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 Now we have established that there are too many immigrants, how do we stop it?
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 Are these jobs that Americans won't do?
Construction, I have done roofing and have many friends who still do various construction jobs, but there are illegals moving in to the positions.

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 would you agree with these terms?
this is for both antis and pros.
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 Can a battered spouse of US citizen living outside the US self-petition herself for greencard?
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 why do illegal mexican women have more say then a us man?
Trying to get custody of 1 year old, daughter is beautiful. North carolina courts don't care if a mexican who is illegal raiding the us tax dollar money, mother is mad because i wouldn't ...

 Have you considered doing something about immigration?
The importance of discipline and propriety cannot be overestimated....

 What is your estimate as to the percentage of the U.S. population ?
that opposes illegal immigration? What basis are you using to formulate your educated guess?
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By the numbers from calls to a certain Pro Senator I would say 95.6%. and I...

 whats up with my petition?
my husband and i filed for his petition for residency in the us in july and havent heard anything back. i was just wondering about how long it would take for them to get back to us on it? also, can ...

 Is it still a lot of Mexicans in New Orleans after Katrina?
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 what is the priority dates for mexico on green cards?
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 If illegals just want to work and send money home..then what?
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 Why Americans are starting to really dislike Illegal immigrants?

 What will you do for your country?
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I will pray for all leaders from the smallest leaders
all the way ...

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 Do you believe Britain is just on a powderkeg for unprecedented race riots in the future?
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Are there any penalties for helping illegal immigrants?
Would you be very specific please.I don't care about your personal opinions .Facts,please.Thank you

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Daniel F
No !

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try these.but if you mean like having one as a b/f or spouse i dont think so.

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El Angel Rojo
There are, depending on what you mean by "help", I would assume it would be similar to -aiding and abetting-...you might want to google it....Good Luck
There are laws against PREVENTING help towards legal residents. they're known as civil rights laws.

Guess why noone has been arrested for speaking spanish in public or for HELPING LEGAL residents....because you would get sued if you try to "impede on the full expression of the 14th amendment"

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If you really do not want an opinion, do not ask a question. This is not an examination, so facts are not necessary. Folk help illegals everyday. I know this, for I live in El Paso, Texas. The biggest supporters of illegals are the Catholic Church and Western Union. Both make countless billions every year.

This if fact, not fiction or hyperbole.

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Yes, and the Catholic church has crossed the line several times.

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All the facts you need listed below.

Federal Immigration and Nationality Act
Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)

Excerpts from the U.S. legal code referring to hiring illegal aliens.*

Model Illegal Immigration Relief Ordinance

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Yes, look at Oklahomas 1804, for example. Also there is a US Code against it, but interpretation is always an issue.

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The Devil Made Me Do It
Ii dont care that you dont care about our personal opinions.
Anyone that helps a criminal should be charged as a criminal...fingerprinted and all
how dare ANYONE aid a criminal from south of the border that does nothing to better our country.
They come up here, pop kids out like hot potatoes and slow down classes in public schools so that no child is left behind...not even the kid that cant habla ingles

Simple math.... they pop out numerous kids, who also pop out numerous kids and have menial jobs...honestly...what good do u think will come of all that?
if u really feel that bad..send them YOUR money so they can take the LEGAL route to getting here


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British guy
There are penalties for helping criminals, illegal immigrants are criminals despite the denial culture which lets them go without punishment.

Not to punish criminals is an insult to law abiding real British people

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Depends what "help". There are penalties for hiring illegal immigrants at the federal level. Other types of help are probably legal, but some cranky lawyer could probably make a case if he wanted to.

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The US government had passed laws penalizing those who aid and harbors illegals.

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Missouri is working on a law similar to Oklahoma. I hope it passes soon. This area has been over run with illegal immigrants.

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ed s
In Oklahoma this great law is in action:
I'm waiting for this to pass in California

>The new law, which took effect Nov. 1, denies
>driver's licenses and public services to illegal
>immigrants and criminalizes transporting,
>concealing and harboring illegal immigrants
>from detection or in reckless disregard of their
>citizenship status.

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king Arthur of USA (Returns)
it's against the law to help illegal aliens been on the books for years!!
yes, you can pay fines or go to jail for breaking these laws if caught?

United States Code
Section 1321. Prevention Of Unauthorized Landing Of Aliens
Section 1322. Bringing In Aliens Subject To Denial Of Admission On A Health-Related Ground; Persons Liable; Clearance Papers; Exceptions; "Person" Defined
Section 1323. Unlawful Bringing Of Aliens Into United States
Section 1324. Bringing In And Harboring Certain Aliens
Section 1324a. Unlawful Employment Of Aliens
Section 1324b. Unfair Immigration-Related Employment Practices
Section 1324c. Penalties For Document Fraud
Section 1324d. Civil Penalties For Failure To Depart
Section 1325. Improper Entry By Alien
Section 1326. Reentry Of Removed Aliens
Section 1327. Aiding Or Assisting Certain Aliens To Enter
Section 1328. Importation Of Alien For Immoral Purpose
Section 1329. Jurisdiction Of District Courts
Section 1330. Collection Of Penalties And Expenses

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