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 how do you get dual australian british citizenship over 18 years?
I am an 18 year old Australian & wish to aquire a dual citizenship for the UK & Aust. My Father was born in England but became an aussie citizen not yet a decade ago. My parents were married &...

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 Generally, how long does the Spanish embassy in London issue schengen visa’s for?
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 How much does it cost to notarize a foreign document in Staten Island ny?
The documents are: Birth Certificate , High school diploma , Police report
Additional Details
The documents where translated from french to english....

 working in France with a shengen visa?
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 Passport application - occupation?
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 Visa rejected .Require urgent help.?
I had applied for a US Visa on the 1 July 2010 and it was rejected.I then reapplied by
a)paying the HDFC fees again
b)Taking another appointment.
Are there any other ...

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 Can a convicted felon receive a US Passport?

 how much is the renewal of Philippine passport today? and how many days can i received the new one?

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 does a chinese student need a visa to enter and study in the usa?

 batuan penyusun kerak bumi?

 how long before i travel to india do i have to get a visa?

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 Oman Certificate Attestaions?
What is the procedure to get certificates attested for applying OMANI Visa? I am from Tamil Nadu and i have completed my post graduation under anna university. It will be great if any one can guide ...

 after 2 yrs marriage and i-130 approval, when do i file the i-485?
My wife and I live in China for almost 2 yrs. and were approved recently with the I- 130 petition. Beijing said we could NOT file I-485 with our I-130. Do we file it after our 2 yr. anniversary has ...

 Dual State Residency?
I have two mobile homes one in Ohio and one in Indiana. I just moved the one from Ohio to Indiana because i was relocated for my job. I spend my time throughout the week in Indiana and the weekends ...

 can I authenticate my documents here at uae embassy?
from what place here in dubai where I can authenticate my ...

Renewing a Philippine passport at the consulate in San Francisco?
I have been trying to get a hold of the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco but I am having no luck. I call the passport extensions and the office itself during their work hours and I always get an automated voice message.

Do I need to set an appointment or can I just show up?
If I do not have my old, expired passport is there any way I can still renew my passport? I do know my passport number, the date issued and expired, and place of issue but I do not have my passport in my possession.
What are the fees for renewing my passport at the consulate and how much does it cost to expedite my Philippine passport?


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Yak Rider

What documents should I submit if I wish to renew my passport?

The regular requirements for the renewal of passports (for holders of green passports) are:

1. Original old or expired passport;
2. Accomplished passport application form (affix left and right thumb marks on spaces provided in the presence of a Consular Officer) and affidavit of immigrant status;
3. Three (3) recent photos (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm), ROYAL BLUE BACKGROUND, taken in a photo studio or professionally taken within the last six months before application;
4. Photocopy of passport data page;
5. Photocopy of permanent resident card, work permit or record of landing; and
6. The passport processing fee of USD$50.

Note: Since May 17, 2010, the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco implemented the processing of the e-passport. The e-passport contains an integrated chip, the latest technology in travel documents, which will increase the integrity and security of the Philippine passport. All Filipino citizens applying in San Francisco no longer have to submit photographs, as pictures and finger prints will be taken on-site--the costs of which are already included in the application fee of sixty US dollars (US$60) for the e-passports.

If you are holding a brown passport, you should submit the documentary proof of your complete middle name (original and one photocopy) in addition to requirements A to F. You may present your birth certificate, baptismal certificate, landing papers or your driver’s license as the documentary proof of middle name.

Applicants should also submit a self-addressed US registered Mail, FEDEX or UPS envelope for the release of their passport along with the regular requirements.

What documents should I submit if I wish to apply for a replacement of lost passport?

Replacements for lost or destroyed passports take fifteen (15) to thirty (30) working days to process. When applying for a replacement passport, you should submit the following documents:

1. Personal appearance and interview.
2. Duly accomplished application form signed by applicant, or in case of minor below 8 years old, signed by one parent or the legal guardian upon presentation of proof of guardianship, and bearing applicants left and right thumb marks.
3. For minor below 18 years old, notarized Affidavit of Consent to Travel issued by either parents, or legal guardian upon presentation of proof of guardianship.
4. Duly notarized Affidavit of Loss giving details of circumstances surrounding the loss of passport.
5. Police Report, in case passport was lost as a result of robbery, theft and other similar circumstances.
6. Three (3) identical 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm photo with royal blue background.
7. One (1) original or certified true copy and one (1) photocopy of Birth Certificate authenticated by the NSO (original Birth Certificate is returned).
8. In the absence of an NSO issued Birth Certificate, one (1) original and one (1) photocopy NSO issued Certification of No-Record of Birth, one (1) original or certified true copy and one (1) photocopy each of other documents that may be required by the Consular Officer pursuant to RA 8239 and D.O. 11-97 such as Baptismal Certificate, Seaman’s Book etc. (Original documents are returned).

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