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 Do I need a visa to travel to the UK?
I am a US citizen myself, and I would only be staying there for 7 days....

 Question regarding Indian Passport Renewal from the Philippines?
I am an Indian citizen here in the Philippines and want to renew my Indian Passport which is expiring end of this December. I would like to know how fast can i get my new renewal from the Indian C...

 how long wait get the us visa category f4 and our priority date is (Nov. 24th 1999)?
our category F4 visa like brothers & S...

 Does UK consulate take the fingerprints EVERYtime you apply for a UK tourist visa?
I already have a UK tourist visa and wondering if I could simply send my application by post without needing to go there and do the fingerprints again..
They already have my fingerprints from a ...

 Who does Spain support/oppose?
Out of this list, who would Spain support and oppose?

Saudi Arabia
United Kingdom
United States

 Do I need a Transit Visa for USA?
Do I need a visa if my flight has a stop over in USA going to Romania from Canada. I am a permanent resident,but I have a Romanian Passport....

 Question about the PICTURE for the Green Card Lottery?
Does your face on the picture have to be exactly in the middle? I went to a professional photographer to have it done, but there is more space on one side than on the other. My one shoulder ends ...

 Embassy Appointment/Lost Passport ?
My friend is from the Dominican Republic and he either lost or had his passport stolen a few days ago so he paid the outrageous VIP fee and got a new one today because he has a Tourist Visa ...

 number for internal affairs?
how do i find a phone number for internal affairs for maricopa county in arizona??...

 can i get tourist visa in US if we get married here in Philippines?
me and my bf are decided to get k3 visa later but we need to wait for 6 months for us to get married here because his divorce is approved this September,we plan to live both countries and i managing ...

 most important dates for venezuela?
what are the really most important dates for ...

 How much is the People to People Student Ambassador Program?
On average, I mean. I've been nominated to go to England, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland for 20 days from the US. Also, is it worth it? If you've been on this ...

 British policies in India...?
What were some?????? how did these policies allow the british to control so vast a place?...

 can anybody advice me coz im getting a passport.?
it has a conflict coz some of my supporting papers has maria before my real name and some has none.pls can anybody advice me? thank you very much....

 An ancestral Property Issue?
An undivided Ancestral Property which belongs to my Mother and her sister had been renovated with the help of a home loan processed by Sons of above two said property owners. Now the second mentioned ...

 how can i contact the Italian embassy?

 residence application for canada?
I am a young Haitian studying in Panama and I'll finish my studies in Finance and Bank management next year.my girlfriend is Panamanian and are studying Administration of tourism ...

 I am planning on bringing my mother in law to the U.S. sinvce my wife will deliver a baby soon.?
On the DS form it asks about the purpose of the visit. It is fine to say: to assist her daughter when she delivers the baby?...

 I want to send my problems to MAMTA BANERJEE Rail Minister what is her mail / Postal address ?

 Student Visa to Poland?
Dear all,

I have one friend from Thailand who has got student visa in Poland for 5 months. Therfore, I would like to ask some questions about his matter:
1.He told me about his visa ...

Earl T.
Can German citizens living abroad vote?
I have a duel-citizenship in the US and Germany. I live in the US. How, if allowed, can I vote in German elections? Thanks :)

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you have to contact the German Embassy in the US,so that the embassy will have your address,sign you up,and send you all you will need to vote etc.
here is the link, pick the closest German consulate in the US =
tchuss,ich bin von Frankreich.

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George M
Yes, you may vote in German Federal and European elections. See the link below from the German embassy in Washington with details on how to register.

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