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wolf h
Is it still a lot of Mexicans in New Orleans after Katrina?
I heard they said mexicans may become the face of New Orleans after Katrina with many blacks having left.

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what the hell are they doing there? Kill them..lol

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Yes, but sadly most of them are illegals. They're looking for work and there is plenty there for them to get. They work for lesser wages and no benefits.

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After Katrina,thousands of legal and illegal Mexicans went to New Orleans to work.Many will be staying after the rebuilding is done(if it ever is)Its true they are placing a heavy burden on the few medical facilities that are functioning again.Its true that many of the former black residents are not planning on returning.Most have nothing left there anyway and have found a better life away from the 9th Ward,which was the poorest area and one of the hardest hit by damage.The murder rate in New Orleans(although always high) has risen by a phenomenal rate.
Its not a good place to live anymore.That's sad it was a great city.Yes I say the face will/has changed.
My husband is from Louisiana and still has family there.Since Katrina we have been back 5 or 6 times to help his family.They are not leaving but the area they live in was not the hardest hit.

Katrina was a natural disaster,it was not a man made event.They ran because they lost everything.A lot of them were renting their apts and homes.They had jobs that no longer excised.

Isn't that interesting that you are saying that Americans run away from their city's .When illegal aliens run from their entire country.Why don't they stay there after all they are the ones that trashed it.Point::Mexicans ARE the MAJORITY in Mexico.Take a good hard look at Mexico. Is that what you want for America.?
I want legal people from all nations here that want to become Americans.Not illegal aliens.

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Mexicans will never be the face of New Orleans. The culture is too rich in Cajun, French, and African heritages. Mexicans just aren't widely accepted there. Louisiana is a very prejudiced state. You get the idea.

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I heard this to be true. As well as the fact that they are mass producing babies, thereby putting more strain on an already strained health care and public health system.

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All the lazy blacks left and now the hard working mexicans are rebuilding. If it were up to the ****rs they would be sitting on the porch waithing for their check bit*hing nobody be fixin it up fo them

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Mr. Smoothie, aka Mr. SmartAss
They have to live somwhere...and they are will to do the rebuilding type work...but if they are illegals they should not be there...

If they are legal, they have every right to be there.

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Yes. There are alot of Hispanics around here now. Although, it doesn't look like Houston, yet :)

Not all of the blacks have left, either. It may not be as predominately black as it once was, but blacks still hold the majority at close to 50 some-odd %.

Hispanics are only at about 3-5 %.

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Dreaming Free
Quite a few but I doubt Mexicans will be the new face of New Orleans.

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Curious J.
Well, at least someone is trying to help rebuild the city. What's really sad it the people that are legal are the ones running away from it instead of actually helping out. Everyone talks about how the USA is turning and Hispanics are taking over, which is ridiculous but i do see how people who are from this country who trash it and don't help one another get back on their feet. What a country.

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