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 How can i visit my Boy friend in USA?
I am an Iranian and my boy Friend is an Iranian who is studying Phd in Michigan University , i want to go to USA to meet him , what can i arrange a visa , i mean what does he can do for me , can he ...

 Obama's Immigration plan?
Obama and Biden believe we must fix the dysfunctional immigration bureaucracy and increase the number of legal immigrants to keep families together and meet the demand for jobs that employers can not ...

 Does the Us Economic Recovery? Will it be a favorable time for new immigrants to USA.?

 Healthcare for U.S. citizen who marries a Belgian citizen ...?
When I marry my Belgian fiance (living and working in the US), will I be entitled to healthcare in Belgium just as like a natural born Belgian citizen? (by the way, I am a U.S. citizen). Thank you.<...

 Marriage and Immigration help!?
My girlfriend was 12 when her father took her to the US in which they both became illegal immigrants. She ended up moving to Canada when she was 17 with her father. She is 20 now and we want to get ...

 I want to immigrate to the U.S. after I graduate... would this work?
I live in Canada right now but am interested in moving to San Francisco as soon as i graduate high school.

1. Will it be difficult for me to be able to legally immigrate? I have no ...

 can an illegal allien in the US claim a citizen child?
So im gonna have my baby,can I claim him as a dependent even though I am an illegal imigrant?I Know I can get an I.T.I.N number since I don't have a social security number, I also live in C...

 Should the united states change its policies on educating foreign nationals and issuing student visas?

 How can one move to Venezuela?
I'm well aware of the revolution currently taking place in Venezuela led by Hugo Chavez. I am keenly interested in relocating there temporarily to gain the necessary experience to support the ...

 if i can obtain a ssn to work if i been here all my life?
what can i do obtain a ssn for work if i been here all my life?...

 how to apply for asylum to canada from out side canada?
i need some ...

 Can some one get deported for d u i have a b1 b2 visa please help?
My friend came to the usa to spend some time with me but he was hold for d u i he has a b 1 b2 visa can he get deported back an lose his visa please help ... is A DUI case enough to deny him entry ...

 Ok so lets say these upcoming elections, the Democrats lose everything?
Now since Republicans are so interested in IMMIGRATION, will they actually do something about it and take action, at the federal level. From what ive seen is Obama has done more just half his first ...

 how to move to the US?
i wanna move to the US, but i wanna know how will be the easiest way to do it? i know that getting a green card and all that stuff is really hard! so i hope you can help me out here... btw, i'm ...

 would i be denied entry to the US?
ive recently traveled from the US back to Italy and now want to travel back. i only stayed 3 months in the states and now been in italy for 2 months. would i have problems reentering? i have only ...

 Will Janet Napolitano Arrest an Illegal Alien for Any Reason?
http://www.northstarwrit The Department of Homeland Security, under the direction of Secretary Janet Napolitano, recently announced that it will modify a highly successful ...

 i have a misdemeanor A record, but im legally living in the u.s with a green card, can i apply for citizenship?

 Help! I need my mother & father's Naturalization Numbers, but they seem to not be able to find it. ?
I'm currently in the process of joining the US Air Force and my recruiter told me that since both of my parents are Naturalized U.S. citizens, he'll be needing both of their Naturalization N...

 Can my Canadian husband move with me (an American) back to the US?
We moved from the US to Canada last fall and now want to move back. His green card expired. Will we have trouble crossing the border? I'm a US citizen and we were married in the US over three ...

 Trying to figure out my options on my immigration status.?
. I'm 17 and dealing with Major Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD due to sexual, emotional & physical abuse and chemical imbalance in my brain. I was brought to America at age 4, by car, which ...

How long does it take to receive your Permanent Residency Card?
Hi, I had my interview in September and they told me they will send me a list of information they need and I did not hear from them since then so I went back in July and Im still waiting. So I was wondering how long it takes to receive the Permanent residenct card after the interview. Thank you

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2010-07-13 22:20:28 +0000
It also depends on if they approved your application or not,or are just waiting on background checks.If I were you I would make an Infopass appointment with USCIS or have a lawyer look into considering it shouldn't take almost 10 months.

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2010-07-13 22:16:13 +0000
Several weeks to several months. You probably shouldn't have waited until July to go back to them, that is way too long to be waiting for a letter or decision.

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2010-07-13 22:19:56 +0000
If you did your interview in September 2009 and you haven't received your legal permanent resident status card (or green card), there must be something wrong. Maybe the USCIS are still investigating some information you gave them. In normal circumstances you're supposed to get your green card within 120 days (4 months). If you got your Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and your social security number then you can wait, but keep reminding them.

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2010-07-13 22:18:40 +0000
You should have received your GC 30 days from your approval date.

It sounds as if you are in Administrative Processing.

Make an InfoPass to get an update on your case. Take your Notices (I-797s, etc.) and any post-interview correspondence USCIS has sent you.

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