYING for their children to go to school, and in most cases PAYING for their healthcare!

there ya go

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If mexicans are taking all the crappy jobs, then what is everyone complaining about, and what anyone got to loose?
Jobs that no one wants, but some body got to do them. So, give them a break.

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Sweet Tea & Lemons
It is not that Mexicans are taking anything. It is that ILLEGALS are taking things

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Robert J
Construction jobs
Hotel jobs
Restaurant jobs
Factory jobs
That is to name a few...I could go on and on.

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Farm work, factory work, construction work, service work, and other low income work. Yeah your glad you are some rich yuppie who doesn't have to do any of that kind of work. Good for you. How about the people who do have to do that kind of work and have seen their pay cut due to the illegals willingness to work cheaper? What a pompous azz you are. There are hardworking American citizens out here that are not as fortunate as you. Jerk.

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I know Ware I live,they are greatly expanding,so all the contractors are hiring them,
construction in general
gardeners,(which when hired for a new development)has totally depleted any and all native to my city's businesses
Roofing,use to also be an abundant business here...............now all the Roofers have gotten laid off,or the business just completely went downhill,due to these illegals.
True the people hiring them are at fault,BUT
the ones who didn't,or dont,are the ones who's businesses went under,its the Big Picture you gotta look at,not the vegation fields.

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construction, food services, mechanics, hospitality,....

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Look it up. In the ag business only 7% of workers are illegal so that is not the only thing they do. They work in facrories, construction and just about any job who is willing to pay them under the table or with fake ID. Temp agencies take any form of ID and dont check legality. Here in my city they raided the temp agencies and got over 200 who were working with fake or stolen ID. And some of them were working at a Caterpiller warehouse thru the temps. That is hardly a dollar an hour job. But the good thing is they have all been deported and the jobs were filled with legal people and with no loss of production. Any honest job is worth doing and getting paid a decent wage. Dont look down your nose at anyone who is doing the hard jobs. Not everyone can be a doctor or a lawyer . That is what you are missing.

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This should answer your question.

Side note... 48 hours later that same factory reopened... with LEGAL immigrants and US CITIZENS working there. Also, the job wage rose 30% when that occurred.

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a bush family member
They take 1/3 of all new jobs created.

1) by: www_minutemanproject_com
"Latinos entering the country between 2000 and 2004 were hired to fill more than one-third of all new jobs in the United States last year according to the Pew Hispanic Center."

2) "Illegal Immigrants Take Jobs from African-Americans"
"Mass Immigration vs. Black America
Statement of T. Willard Fair " http://judiciary.house.gov/media/pdfs/Fair070509.pdf
In 2007 "Democrat politicians refused to allow an African American man to testify as an expert witness in front of the Democrat controlled immigration committee....Republicans then setup a special committee so the concerns of the man could be addressed"

3) 97% of illegal immigrants taking jobs away from Americans (only 3% work in farming)
"While 3 percent of unauthorized workers are employed in agriculture, 33 percent have jobs in service industries and substantial shares can be found in construction and extractive occupations (16%) and in production, installation and repair (17%)."Pew Hispanic Center Offers Fuller Portrait of Unauthorized Migrants "

4) The price of lettuce will stay the near the same after illegal immigrants are deported. Even if we pay farm workers $21 an hour it would only increase the cost of lettuce by 14 cents.
"The average "consumer unit" in the U.S. spends $7 a week on fresh fruit and vegetables, less than is spent on alcohol, according to Martin. On a $1 head of lettuce, the farm worker gets about 6 or 7 cents, roughly 1/15th of the retail price. Even a big run-up in the cost of labor can't hit the consumer very hard. http://www.nationalreview.com/lowry/lowry200603140822.asp

5) Illegal immigrants are not needed to pick vegetables. Growers hire illegal aliens to maximize profits. It is much cheaper to hire illegal aliens than to buy one tomato harvester that can harvest 40 tons of tomatoes an hour.
Farmers found out it is less expensive to hire foreigners and then have taxpayers pay for foreigners costs to local governments. That dramatically increases profits for farmers.

6) California spends over $10 billion a year extra because of illegal immigrants. This year, California is facing a budget deficit of $15 billion. ( In the past California has borrowed money to cover the deficit.) This year California had to release 22,000 prisoners because there is a lack of money to pay for prisons. (California spends over $700 million yearly on criminal illegal immigrants (The state, county, judicial, and law enforcement costs total over $1 billion) and around 50% of California prisoners are illegal immigrants. )
There is really only one area that is keeping California's economy alive. That area is the conservative region of the San Francisco bay area, known as Silicon Valley. (Apple, H.P., Google, Yahoo, Intel, AMD, Ebay, Applied Materials, Cisco, Agilent, Sun, Oracle, Lochheed satellites, etc). Corporate Silicon Valley workers are mostly conservatives and don't like to see social decay.
If Silicon Valley were to leave California then California would become like a third world country with no tax revenue to support schools, social programs, etc..

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Agent Provocateur
Just the crappy jobs Americans don't want (hotel maid/housecleaning, construction laborer, and farm laborer).

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Exactly, they do it for a buck. If legal americans would get paid decent wages, they would be a lot more likely to do the job. Illegals also take contracting jobs from contractors, you know building things around say a house. There are thousands of vids of them around places like home depot waiting to do this. One home depot even got ordered by I think the state to build a shelter for them.

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Construction, janitorial, landscaping, housecleaning, restaurant/kitchen work, fast food, painting, airport/plane stocking, manufacturing plants and processing plants -- in other words, the jobs that have historically supported lower and lower middle class working families. Perhaps all you "educated college children" don't want these jobs but MANY Americans do. They aren't too proud to paint houses for a living or to work in a processing plant to put their child through college.

Illegal aliens are NOT doing work Americans won't do. What jobs won't Americans do? In most states, Americans still clean their own houses, do their own landscaping, clean hotel rooms, work in restaurants and fast food places, paint houses, DO CONSTRUCTION WORK, work in airports, etc. - just like we have the past 200 years before "our" government allowed these people to invade our country. There are 18 million Americans who cannot find a job, so illegal aliens who are coming here to work do so at peril to American workers.

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i think people over generalize, most of the jobs being taking away like restaurant warehouse jobs etc. are legal residence and us citizen, the lower payed job are the illegal that surely most American wont do

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the jobs from uneducated Americans.

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Ivan F
Being a Mexican-American I know a good percentage of Hispanics do not work in anything besides Construction, "in the fields," restaurants, etc. They contribute immensely to the United States economy. To undermine their role in our economy would prove costly.

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