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 i want just to know about my caise i been refuse six years ago by immigration and i have to leave this coutry?
i came to uk in 1999 and i done refuse and on 2003 i been to court for my caise but the judge refuse me and one year later the immigration send me a paper and i must to leave to coutry and the ...

 Can I cross into the United States while renewing my b1/b2 visa?
My current visa expires on the 16th of November but I will send all my application paperwork on Thursday October 14, 2010. When going to the U.S. embassy in Mexico to turn in my paperwork will they ...

 if i join the army as a permanent resident,how long it takes for mi to become a citizen and what the procedure?

 how much will we be fined if we do not buy the healthcare?

 procedure for change of status?

 What other options is there for my husband to get his mexocan passport if he dont have identification?
Husband needs to get his mexican passport and they require identification and birth certificate but he has no idwntification what other options does he have to be able to get his mexican passport in ...

 if you are an american an adopt a child fr another country do the usa pay u2 take care of the child!?
had an argument with!...

 I am a Uk resident wanting to be a Us Resident!?
I am from the uk and want to move to the usa. I have looked and found out that I cannot get a green card from the uk. I have distant family over in america and my mothers dad was american, but has ...

 married in Romania ,came here with tourist visa my question is;can my friend apply for divorce from u.s.a?
my friend came here from Romania,and she is legal 6 months with the tourist visa she doesn't want to go back .Can she apply for divorce here in u.s.a?Her husband is in Romania but he is u.s.a ...

 Can you get Canadian refugee status at the Embassy in Washington DC or the Consulate in Philly?

 How does the Cuban blockade & our North American Union(CAN,USA,MEX) affect U.S Immigration/Emigration?
Do we really need in our global economy a blockaded banana republic like cuba? or should we democratize and liberate the 4th world island ? Afroantillians in exile are so jealous of Mexican's ...

 how do you move to the states?
i plan on moving and getting a visa not a green card to work and live in the states. how abouts would i get one? do i need a social security card first? i plan on working there for a year then ...

 Are terrorists already here in America Feds move to seize 4 mosques, skyscraper linked to Iran?
NEW YORK – Federal prosecutors took steps Thursday to seize four U.S. mosques and a Fifth Avenue skyscraper owned by a nonprofit Muslim organization long suspected of being secretly controlled by ...

 if im a member of the VWP (visa waiver program) which i am in ireland do i need a fiance visa to marry in usa?
i am an irish citizen.mt gf is american we are about to apply for a fiance visa which will take 6 months or even longer.we plan on marrying in american and im going to live there with her after we ...

 how much will it cost for my son to get a green card for his wife?

 can i file an I-130 for a person on a H2-A visa that has been in the US before illegally?
They did not get caught the first time they crossed the border but we do have a child together and when the baby was born, my husband signed a paternity paper at the hospital. So there is some kind ...

 after how much time can i file for my parents after getting us citizenship for myself?
i came here on fiancee visa (k3) and applied for green card and got it in 3/07. now my question is

1. when can i apply for citizenship and

2. after how much time after getting ...

 Are people with white English ancestry becoming extinct?
15% of the world's population are white. http://www.youtube.com/w...

 I want to change my name I live in California how much will it cost to changeit?
can I change my name if I am 18?...

 Immigrant how much do you have to pay for being allowed to live in England?
see this movie and see how immigrant poor shop keeper have to pay back to anglosaxons if he doesnt he may die. in england everyone is the same mean English are masters and than rest immigrant scum.<...

Can my fiancee and I get married if her I94 is expired?
My fiancee is from the UK and we live in our home in FL, she has an E2 visa for 4 years. Every two years you need to leave the country even if it's only for 24 hours to get your I94 stamped. Being as times are really tough we couldn't afford to take an international trip. As such her I94 is expired. We tried to get her a valid ID so we could get married and the DMV won't renew her license until her I94 is updated. We still can't afford to leave the country, hence why we wanted to move the wedding date up so her status in the country wouldn't be jeopardized. But it's a catch 22. Now we don't know if we go down to get our wedding license if we show them the expired I94 if they're going to call immigration. I may be over reacting, however what you need is a lawyer for answers and we just don't have the money. Worst part is we'd have the money if she could work, if we we're married HaHAha! Anyways I'm hoping someone will know out there.
Additional Details
YES! We just went down to the courthouse and got our marriage license no problem it's good to be an American :D

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2010-02-23 18:14:13 +0000
You probably can get married, but you're still going to have legal problems and expenses to resolve if you want her to have the right to work. If she's out of status (and I'm assuming you're a U.S. citizen) you can sponsor her to adjust status, but with an expired visa, it won't be straightforward. You'll probably need a lawyer.

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2010-02-23 18:12:46 +0000
You can get marrried no problem ..go get a licence from your county building today ..its about $93 cash only
and immediately file to adjust status
do this ASAP


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2010-02-23 18:56:03 +0000
Your fiancee appears to be deportable. She is an overstay which makes her removable under section 237(a)(1)(B) of the INA. She could have applied for an extension of stay. She didn't need to leave the country to get another two years.

Because her I-94 expired, her E-2 visa is automatically void as of the first day after her I-94 expired. If she left the U.S. now, she'd need a new E-2 to return. She is accruing unlawful presence. If she accrues 181 days of unlawful presence and leaves the U.S., she will trigger a 3-year bar from admission in any visa classification.

If she received the E-2 visa based upon her occupation, it would be a violation of her status if she stopped working. If she received the E-2 visa based upon being the "child" of the principal E-2 visa holder, her E-2 status would end on her 21st birthday.

She seems to have a potpourri of immigration violations and transgressions. If you believe that getting married will remedy these breaches of her status, there is no law stopping you from getting a marriage certificate if you both qualify.

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