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 what is the fee for renewing your british passport in jamaica?

 where to submit the swiss visa refusal appeal?

 Visa question please?
Hi I have a son who is 7 years old he is US Citizen because hes father is a US Citizen we got separated before he he could file a petition no petition ever filed me and my son are living in P...

 Size of passport and stamp photo in India ?

 I am home here in the USA just Married my wife in the Philippines.?
What forms do i need to file to bring her to the USA....

 How to write a formal letter to the embassy?
I need to write a letter to the UK Embassy regarding my sister's visa application. We need to have it as soon as possible as the flight to England on August 6 issued was inflexible, and the visa ...

 how i can get the legal capacity in manila belgium?
hello everyone,,,how i can get the legal capacity in manila belgium? what are the requirements followings? i am a filipina 33 of age my boy friend is from belgium country..he is 45 of ...

 lost passport can i get it in one day?
i lost my passport and im traveling friday evening can't find it anywhere! anyway i have 2 friends who lost there passports and managed to get there new ones on the same day even though i called ...

 How long does the process of student visa takes?
Filled out my request for a university student from Denver, Colorado. I am awaiting a response. to proceed to the next step of filling the visa formularion and thus send it to the American Embassy in ...

 Overstayed in the US for 5 years?

I was in the US under a dependent diplomatic visa (I was 13). When my father, the diplomat, left the country I was 18 and decided to stay to finish my college degree. I ...

 how long does a UK visa application submitted online last?
i submitted a online visa appliaction to the uk visa office in rome, but i have made some errors, so i need it to be cancelled or deleted,and re-apply,how long will it take for the application to ...

 My sister is a US immigrant visa holder. She is currently in the philippines right now, and also 4 months..?
Pregnant... She is planning to give birth in the Phil. But what she's worried about is that can she stay more that six months in the philippines for she is only allowed to stay out of the U.S ...

 I need help as to what has to be done after obtaining temporary immigrant visa to USA?
could anyone tell me how to apply for permanent residence in US, after receiving temporary immigrant visa....

 Traveling back to India with a different visa.?
I came to USA on a F2 visa and now have changed it to H4. I have the papers for it too, but dont have the stamping on the passport. Can I fly back to India via UK (transit)in such case"...

 i have 3 months uk visa left on my passport if i travel abroad will i have probelem coming back?


 is it possible to go to london with a schengen visa?
i would like to know if i need to get a british visa if i want to go from caen to london by train on a same day tour or can i use my schengen ...

 Can a visa to Italy be granted for a common-law spouse or do you have to be married for it to be recognized?
Example: Cdn coming on a work visa has a recognized common-law spouse in Canada, will that common-law status be honoured by Italian government and a visa granted?
Additional Details
In C...

 What do consuls ask during U.S embassy interview?
I'm a filipino and planning to go to the states this september and I just applied for a tourist visa.I will be interviewed this coming thursday and I'm getting really nervous.. I wanna know ...

 copy of your marriage certificate for i-130?
she is in philippines and coming to usa.does the marriage certificate we send need to be the original with the stamp?or just a copy of the marriage certificate?...

US visa interview.. any tips plz :(?
its the non-immigrant visa
any tips guys :(
m nervous

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Don't be nervous.
Talk with confidence
make eye contact.
Be polite and thankful
Do not volunteer more than they ask for.
Be specific.
Appreciate about USA ad it' life.
Do not argue
Be positive
Don't be defensive
Be respectful

Good luck
Let me know how did it go

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Tell the truth!
Bring your supporting documents (the embassy or consulate's web site probably has some suggested documents) in case the consular officer asks for them
If you are refused, it is unfortunate, but do not take it as a personal value judgment. Unless the officer is absolutely satisfied that you're coming back home, he or she is supposed to refuse you.
So, assuming you are planning to return, think of why it is you want to come back to your country, and be prepared to explain that.

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