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 Adoptees-Do you ever wish that your biological mum had kept you?
Or do you think that she made the right decision, giving you a better life. I just wated to know, because I have heard both answers and I would like to adopt in the future.
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 do you ever feel bad about yourself?
my family was really abusive, and i spent time in foster care until i finally aged out.

looking at my family, they are really mean, cruel people. i was tortured and abused until i was ...

 Do you go home for Christmas, if you're fostered or adopted?
Go back to visit your adopted parents, my friend who fostered 10 children, told me neither of them kept in contact with her, only her biological and stepchildren came back to see them.

 What should I do????
I am 7 weeks pregnant and the father doesn't want anything to do with the baby. I told my parents I wanted an abortion but they said no way. They told me if I had an abortion not only would they ...

 Can a father oppose adoption legally?
My sister is pregnant and wants an adoption. The father (whom she had a good relationship with up until now) opposes the adoption. They are split. He wants at least primary custody of the baby and is ...

 If you adopt children, will the government give you money to raise them?

 Ok Dude , I Was Going Through My Garbage And . . .?
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 Adoptive Parents of "today," do you think you are different than the adoptive parents of "old"?
Are your ideas and parenting philosophies different than that of adoptive parents living a generation or two ahead of you? Do you find that you are being "judged" on the ideals of past ...

 People being "paper pregnant"?
I've heard of PAP's referring to themselves as "paper pregnant" quite often lately. So does that mean then, that they are "paper parents" when the adoption is finalized?...

 Why doesn't she want to know?
This is one for all of the people that claim that adoption is an evil process that takes children away from their loving parents and gives them to selfish ogres.

I have made numerous ...

 Mothers verses fathers, and their rights?
This is based off of Julie J's question, when I read the answers to if a father should sign his rights away out of love, I was confused.

I am female, and I can choose whether or not I ...

 Why do men seem to be left out of the adoption discussion to a certain degree?
In a recent question Keith asked about abortion and adoption. Many regulars here as well as others answers to the effect of "when men get pregnant, I MIGHT listen to your arguments" or &...

 What is your reaction to this statement?
If we’re gonna trade kids like we trade everything else in the world, at least make sure they’ve got a truthful paper-trail that THEY can follow whenever THEY wanna follow it.
Additional D...

 Do you believe in arranged marriages?
Do you agree with arranged marriages?

Would you agree with sending your daughter off to marry a man she doesn’t know, to spend the rest of her life with a man who may or may not treat ...

 Why is a white baby considered "the perfect baby" by some...?
...and any other mix or race baby is "the only kind some adoptive parents could get"?

I've seen so many people in here say things to that effect and it sickens me. Do they ...

 reunited adoptees-biology or upbringing?
those that have found their biological family, do you notice your personality is more like them or the adoptive family you were raised with?

for me i am exactly like my birthmother. i ...

 Do you believe "God has laid upon our hearts the need to go now" or not?
"...Their plan was to scoop up 100 kids and take them by bus to a rented hotel at a beach resort in the Dominican Republic, where they planned to establish an orphanage.

"Whether ...

 Has your attorney charged you to send messages to your child's birthmother?
My attorney is charging me for any contact between us and our child's birthmother. I mean any contact. We were recently charged over $200 to get a single letter to her. This is because there ...

 When adopting a child, is it okay to change their name...or do you leave it the same?
I'm wanting to adopt a child, and I was wondering. Would it be acceptable to change the child's first name, or should you leave it the way it was?

I'm still fairly new to ...

 I'm ready to adopt but my husband wants our "own."?
I'm very much ready to adopt a child from the US that is less fortunate and who needs the pick me up that I can give to him/her. On the other hand, my husband wants to keep trying for our own ...

Christina T
Can you give a 4 year old up for adoption?
Say like you can no longer care for the child and have know means to do so. Can you that very same day give your child up?

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if you are unable to care for this child you need to do what you think is write for them it is not selfish and crewl i was put in care at the age of 8 and i can tell you that i would much rather of been in care than with my mother who could not care for me the way i needed it takes alot for a mother to give upn her own child and it takes a lot of currage to realise that u cant do it anylonger.

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Yeah, but open adoption is the best bet so you can still be in their life!

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You can give a child up for adoption all the way up until 17 years and 360 days, so 4 years old shouldn't be a problem. It's better if you find a family yourself though, if you put him in the system he or she will likely be in the system forever.

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If you want a same day option, you can contact your local department of family and children services and explain to them that you can no longer care for your child, and your intentions. The will, in most cases, come pick the child up same day. There are many families who pray for a child everyday, and would make good parents for a child. i feel your child would go to the right family. Good luck.

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yeah and i sure somebody who adopt that child real quick
but it will scar the child for life

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You cant be serious! Im not even going to touch this one!!

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google foster care and its practices. Because that's where your kid will end up.

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call children and family services and get advice. how can you give up your child? are you dying? are there no relatives to help?

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Yes you are able to do something like this, there are many fine people in this world who are looking to adopt young children I have known many of them I was in foster care when I was younger, so yeah. But I was not up for adoption. If someone you know wants to put their child up for adoption, go to the county health department, or department of human services and they can help with this problem. When I was in foster care there were 2 little girls I helped take care of that were up for adoption, they were 2 and 3 years old anyways if I were a little older at that time, I would've adopted those girls, because they were just wonderful and I don't understand why their parents didn't want them anymore. I know their adopted parents now and those girls are ding so good with their 2 parents that love and take care of them so good.

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yeah if you wanna screw her up forever. is that photograph of the child u plan to abandon? there are other ways to deal with ur situation. dont give her up for adoption.

i cant BELIEVE some of the answers on here!!! she is 4 years old! imagine what this will do to her?! and not many childless couples want a 4 year old, they will hold out and wait for a baby. u will ruin her life if u do this to her. i promise u that.

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Seriously? I hope this is just a hypothetical question. To abandon a kid at 4 years old is a great way to totally **** them up for life, but yep- you can do it. Unless you are somehow abusing this child, you must be a complete monster to surrender them to CPS. Has the whole world gone crazy?!

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BS! That someone doesn't have the "means" to keep and raise their own child. There are plenty of County, State and Fed govt programs to assist mothers who have fallen on hard times. Hard times don't last forever...but adoption does! Do the right thing...get the help you need for yourself and your 4 yr old...it's out there. If you can ask questions on YA...you certainly can find the information that will garner help for you and your child.

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✿ ʎǝsoɹ ✿
That would be extremely selfish and cruel....

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Yup, sadly, you can abandon any kid at any age.

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