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 how can i get my passport from my management?how can i go back to india?
how can i get help? .i am from india. i am working in malaysia as a cook in restaurant last six months. i faced lot of torture.i don't like to work here .i want go back to india.my management ...

 How does an american working in a foreign county seek help if they are abused by a native?
A friend of mine is living and working in a foreign country and is having trouble with a man who is native to that country. He is physically abusive to her. She doesn't speak the language and is ...

 What happened to the billion dollar embassy the US was going to build in Baghdad?
Now that we are pulling out of Iraq - at least our military are - are we going ahead with building the billion dollar embassy in Baghdad. considering what happened in Teheran is it going to have safe ...

 What is happening about Israel Zionists, stealing British,French,and Irish Ids to murder Hamas elected officia?
Using Innocent Peoples ID s to steal and Fake Passports to Commit Murder is a dastardly crime. Have these Terrorists slipped away to freedom? Any ZIO-NAZI care to enlighten the world?...

 i m american citizen but i gave birth my overseas so now i want my kid also be citizen so what should i do?
i m american citizen but live in pakistan i got married in 2002 and i gave birth 2 my kids in pakistan so now i want my kids to be an american national so plz help me to do this ...

 What is the longest time the U.S goverment will allow a U.S citizen to stay in Venezsula?

 Becoming a U.S. Citizen?
I was born in Newfoundland Canada, I'm a Canadian citizen but my mother was Born in Massachusetts, she holds both American and Canadian citizenship. My grandfather and great grandmother live in M...

 While I reseding in my home country, can I apply for asylum for any other country?

 my son is American but me I'm Egyptian so at what age can i got the American citizen from my son?

 how to get a prove that someone is british when they don't have passport and birth certificate is missing?
this is for my audit assignment... for people who are eligible and not eligible to get funding from the government. Thanks for your help......

 does the u.s embassy interview for a student visa has to be in the country that I'm a citizen off?
After getting the I-20 and paying Sevis, do I have to do the u.s embassy interview to recieve the student visa in the country that I'm a citizen off or can I do the interview in the states since ...

 How do i go about a birth certificate if i was never registered at birth?
So i am getting a bit sick of not being able to travel i am 17 and found out i was never registered at birth while lived in Spain for the first 2 years of my life, so i have lived in England for ...

 what is phone no for irish passport office london?

 I am appying for k-1 visa, are the embassy sending a secret spy about what I am doing?

 I am a F1 student who has won the Green Card lottery. is it possible to have a working permit while waiting...?

 Getting my fiancee visa?
getting my filipina girlfriend to the US. We Have been chatting for a long time, i visited last month, I'd like to take the next step and marry her. I'm trying to get her to the US with ...

 Will Israel attack Iran within the next year ?

 I am from Mumbai, I want visa to enter Pakistan, where do I get it in Mumbai?
I want to enter Pakistan - Karachi, I live in Mumbai I don't know where I can apply for visa in Mumbai. I want to go there by flight, I want address of any agent who do visa work, anybody who ...

 if i'm 16 years old and from the philippines, would the us embassy will grant me a tourists visa??

 what does VISA stands for?

21 jump street
how do you get a job as an ambassador?

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Slightly Dark Francis
It's usually a political appointment, based on political or public service.

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todd g
Ambassador are usually appointed from the pres.. But you can be an Foriegn Service Adviser. Through the Department of the State.


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$ 100,000 dollars and the ability to kiss a politicians a$s$s....

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This of course depends on which country you want to be an Ambassador for. The United States government, through the President appoints a predominance of political appointees, nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Many of these appointees are political friends and supporters of the President. Other countries have more professionals amont their Ambassadors. These are public servants who have served their country, usually in the Foreign Service for many years and really know the business of diplomacy. Autre pays, autre moeurs.

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You have to be nominated for the job.*

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