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 Are adoptive parents allowed to?
Want a full medical report on the birth mother and father? I heard that would cost extra but money is not a problem with me. I want to adopt a baby and I want the adoption to be closed, but I do want ...

 Does anyone here have a problem with ME (A Mexican) Adopting a caucasion baby?
The reason I ask is within 2 min of posting that I had..... my answer got deleted.

I am of course appealing it like I have with the other falsely reported answer and questions, but if ...

 What do people think of emails like these from potential adoptive parents?
Saying my good byes one last question, What do you think of this email I received March 11, 2009 at 8:16pm

You have received a message from another user!

From: Connie Ann (*^_^*...

 Are you ever ashamed?
Are you ever ashamed of the things you have communicated on this adoption forum? Do you think your families would be ashamed or otherwise hurt if they read what you have written?

Just ...

 Adoption vs. Keeping it?
I feel like everyone is pressuring me into keeping it, but I just don't know if I can afford it right now. Just got my own apartment, supporting both myself and my boyfriend (we've been ...

 Adoptees...are you pro-choice or Pro-life?
I was having a "discussion" about this with my friend recently (long story), I use the term discussion loosely because it was quite heated. She is hardcore pro-life, and I'm the exact ...

 Adoptees, do you think that you have a right to your mother's records from her maternity home stay?
That would include the Social Worker notes, the medical records, the records of her confinement and other notes from medical and professional staff. What are your reasons?...

 Do you think Jesus would approve of adoption (not foster care) in it's current form?
Why or why not?
Additional Details
Oops, I meant "its"....

 Your view on adoption?
My friend and I were discussing this the other day. She believes that a baby should only be put up for adoption if the parents are a) dead or b) abusive/drug addicts/a danger to the child. Whereas I ...

 Is relinquishment the greatest act of love?
I feel that their is no greater act then giving your child to another when you know you cannot provide. It is the ultimate act of unselfishness....

 How can we encourage adoption?
Here in Canada, we have a "Support Adoption Fund."
There are families (parents) who cannot have children, and so naturally want to adopt, and be a parent! There are parents who don...

 Question for those who say adoption not abortion. ?
First please note i am not an advocate of abortion, and i happen to be 24 weeks pregnant myself. I am pro-life for myself and pro-choice for everyone else (if i'm not there to help them, then my ...

 This makes me angry! I hear so much about negative attitudes on adoption?
Such as, it should be a last resort, only in certain circumstances, always have contact with birth family, etc etc.
Why can't people realise that just because a child is born to a family ...

 do i have any rights to be a father to my child if the mother want's to give the child up to adoption?
I am unmarried father to be?...

 Adoptees: Do you think its necessary to tell your children that you're adopted?
I'm an adoptee and a mother. My children do not know I am adopted, and I feel that there is no real reason to tell them so. Why would I want to put it in their heads that their grandparents aren&...

 What are your views on gay adoption?
Do you think a gay couple can socialise a child healthily?...

 If you are infertile?
or single or gay, have you ever thought that maybe that means you're not supposed to have kids?!? Maybe you should take your precious money and give it to single moms so they dont have to put ...

 My 17 year old friend is giving her son up for adoption, when he's a year old?
This absolutely pisses me off, because basically, she's picking her boyfriend over her kid. Her mom wouldn't let her move out until she's 18, so basically, she kept the kid for a year....

 Daughter is almost 9 my husband is the only dad she's ever know, when do I tell her about her "donor"
My husband has been the only person she has ever know (he came into her life before she was 1) Her "sperm donor" has only seen her once when she was 6 months old and left with his friends ...

 What is a good comeback for these comments?
1. "Why don't you just have your own?"
2. "When are you telling them you are not really their mother?"...

Hello,I'm a mother of a 2 year old male child and i want to give him out for adoption.Can i get to know anyone?
I'm a mother of a two year old male child and I'm very ready to give him out for adoption because his father no longer likes me and has deserted me.So i will truly say that,I'm unable to take proper care of him.He is mixed race.He father is a white from the UK and i his mother is a Cameroonian.I was looking for help and was advised by a friend that i can get help from this site.Is that true?

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there is a thing called open adoption. it is where you get to know the family your child will be with before you sign over rights and then after your rights are gone you can still see the child by visits to the new familys home or what ever arrangement you all make hope this helps

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Try the above website.
There is a type of adoption called open adoption, maybe you could research on that. You are facing a very tough decision and my prayers are with you and your child. The main questions are:
1.)Do you love your child? If you don't know, think about him dying. Does it hurt?
2.)Do you HONESTLY think that adoption will be better for him? You're not just saying that because you don't want to care for him anymore?
Right now what you really need is support. If you can, stay with your parents or family/close friends until you work things out.
Keep in mind that adoption is permanent, and if you go through with it you may never see your child again.
I wish you the best of luck in making your decision =)

P.S. This may sound stupid, but maybe you could talk to your son about it? Explain the situation to him simply (in two year old talk) and see his reaction. If he is one of those shy children he will be devastated if you give him up.
Also, if you do decide to go through with it, I highly advise you to write a few notes saying you love him and that have your contact details for when he gets older.

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I'll help you contact me. My husband and I are looking to adopt or we are willing to financially help someone who needs it to keep their child.

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Tonya D
get a lawyer

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i am never cruel to any one but you are a selfish ***** you have been having ur child 4r 2 years now you want to give him up just cause the daddy left you wow wheres the heart in people now days??????????????????

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Wow... so you're going to abandon your son just like his father abandoned the both of you.

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You're disgusting!

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Hopefully, as others suggest, you are just a scammer.

If by some awful cahnce this is real then you are very cold hearted and I feel very sad for that little boy.

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Wolfy Rosex
Hun, we all have times like this.
please stand by your child, get help from family, freinds, or support offices, maybe someone can look after your child while you relax for a few hours a week.
I think you may have depression, you should see a doctor and get medication, youl start to feel better, just get some help, because loosing your baby will be the worst mistake youl ever make

wolfy rose x

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Quinn Morgendorffer
I'd LOVE to adopt your son! Do you mind if I pick out a new name for him though? E-mail me!

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at least you admit it. Is better for the child to be on his own than to have someone who really doesn't care and never will for him.

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Wow. I am glad to see you Cameroonian people branching out. You are all over Craigslist all the time and now Yahoo. You guys are sooooo smart! I have had a Cameroonian reply to an ad that stated her name was Lisa then signed Maddy. But hey I often forget my own name when writing emails too.

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This is a common scam folks. Adoptive parents hear this every day. Get lost scammer!!

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No you can't 'cause no-one should abandon their kid!

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The best place where a child should grow up is anywhere where her mother is. A child should be with his/her mother. If I were your child I'd be really sad because your going to give me to people i don't know and then leave. You can seek help from your mother or other relatives on how to take care of him properly, or bring him up just like how your mom brought you up, or something like that. Don't you feel sad whenever you think about parting from your own child?!

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That's really harsh.
Too bad the Dad did not care enough to take the little guy with him.
As shallow as you sound, I can't blame him for leaving, but he should have loved his son enough to take him too.

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Heather ~ Not a Perfect Mom ~
I hope you are just a troll and you child is imaginary.

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A white father....and you the mother are from "Cameroon"??

Folks....remember the emails some PAPs have answered which includes "Cameroon"?

Scam Alert!

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My jaw dropped, you have raised your son for two years and if you truly love him you will continue to raise him. You don't surrender your child because his dad left you.

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Woah, wheres your heart?

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Thankfully for the child (who probably doesn't exist) this is likely a scam.

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I think your going through depression. Seek professional help for your childs sake.

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Cameroon people who surf sights like this are looking for suckers to say they will adopt, and then they take people for money.

Leave people alone.

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julie j

No, that is not true. You cannot get "help from this site." Your question is a Yahoo violation. It's also most likely a scam and should be removed. Thanks,

julie j
reunited adult adoptee

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