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 Why should we be mad about the illegal immigrants?
They pose no threat to the U.S. In the other hand you should be afraid of those that get here legally paid by terrorist abroad and seek nothing more than to destroy the U.S. Ilegals come here in ...

 Oh my god okay my boyfriend wants me to eat only red food. What should I do?
Okay I like all sorts of colors for food. I can't eat only red food. Okay like chocolate, that is red, am I correct? I mean like, since when is chocolate not red people?! I am so confused. W...

 why are some people so against the country enforcing it's immigration laws?

Additional Details
if they are bad laws, why don't they fight to have them changed....

 Should we bow to the inevitable and make SPANISH our official language in the United States of America?
It would make our beloved illegal aliens feel more at home, wouldn't it?
Additional Details
The U.S. Congress has the power to make ANY language the OFFICIAL LANGUAGE of our nation ...

 What do you suggest we do?
I've read a lot of the answers here, and you say Mexicans should stay in their own country and make it better.

I'm in Mexico, and with no intentions of going to the U.S. to live....

 How come rich Venezuelan immigrants are well-received in the USA, whereas Mexicans are not?
is it because of the money or because most of these Venezuelans have European Ancestry?


 Why don't we deport all the illegal immigrants?
It isn't really that difficult to figure out. They broke the law, the punishment is deportation therefore you deport them. Even if it took tens of billions of dollars, it could still happen ...

 Why do rednecks..........?
use their tongue so much?? I always see little redneck kids sticking their tongue out at a lot of people. Doesn't your mother teach you any manners??
Additional Details
That's ...

 Why are Muslims allowed to force their culture on us?
In Barrow in Furness they have banned bacon because of Muslims....

 What makes illegals believe they have a right to steal from America?
Please, if you are here illegally, go home! We do not need anymore law breakers in America! If you a law breaker what makes you think you have rights in this country?
Additional Details

 Do you think we should revise the inscription on the Statue of Liberty to include the "fine print"?
"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.
I ...

 How do u get medical insurance for illegal immigrants in the US?

Additional Details
snd why not?...

 why do we have to deporte illegals if the Americans took there land from the natives?

 Should Council Tax rise to support the increase of immigrant families to the UK?
Liberal Democrats are suggesting this will have to be the case in today's news....

 What are the similarities between the Minutemen Project members and KKK members?
racists, bigots etc.

please list......

 Is it embarrassing for some american?
NBC curry ann in Beijing, many chinese ask her if she is chinese, she said" people don't know who you are" unhappily

Do American should tell them asian, mexican... whatever ...

 why should illegal immigrants should be granted citizenship?
yea i wanna know why should they i've been wonding this for days already and now i wanna know what you have to ...

 how long does it take for a passport to be issued to you ??
I AM planning to send of for my passport 2 m0orrow and hopefully will go on holidaii for christmas will my passport come in time ?...

 Is Our failure to stop illegal immigration is a win-win situation for Mexico?
Like do they rid themselves of the mostly poor workers and get a windfall of millions of dollars those workers are sending back into the Mexican economy....

 The Koran states if we surrender and convert to Islam we will not be killed, is this the soft side of Islam?
http://www.vexen.co.uk/r Details
"Slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them captive, and besiege them, and prepare for them ...

Does america think that black people should go back to Africa?

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Not me.I have 3 blacks working at my lumber yard & good workers are hard to find. I also own 4 shoe repair shops & employee 9 blacks. Where am I going to find such craftmen( & ladies )who make those made to order shoes. I had a hard enough time finding them. There are no black Africans in America . Only American blacks. The only blacks going back to Africa are going on vacation.

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George W. Bush.
Heck yeah!!!!The same with mexicans.

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no america thinks mexicans should go back to mexico

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you idiot, dont ask such things. americans are americans.

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Sincerely , I would like to offer food for thought, chew on this...
Black people did not have the option of choice in the matter for the most part, to come to America.
The vagabonds of whom, allegedly fled England due to religious persecution thought it to be idyllic to enslave another nation of people because they themselves were too lazy to work...
In addition, if it had not been for the nurturing of the Natives they surely would have perished.
I would also like to say, that on 9/11 all nationalities ie Americans died a horrific death.
Even as I write, many are still laying down their lives in Iraq.
My dear fellow American, the biggest fear you should be facing has high security clearance and finds yours and my life expendable for political self aggrandizing.

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No and some black people are Americans. Why do you think that only whites are Americans?

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Paul T
Most of Africa is screwed up. I dont think anyone should go there.

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do you think that white Zimbabweans should go back to England? even though their family has been there for 4-5 generations???
well Mugabe, the president/dictator of Zimbabwe does.

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Mae G
I'm Black. Sure if all of the European Whites go back to Europe You need to wake up and smell the roses. If you think this is a black and white issue, think again. The only color that matters in America is green. Stop hating Don't hate, congratulate. Thank you you have given me my best laugh of the day. I'll pray for you Question for you Why is that people with the least amount of intelligence tend to be the most prejudice? Is it because now you have to feign for yourselves? Nobody to boss around or blame for your own shortcomings? No matter what arena in life you participate in, you'd come in dead last.. Give yourself a chance you can make it.

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Go "back" to Africa? Some have never been there to begin with! Why don't you go back to the rock you crawled out from under?

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I don't think America thinks that way. Do you?

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United We Stand
No. Only people who are here illegally should go back to their own country.

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Cynthia W
Blacks didn't LEAVE Africa to come here, they were TAKEN and FORCED to come here. And now, it's a little too late to go back, We're as AMERICAN as you get. You ignorant creep!

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Are you racist? Because this question is a strong indicator of that.
This is America, the land of the free...do you also think we believe the Chinese should go back to China? The Indians to India? Honestly...and don't generalize. "Does America." Maybe some stupid, racist, uneducated people do think that, but hopefully the majority does not.

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Bowl O' Knowledge
I don't think in general there is a "American thought" in the sense of a united stand about any issue (actually freedom of thought is part of what makes this country great).

I'm sure a few Americans agree with your statement but it's probably safe to say that the great majority of American's don't feel this way at all.

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If they are coming over here illegally then yeah.

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Cherie S
No, not unless their here illegally--but then again, we'd want illegal 'white' Africans to go back too. If the particular black person were here illegally from Haiti we'd like them to go back to Haiti. If the particular black person were here illegally from Italy-

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I don't think so, they didn't ask to come here in the first place, and being American doesn't mean you have to be a certain race, perhaps we should all go back to Europe, or Asia or wherever our ancestors came from....yeesh I have a little Cherokee and some Irish and German, it would be pretty hard for me to manage that one. Sorry I just think the question was rude to African Americans.

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Um, no. Unless they happen to be illegally here.

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Wow! What ignorance! Yeah if we go back to Africa, then all the Italians should go back to Italy and all the other white people should go back to Europe too. No one race or ethnic group originated in north America. Only native American Indians. So they Should tell everyone else to go back "home".

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African Americans ARE Americans!! They are a part of OUR country , why should they go back to Africa? This is their country too! America is their birth right! Just like the decendents of people from any other country that was born here, and paid their dues to this country! We are Americans, from all nations of the earth, brought together by the ideals that our fathers fought, struggled, and died for!

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