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My wife and I want to know how we can adopt a 3-4 year old girl?
We live in the United States.

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2010-11-06 04:38:47 +0000
Perhaps you could start here!


It's possible that you might find the process of adoption somewhat easier outside the US.

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2010-11-06 04:46:18 +0000
It's great that you wish to adopt an older child, few children are adopted after the age of two. You can adopt internationally or domestically. Just do some research. If you want to adopt in the U.S., contact social services, if you want to adopt internationally, I recommend using an adoption agency.

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2010-11-07 03:39:47 +0000
Hello we are from Texas, and we have an adopted son already 7 yrs. old, got him since mother was 7 mths. pregnant. Texas Dept. Of Human Services have children going up for adoption, and Spalding for kids also.November is Adoption Month.Good Luck..

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2010-11-06 12:50:07 +0000
A lot of states will post online the children that are available for adoption. Generally they are older, like 10 and up. They will also have directions on how to get on their list for younger children and what steps you will need to take to get approved. For instance, here's a link to the Tennessee site: http://www.tn.gov/youth/adoption.htm

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2010-11-06 15:21:46 +0000
Private adoption of a child that age is very rare. You really have 2 options. One of them is to be a licenced foster parent. You can foster children in that age range and hope one "sticks" as they call it.
The other option is international adoption. Check out rainbowkids online and search for children in this age range. That will let you know what is out there.

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2010-11-06 06:33:08 +0000
My aunt and uncle adopted an older child. They started as foster parents and had several children placed with them for varrying amounts of time. After a couple of years they had the opportunity to adopt my cousin. She came to them as a foster child at about 18 month old and they were her caregivers through to the adoption date. I would recommend starting with Social Services and asking about "Foster to adopt" programs or any programs they have for adopting a child already in foster care. Simply call up your local Social Services office. They are in the phone book in the Blue Pages listed by county.

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