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 This question is addressed to people who are adopted?
When you were told you were adopted...
How did you react?
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 Why not include an abortion catergory just like they did an adoption one?
Abortion is something that alot of women go through and has to do with pregnancy so why not include it as well?

Just curious
Additional Details
By the way i have not had an ...

 Why is it hard for Americans to adopt Costa Rican children?
I was recently in Costa Rica and while there, we visited an orphanage. The man who owned it told us that it is very hard for Americans to adopt Costa Rican children, but he never said why. In ...

 What would you i gave child up for adoption the adoptive father abusing her to ask?
i gave a cild up for adoption and i just found out thAT THE ADOPTIVE FATHER HAS BEEN PHYSICALLY ABUSING HER WHAT CAN I DO PLEASE HELP...

 Can anybody give me info on adopting from Ethiopia? What is a good agency etc...?
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 can someone please tell me their adoption reunion story ?
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 Have you adopted children from South America? What was it like?
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 help with found adoptee dilemna?
So I found my son that I gave up for adoption back in '95 on FB. After much deliberation about his age and reading posts on the adoption sites, I decided to request his friendship, b/c sending ...

 My nephew is currently in foster care in Massahcusetts and has been for the past year.?
He was taken from my sister because of her "mental instability". I have maintained a relationship with him and have now been asked if I would become his legal guardian. I love my nephew ...

 How many children are available for adoption in the United States?

 TTC and my husband has broached the idea of adoption?
We've been trying to conceive for almost 9 months. We're both young and healthy and there are no known fertility issues. But even with using fertility charting, ovulation tracking etc, it ...

 How old do you have to be......?
How old do you have to be to adopt for foster a child? Me and my fience have a house, great jobs, ect but I am only 21 and hes 25. We can have our own children but would love to start off fostering. D...

 what is the best place for legally adpotiong a child in India?
The waiting list at Chennai, Tamil Nadu is really high- almost one year. Is there any legal way of speeding it up? I heard its much quicker at Pune. Is there any hitch involved in adopting at P...

 What would happen in this situation?
Imagine this situation:

There is a 16-year-old girl living with her alcoholic mother in England. Her father is dead. Her paternal grandparents, who live in New York, wanted to take care of ...

 How to file for abandonment in OH?
I have twin girls that are a little over a year old. The biological father does not deny that they are his, but wants nothing to do with them. He never signed the birth certificate or requested a DNA ...

 New mother state of mind and body.?
Can a mother relinquish her child reguardless of her state of mind or physical condition? Are women ever denied the opportunity to sign the papers because of her condition?

I remember what ...

 Adoption? How to go about it?
I am interested in adopting a baby from New Zealand. How would I go about it? Does anyone have any links to an agency or something?...

 step parent adoption opposition?
I know that for a step parent to adopt, there has to be consent from the other biological "parent" (regardless of the other biological parent having no guardianship or anything)


 Irish Adoptions in 1950's?
I am looking for information about how to find birth certificates/ birth family info. for someone adopted out of Ireland in 1959 by the Sisters of Charity in Castlepollard (Co. Westmeath). The only ...

How can a convicted felon be a foster parent even with a drug-related charge? What is wrong with the system?
I don't understand they system. My half-sister 22 yrs old got married a year ago to a 23 yr old guy that has a felony for drugs and has terrible record. Most of the stuff happened when he was a juvenile, but he has a felony for crack possession and did some time. They are looking to adopt, he was adopted too, and they recently did and got a homestudy approved. The social worker asked about his history because it came up on the background check, and saw that he has been clean(for 2 yrs), kept a job, goes to college, has a house blah blah blah, and they approved it. All they are waiting for are the children.

How can it be possible? is it because they are adopting from the foster care system and those social workers are less "picky" or maybe his record doesnt really matter? I mean, this happened only 2 yrs ago and nothing has been expunged. Is it wrong for me to be upset at the system, I hope they dont put children in the homes of just "anyone" just because they "need" a home. Ughh, I'm so mad. My half-sister just called and told me the news.

Any comments please??

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Because, the system has so many children they are just putting kids any where. they check your records to be sure that the child is in a safe place. Well they use to, apparently not any more. But, if something happens that social worker will lose her job, lets just hope nothing happens to the children. and I hope her husband has really changed his life because, there are children who need a home.

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Why are you shocked? Issues like these have been swept under the adoption/foster care table for years. Report him - make a stink - who cares if he's your sisters husband -

If we don't stand up for what is right - nothing gets changed -

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That would Not happen in my state. My state is a very aggressive state. I know applicants whose juvenile record dismissed them. It is time the rest of the states followed our lead. We have the best best organization doing the authorization for background checks. If you have the facts then fight it---make a big stink--write an editorial in your paper to get the attention of your states social welfare system.

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I have no idea how such a thing would happen, since a criminal record check is generally the baseline for an application. If it did occur, it's disgusting, but I really don't know how that could get through.

I can't speak to how it is where you are, but we had to have crim checks for every person in the house, as well as child welfare checks. Criminal records are generally an automatic disqualifier, and has little to do with what has happened since.

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People are allowed to make some mistakes, and it sounds like he took responsibility for his actions and bettered himself. I'm not sure about what he did as a juvenile, but simple drug possession isn't even close to the same level as a violent offender in terms of posing a threat to society. The fact that he is adopted with a troubled past might give him a better advantage in relating to these foster kids.

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I don't blame u for being upset. U wouldn't be a hearfelt person if u didn't care. I can't believe that they just 'dismissed' his felony after just 2 years. It is not wrong for you to be upset. I am upset just reading about it. I work with a woman who is having problems getting pregnant and would love to adopt. It sickens me that she can't adopt because of her husband but a felon can just because their spouse says okay. I think the criteria for adoptions needs to be much stricter. It also matters where u are from because the adoption laws are different from state to state however it does not make it any less repulsive regardless of where u are.

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2 years clean with a job and going to college is evidence of rehabilitation. His juvenile record was given less importance than his recent actions.

38 states allow for a case by case review of criminal history for adoption and foster care and 13 have a flat ban.

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