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 What effect does the Diversity Visa Lottery program have on the US.?

 Thank you Mike. But I am already here in PI and was not able to apply for reentry visa.Expensive to fly every?
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 how much does it cost for a visa for someone to come to the states?

 what visa should i apply?
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 If I have my American Passport through my parents?
How do I apply for the naturalization certificate? And what is the process to get it? Thanks in advance....

I graduate from Harvard Law School next year and have received about 7-8 offers form US law firms. I have stayed in the country on a student visa for 3 years(being a foreign student from India) and ...

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 I need to know how to get a tourist visa for Botswana, Africa. I am a Polish citizen.?
Going January 08. Will be camping there mostly. Do I need a stamp in the passport or is it electronic....

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 Immigrant... American Citizenship?

when and how can a daughter (us citizen) give her mother (immigrant) papers to become a citizen of america.

from what i heard was:
the daughter has to be 21 years old
the ...

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 (USCIS) missing medical records?
Myself and my daughter are both British Citizens,we both entered the U.S.A on a k-1 visa...Myself and my partner whom is a U.S.A Citizen are now married..l now have to go through the process of ...

How long can a filipino stay in the states on a tourist visa? Normally?
Is it 30 days 90days or what ? How long can someone be a tourist for in the states? My Sweetheart is coming over. We cant wait for this 6 month **** we want to be together now until close to the 6 month standard wait.Wait for the fiancee visa to be approved. So I guess just buy the one way ticket. But Id waste money bye not knowing when she has by. Cuz I could get a deal on a round trip if I knew how much time we had.

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Actually a B-2 tourist visa holder does not need a return-flight ticket since her/his financial solvency has been assessed by a Consular Officer prior to the issue of a visa.
http://london.usembassy.gov/cons_new/faqs/faq_visa_niv.html#niv121 ..

However to get a visa the applicant must convince the Consular Officer that s/he does not intend to immigrate to the United States, that s/he has strong economical or social ties to the country of residence, and that sufficient financial resources are available to cover a tourist trip to the United States.

I do not believe that anybody from the Philippines being a prospective K-visa applicant will qualify to get a B-2 visa. It sounds hard but those are the facts..

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Usually a tourist visa is 90 days but that is if she gets a tourist visa ?
If she buys a one way flight ticket she will not enter the US besides it is doubtful she will receive a tourist visa.
And if she did ? She would not be able to stay in the US under a tourist visa.

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Well, for now, don't worry about how long she can stay in the U.S. Worry about the Visa. She should provide evidences of her tights to her homeland, like bank account, work documents, invitation letter... etc.
On the other hand, don't book one way ticket, they will deny her from entering the U.S (how can visitor enter U.S with one way ticket!!).
Usually, the guys in homeland security may approve for 30 to 60 days, but when the one wants to stay more than that, it may cause couple of problems while entering the U.S.
I advice you to deal with the case through step by step (acquire Visa B1/B2, buy the ticket, consider 30-60 days not more)
Good Luck!!!

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