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 i have a chinese passport but live in england with perm right of abode do i need a visa to visit spain?thx?

My childs first UK British passport?
I'm in the process of filling out a application form for my sons first child passport. What documents do i need to send with the form (Childs birth certificate?)? It asks to write the mothers passport number, is that enough or do i have to send in my passport or birth certificate also? Also my husband was born in Cyprus so he has a Cypriot passport. Do i need to send any of his documents? Where it says to write down his passport number if he has a british one, do i just leave that blank?

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kaiser eric
Child's birth certificate and your passport number should do the trick, make sure you're sending your documents by recorded delivery.

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Childs birth certificate
the big one (:
no just write your passport number on it aslong as it is in date youll be fine.
id ring up the people about the last one, im not sure about tht

i only know about the birth certificate, cus my sister just did her 7 weeks old babys one the other day!
Goodluck x

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u fill in form and send birth certificate. u need to put ur passport numbers and details and also fathers if he is on birth certificate. in section 8 u write fathers cypriot and does not hold a british passport . if there is a problem they will write to u

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Send the documents by SD Secure Delivery.

Recorded delivery has NO traceabilty untill it arrives..
if it never arrives....its lost.

Secure delivery is tracked from the moment it enters the post system..and costs very little more.

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We did my son's a couple of months ago. He was born here in the states but his father is British. So I don't have a British passport, so we left that one blank. As for the birth certificate, it has to be the "full" birth certificate. The long one with both parents information on the bottom.
I know we also had to send in our marriage certificate. You don't need to send in your passport, just make a copy of the photo/information page and send that. We had to send in my husbands birth certificate as well (that is how my son obtained his British citizenship). Of course two pass port photos of the child, one needs to be cosignatory on the back, as well as on the last page of the application. Then just the money!
Good luck

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