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 Has anyone noticed how the percentages add up on this board?
The majority, I would say about 2/3 of the posters on here are anti-illegal immigration. Don't you think that this is pretty indicitave of the mood of the legal voting citizens of this country?...

 What can we tell our elected officials that will help them solve legal and illegal?

 Since 29 percent of America's current federal prisoners are illegal immigrants ?
Since 29 percent of America's current federal prisoners are illegal immigrants , can we all agree they do not all come here to work ?

see link -http://media.www.rutgers...

 Have you heard of the success of Operation Streamline?
Zero Tolerance Program Dramatically Reducing Illegal Immigration.

Earlier this week, Congressman John Culberson visited the Mexican border to learn more about a zero tolerance program ...

 What do you think of this?
Recently large demonstrations have taken place
across the country protesting the fact that Congress
is finally addressing the issue of illegal immigration.
Certain people are angry ...

 Why the first Federal Judge in Florida State was a Mexican immigrant ?
Rosemary Barkett- A Mexican-born, former Roman Catholic nun was sworn in as Florida's first woman Supreme Court Justice.

The courtroom in Tallahassee was packed with family, ...

 How do I become an illegal alien?
Many of the anti-illegal people claim that the illegal aliens get better treatment than many legal citizens. The illegal aliens did not come to this power by complaining on the internet and writing ...

 another immigration question?
If we don't want the illegals here, then why do we make their children, born here while they are here illegally, United States citizens? Isn't that giving them a mixed message? I'm ...

 On the good side, they are reducing illegal immigration. But shouldn't WE be in control of our border routes?
I think this is really a sad statement on our border security. What do you think?


 What criteria should be taken into consideration if all illegal immigrants in the US be granted amnesty?
Some say if they are repartriated the economy will collapse,others say they are doing jobs Americans will not accept doing,a bunch cry out and say they should be legalised to join in the system and ...

 Why are our elected politcians giving more Social Security benefits to immigrants, than we who worked for it?
If an immigrant is over 65 they can apply for SSI and Medicaid and
get more than my mom gets for Social Security and she worked from 1944 until 2004. She is only getting $791 per month because ...

 Okla.bill 1080 is to remove aliens from Okla.is this legal?
The bill signd by Govener Henry,and conggras to reduce the drain on jobs,health care,school cost of meals,for non American students,and cost of
non citizens in medical care,and hospital cost. ...

 How do Native Americans feel about illegals?
Do the illegals really have any claim to this country as being Natives?

Not according to this Native.

http://www.youtube.com/w Details

 Are Mexicos own immigration policies are the exact opposite of what it relentlessly advocates of US?

 Which type of jobs are being most affected by the said recession and how do illegal immigrants ?
Worsen the recession and the resultant job loss ?

Will Americans do the low wage jobs after losing their job or collect unemployment waiting for the economy to improve again ? Will ...

 You really think that ILLGEL immigrants don't effect us economically?
I have just recently had my house appraised and I was shocked to say the least. My home has increased only 21% since bought this home in 1986. Yet the average in Phoenix and the surrounding cities ...

 Who's with me? Farmers Branch citizens just voted and they won.?
I am so happy. I live in Dallas. FB citizens just voted to make it mandetory for landlords not to lease to illigal aliens. These landlords will be fined if they do not comply. Now it is time for the N...

 Why would the goverment want to build a fence on our southern border but open it to 100 Mexacian Trucking Co.s
On 2/23/07 the USDOT made the annocument that 100 Mexcian trucking co.'s and 100 american trucking co.'s would begin a pilot program to let them haul freight into and out of each others ...

 If amnesty is given, don't you hope that all the individuals who PAID to come here legally sue the government

 Is it a given that Yahoo Answers will delete all questions regarding facts about illegal immirgration?
I have had more than three immigration related questions pulled in the last 2 days
I am sure this one will get pulled soon if it even makes to the question page.....
Additional Details<...

How would one become a citizen of Norway?
Although I'm only 16 now, I'm strongly considering moving to Norway later on. What would be my options in terms of studying, working, living, or becoming a citizen of Norway?

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you'll need a warm coat; hope you like snow. apply with norway consulate for study or work visa. go here for more info: http://www.norway.org/

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In most cases, you must live in Norway for seven years, complete 300 hours of Norwegian language courses, renounce your original citizenship, and apply for Norwegian citizenship. If your mother or father is Norwegian, you may be able to obtain citizenship just by notifying the government. The Norwegian immigration department has a very helpful website that explains the process:

Alternatively, you can still live and work in Norway, even if you don't have Norwegian citizenship. You would need to apply for the appropriate visa (depending on your intent: study, work, etc).

For studying, you can look into international exchange programs for a short-term option, or consider the various Norwegian universities for your higher education, most of which do accept foreign students.

Coming to Norway to work is a bit more difficult. In most cases, you would need to apply for a skilled worker visa. The easiest way to obtain this is through a potential employee. Depending on your field, you can try to find job openings at Norwegian companies or Norwegian offices of multi-national companies. The oil and gas industry is extremely well-represented in Norway, and many overseas job options are with oil and oil-related companies.

And of course, there's always the age-old option of marrying a Norwegian and moving in! ;-)

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