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 Do I have all rights to give my baby up for adoption despite the fathers wishes?
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 another statement for discussion...?
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so, over the next couple of ...

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since she is giving me consent for the adoption, ...

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 Need a case study On Adoption?
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 Tips on meeting the child before adoption?
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 What do you perceive to be the advantages and/or disadvantages of adoption agencies being abolished...?
...and having all adoptions handled through the foster care system?
Additional Details
@AdoreHim: Whether I agree or not, I never (well virtually never, barring something really ...

 How do I tell him that his friend is a relative?
As many know, my son was adopted from foster care when he was 8. His other mom left him with his father when she left a domestic violence situation. He has had no contact with his other mother since ...

 Questions, questions, questions (foster care adoption/foster-to-adopt)?
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Kristin J
What happens to the kids that never get adopted?
It's no secret when parents are adopting most of the time they want babies; something new and undamaged. I've always heard the older the kids get the slimmer their chances of being adopted get. What happens to the kids that NEVER get adopted? What happens when they reach 18? Do they get kicked out of the orphanages? Does the government help them go to college and make a life of their own?
Additional Details
Wow so many great helpful answers it's hard to vote for the best. Thats really a horrible thing what these kids go through.

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Baby Boy Born Nov 4!
I have seen so many episodes and series covering this topic. Usually the moment they turn 18, their foster parents kick them out and they end up on the streets, barely making it. A lot of them turn to crime, prostitution, gangs, ect just to try to survive. Very few children who spend their lives in the foster system actually go to college...hell very few of them even get a chance to finish school.

I saw on Dr. Phil once they had a boy who went 18 years in the foster system, got out, and couldn't get a job because no one could find his certificate of birth and he had no social security card...no identity at all. He was living homeless on the streets and eventually ended up dead.

It is very sick. Once they are out of the system, the government gives them no help and basically says "see ya later sucka"

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Lady Rowan
They get placed into foster homes and bounced around until they are 18, at which time they are usually made to leave.

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They grow up and make their own lives.

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They age out of the system. For their 18th birthday many generally get their last ride from their social worker to a homeless shelter.

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most people want baby's and little kids the ages 12 an and up like teens most likely wont get adopted teens most likely will go to foster home to foster home until they turn 18 then there 18 most likely get kicked out im in ky our news paper said that most teens in foster care and no wants to adopted teens when there out of care at they most likely end up on the streets or in jail or dead it sad thing to say but is true right now my mom and dad are trying to adopt im all for it me and my lil sis are adults it be nice have some one else in the family there going to try to adopt a teen boy im glad we trying to get him will be next year i really wish that more would adopt more teens out there

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Start of Something New
At 18, they are officially on their own. They are no longer in the system. But however, if they aren't in trouble already, the state can help with college, just like every other 18 year old. But they are really more likely to get financial aid because they literally have nothing most of the time. The state really understands that, and on some of the forms you fill out for help paying for college, they ask you if you were part of the system after the age of 13. So they do get help, if they make it that far, and choose to go to college.

But some foster parents are kind enough to keep the child until graduation. For instance, some kids turn 18 before their senior year starts. They may be encouraged to have a job (if they don't already, which would be unlikely) and help to pay for things like food, but others have to find their own place to live and to go to school. That is another reason why so many get into trouble. The system can be rough!

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At 18 or graduation from high school (whichever is later), they are out of the system unless they have disabilities (then it is 21-25 depending on state statute). The state provides NO HELP once you are out of the system in many states. What happens to the kid depends on the relationship with the family. Some families are just in it for the money and the kid is out. Others were prevented from adopting the kid as a minor and adopt him/her now as an adult. Still others go out of their way to help the teenager get funding for additional schooling or to get a job.

Still others provide additional assistance to those former foster kids. My parents provided free room for several former foster kids to attend the local community college (they still had to buy their own food, but lived with my parents rent-free. They aren't doing it this year because the county hasn't had any requests (a lot of teenagers don't want to live with old fogies, you know).

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they will get adopted and they are special people because no body wants them ...alot of them get treated very well so be fair about what you say about them.....they are special people

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Unfortunately by then many of them are in trouble. Many are either pregnant and living with their boyfriend or in jail. The government does little to help other than financial aid and food stamps. Many form family bonds with the foster families they've had in their lifetime.

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They grow up.

My mom had a friend who was in foster care all her life. I knew this friend around 1990 or so. At the time she was maybe 45 - 50. By the time she was 18 she was on her own. She struggled a lot and met her husband. His family kind of took her in and they got married I think by the time she was 20.

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Most of the kids in foster care end up being cared by for their foster parent---they remain in foster care until they age out. The foster parents and SS helps them to get set for college and remain in their life for yrs to come. One girl who aged out still considers her foster parents her family and when she got married and later has a son the previous foster parents were listed as the child's grandparents. If the child does not wish to attend college he is helped to become independent and shown how to manage a home and life on his own by an Independence program by SS along with a medical card and a monthly stipend.

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In the U.S. there are no orphanages. Kids who aren't adopted live with foster families or in group homes. And yes, at 18 they age out of the foster care system and are on their own, but social services usually aids with transitions.

This is a particular problem simply because these kids are in foster care because they already have significant underlying problems (physical or emotional or developmental) which led to their being in 'the system' in the first place, (i.e. mother lost parental rights when child was 6 or 8 due to abuse or drug use or some other problem, and by that point the child was already is bad shape emotionally); or made them less adoptable (child was born with a severe birth defect or illness).

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Arkansas has implemented a program for these young adults. They help with further education, an apartment, food stamps, medicaid, and an allowance for the young adult to get an education. They are supervised by workers with the foster care system, and in order to stay on the program, they must meet all the requirements. This includes job placement help, and schools such as beauty schools, technical programs, and specific job training programs to get them through. It is having some good success, and for those that have been through the program instead of going out onto the streets, there's a much lower rate of being put in jail within a few years. Unfortunately, with the limited skills that some foster children/adults have, there's a much higher crime rate among them, as well as mental health issues, overall physical problems, and more. Some is genetic, and other is because of their environment.

More help is needed to get them through, including foster care homes, volunteers, CASA volunteers for those who don't want, or can't take in foster kids. Many programs are needed to build young people who deserve so much better than what they're getting!

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In the UK children who are in care either live in care homes or with foster carers. Once they turn 16 to 18 years old they will either stay where they are or will move out with or without social services depending on the situation. There is a duty of care until the age of 21 if the youngster wants this such as if they continue with their education.

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It's sad really. In some states at 18 they provide first months rent and then leave them to figure it out on their own. Some states provide up to 3 months. The only way the government helps with college is if you graduate high school prior to aging out. Over 40% of the foster children who age out in America end up homeless. Only 20 % graduate high school with a diploma or GED and only 27% of those go on to college. Our government does nothing to protect these children once they age out. If they are lucky they know someone who can tell them how to get food assistance so they don't starve.

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