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 How to sponsor parents & keep them with me in Bahrain?
Im working in Bahrain & stay here with my family . I want my family to stay here with me as im their only dependent. I would like to sponsor my dad through a local bahraini here. After getting ...

 How long it will take to get a multiple entry visa (Type O)?
Anne from C...

 Why is India claiming Nepalese territory in Indo-nepal border?
India's encroachment on Nepalese territory is increasing rapidly, displacing thousands of nepalese villagers from their home and land.What does India wants from Nepal?...

 Passport address change in india ?
I got my passport from chandigarh passport office with my college address, i am from AP and now i am working in kolkata. I want the address in passport be changed to my permanent residential address ...

 I want to travel to USA, but my traveling visa is going to expire. Can I travel?
I want to travel to USA from the Dominican Republic, but my traveling visa expires in August 2010. Can I travel now (February)? How many months in advance can or canĀ“t travel?...

 How do I get an apostille on my birth certificate?
How do I get an apostille on my birth certificate?
I need an apostille on my birth certificate, but I am currently in Mexico
so, where in united states I can get an apostille?
can I ...

 is cr-1 a iv or k3 visa?
wife is on cr-1 visa.si that a iv or k3?
she is from philippines i am from ...

 Where can I download K1 and K3 australian forms?
Where can I download K1 and K3 Australian forms? Please help this is urgent....

 bank managers are eligible to attest?

 where will i register my daughter here in indonesia. my husband and I are both filipino. ?

 Immigration requirements having Schengan Visa France?

Recently i visited France from India through Schengan visa, during my travel i was choosen the route as India-Doha-Geneva and my immigration has taken at Geneva (Swiss land). After my ...

 Passport agency goofed with my name. How can I get them to fix it?
I didn't notice when I got my passport, but they changed my middle initial from "J" to "I." I need this for my overseas employment. Will the State Department/Passport Agency ...

 So are there different apostilles for one state?
sayh if i requested an apostille in colorado and wanted one for two different countries like saudi and italy are they different looking do they have a different code or are they all the same?...

 My son is traveling to study in the USA for 8 months,what type of medical insurance should he get?
during the period he is staying over there?...

 On a visa waiver program going to the USA when is the date that the photo should be a digital one?

 i,m from india. i studied in london as a student visa. i want visitor visa of usa during my holiday. what can?

 which branch performs ceremonial duties?
judicial executive legislative

 Do I need a passport for my baby...?
I'm a Spanish citizen, married to a US citizen, living in the US. My baby was born in the US and he has his american passport. My husband is in the military and he will be gone soon for a year ...

 How long does it take to resolve a student visa appeal?
Asylum and immigration tribunal received my appeal application against student visa refusal on 16th April,2009.They told me that they will give me an appeal date on any date after 11th June.But I ...

 I'm under an O-1 Visa?
I work for an architectural firm in NYC, I was wondering if I'll lose my job: how do the immigration will know that I'm not working for that employer anymore?
Is the Employer suppose ...

How can two U.S. citizens get married in the Philippines?
Due to exterme circumstances we are unable to get married in the U.S. We want to get married civily. He is a naturalized Filipino and US born citizen. I'm a naturalized US citizen and Peru-born citizen. We are both twenty years old, but due to the Filipino law we can't get married in the Philippines without parental consent since we are under twenty-five, which we are not able to receive. I was wondering if it is possible to get married in the US Embassy. What are the requirements and fees?
In order for me to stay in the Philippines we need to get married since we will staying there for five years for educational purposes and then head back to the US.

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Yak Rider
Fly to Guam and get married. There's a 5 day wait between applying for a marriage license and getting it.

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George L
No, I'm afraid you can't get married at the US embassy. they don't perform marriages. So, unfortunately, if you can't get married under Filipino law, you won't be able to get married in the Philippines.

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