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 What are the steps for adoption?
we would like to adopt a child between 3 and 8 and it is so hard to figure out how to prepare for adoption and know what the steps are without committing to anything. We do not plan on adopting for a ...

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 Is it a waste of time to suggest foster adoption to those looking to adopt privately or internationally?
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Seriously, are we just ...

 ls anyone here a foster parent, or has been in foster care? What do you think the children want?
from their foster parents? Like what expectations they have, how they want to be treated (obviously they want to be treated well!), do they want you to be a real 'parent' figure to them, ...

 Still trying to find answers about unsealing adoption documents from NY 65 years ago?
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 Who are some of the authors and researchers who have used the sealed records?
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 Once your an approved foster carer, how long until you get a placement with a child?
Do the social services jsut call you to let you know of a placement?
Do they visit?
Do you meet the child before hand to get a chance to prepare for the child?

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 Americans who have adopted or plan to adopt...?
Where are you adopting from/have adopted from?
I always here stories of people adopting from outside the US, & I just don't understand why. I know that babies are innocent & ...

 is there any venues which a teenager can have a party in perth WA, Australia?

 i was adopted and my adopted dad is a pastor and he always says i was the chosen one.?
my adoptive mom is the church secretary. everyone thinks the family is perfect.

i want to find my natural mom and I know her name...will that make my adoptive dad curse me?...

 Natural mothers who were coerced into adoption,how exactly were u coerced?
i see so many people saying they wanted to keep their child but were coerced into giving him/her up, was that in the baby scoop era or does it still happen and if u want to keep ur baby how exactly ...

 Is there anybody who wishes they had been aborted instead of adopted.?
it still surprises me the shocking number of people who are bitter towards adoption. I myself was adopted at six. with the awful life i had befire if i had not been adopted i would have wanted to die....

 What are the effects of adoption on a child? Knowledgeable people, help!?
What are the psychological consequences of a kid, who was say, adopted at 8 and had an alcoholic, previously heroin addicted birth mother, and never knew their father? Anyone experienced in ...

 Why do people have the need to ask BS adoption questions!!!?
As an adoptive mother I find it VERY offensive that there are people who ask us to lay out our hearts to help with their "situation" when it's just B*** S***.

My journey ...

 what is the rules for an unmarried woman to adopt any child?
an unmarried woman wants to adopt a child in india. so what she has to do legally for that?...

 I would love to adopt, even if I am able to have a child myself?
I am only 14, so I understand if some of you don’t take me seriously. I completely realize my feelings may change as I get older, and what I am thinking now is childish and foolish.

So, I...

 do you think it would inappropriate if....?
i place my son for adoption with a family that lives very close to minneapolis. after the collapse of the bridge today, i would like to know if my son and everyone in their family is ok. we have an ...

 Two part question: If you are an adoptee and are unhappy about being adopted, who are you angry with?
And why are you angry? Who made the decision for you to be adopted? Are you angry with your birth mother? Agency? Adpotive parents? (I know all situations are different) What made you so ...

 What do you think about when babies are accidently swapped in the hospital?
and sent home with the wrong parents. so sad. and they find out years later. what do u think should happen then? wont 'swapping back' mess the kid up? and not swapping back is messed up as ...

 How many international adopters provide language lessons for the adoptee to learn to speak their original lang
It is easier for younger children to learn lauguages, and it also helps improve other areas of thought and reasoning.

How many make an effort to expose an adoptee to early exposure of the ...

How would someone go about adopting a child from Sudan?

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Call an agency that does International Adoptions

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According to http://travel.state.gov/family/adoption/country/country_329.html it's generally not possible to adopt a Sudanese child. Sorry about that!

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Sudan does not allow foreigners to adopt from their country especially non Muslims.

June 2006

The Department of State has occasionally received inquiries from American citizens concerned about the plight of the children of Sudan and wondering about the possibility of adopting them. At this time, it is not generally possible to adopt Sudanese children, for several reasons.

Intercountry adoptions are fundamentally private civil legal matters governed by the laws of the children's home country, which has the primary responsibility and jurisdiction for deciding what would be in the children's best interests.

The U.S. and international media have occasionally reported on the difficult situation faced by Sudanese children, and it is completely understandable that some American citizens want to respond to such stories by offering to open their homes and adopt these children in need. However, it is a generally agreed international principle that uprooting children during a war, natural disaster or other crisis may in fact exacerbate the children's situation. It can be extremely difficult in such circumstances to determine whether children who appear to be orphans truly are. It is also not uncommon in a hostile situation for parents to send their children out of the area, or for families to become separated during an evacuation. Even when it can be demonstrated that children are indeed orphaned or abandoned, they are often taken in by other relatives. Staying with relatives in extended family units is generally a better solution than uprooting a child completely.

There are still ways in which U.S. citizens can help the children of Sudan. Many American non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in Sudan say that what is needed most at this time are financial contributions. Individuals who wish to assist can do the most good by making a financial contribution to an established NGO that will be well placed to respond to Sudan's most urgent needs, including those related to the children of Sudan.

The Department of State continues to strongly warn U.S. citizens against travel to Sudan, which remains very dangerous. (See the full text of the Travel Warning at the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs web site at travel.state.gov.)

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