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 is there really a refugee camp in dakar,senegal?how can a refugee could possibly transfer her account to mine?

 What is the punishment if I get caught lying to the government about my dual citizenship?
I have dual citizenship - my father is Brazilian and my mother is American. However, my parents divorced when I was young and I was raised in the US by my Mom. My Brazilian passport (5 yr passport) ...

 i was deported from Uk?
I was deported from Heathrow Airport in Januray 2009. They kept me in detention for 24 hrs. They send me back saying that My college doesnt exist anymore.
They also offer me to stay five days ...

 Is there an e-mail address for the Nigerian Embassy?
I found 1, that emphasized going to the top. However, the e-mail could not be delivered. It was gobiozor@nigeriaembassyusa.org. Does anyone have anything different?...

 Does anyone know the hours for the Russian Consulate on O'ahu, in Hawaii?
Can't find the information anywhere and have been calling the number listed for days, leaving messages, and no call back.
Additional Details
Yes, they are. The answering machine ...

 Can I pick-up my B2 visa from the US Embassy?
Can I pick up my B2 visa directly or do they have to do it via courier from the US Embassy in London?...

 Tourist Visa for foreign born child of US citizen?
I'm a US citizen who had a child with a foreigner.

My ex-girlfriend doesn't want my daughter to have US citizenship but is willing to allow her to visit me.

My ...

 Is it true that people pay a lot of money for an American Passport?
Hi guys,
what is going on?

I have heard a crazy thing a few minutes ago, and I just wanna know if it is true.
A friend told me that ppl pay for the American Passport is it true?<...

 I would like to know more about citizenship and the draft in Israel?
I know that since I am Jewish I can gain citizenship or dual citizenship to Israel, but I want to know what the draft will be for me, do I have to serve the whole two years, or what? Help please!...

 Quitting job in Dubai and leaving to India?
I've been working as a storekeeper in Dubai for more than 11 months now. Due to some personal problems I'd like to quit my job and leave for my India. And my passport is going to be expired ...

 Is working for AID organisations (Volunteer) will add more skills to your career?

 about passports and visas..?
im a saudi citizen but was born and raised in philippines,now i have saudi passport but living here in manila..now i want to go to USA,,will i still need to get visa in saudi??
Additional D...

 im portuguese i like to ask if i need visa to china?

 how hard is it for an american to become a resident of the philippines, and what is required to do so?

 i have dual nationality british/australian im flying back to the uk on an ozzi passport i dnt hav a british 1?
i was told by the british consulate that i cant do this and i will not be alowed entry into the UK im british how can they stop me, i was born there!...

 I am on a 90 visa to the u.s.a how can I stay longer?

 I'm American and my fiance is Polish. Is it possible for us to get married in Denmark (we live there now))

 Can I be a British citizen by descent as well as being a British citizen otherwise than by descent?

 Working as a Foreign Service Officer?
I'm in high school and I'm currently wondering how hard is it to be a foreign service offcer and what classes should I take....

 what are the requirements for a holiday visa?
i keep hearing about a sponsor and they have to make 30000 a year is this true?
Additional Details
from ghana to usa and i keep hearing you need a sponser making 30000 a ...

Does anyone now if i can get married at the US embassy in Kampala Uganda?
I am a male US citizen who needs to get married, can i do this at the US embassy or not?

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Probably not, but you can check their website to see.

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You will need a church or the registry office in Kampala
and no you cannot bring your bride straight back to the US

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Yak Rider
No, you cannot. Embassies are not in the marriage business.

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No, you can't get married at the embassy. What you can do, however, is get married in Uganda and then go to the consulate in Kampala to register yourself and your bride as married and work through the paperwork so you and your spouse can come back to the US together (assuming she's not a US citizen). You go to a consulate AFTER a marriage, or when you're about to get married, but they won't marry you there.

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