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 HELP! Recent Car Accidents?
I'm need atleast 7 articles [preferably short] on recent car accidents.
Anyone know where I can find some? Thank you!!...

 Do you need your permit to get your license when you're 16 in California?
I heard that if you're 16 you don't need a permit necessarily to get your license....

 best drivers ed school in pasadena, CA area?
hi im 16 and i want to take drivers ed. unfortunately my school doesnt offer drivers ed. so i was wondering what schools you guys have tried or heard of that are really good. usually i know its ...

 In light of (not so) recent legislation on using mobile phones whilst driving .....?
Is it only right that CARPHONE WAREHOUSE change thier name?...

 anybody know anything about pedestrian safety?
i got a ticket and have to write the four page essay. i'm a good writer, but have no idea where to begin. where can i find stuff about it?
Additional Details
oh, and the reason for ...

 No traffic ticket still can I do the course or not?
I don’t have traffic points in my driving record, but still I want to do traffic school course to learn more about traffic safety rules and regulations in order to become safe and secure driver. C...

 Can teenage drivers with a learner's permit drive in other states?

 what's the worst thing you have seen people doing while driving??
just wondering, the other day I saw some moron reading a newspaper at 80 mph. I've woman starring at their sunvisor mirror applying make-up at 70 mph. what have you guys seen?...

 Which of the following will help you avoid being hit from behind? ?
Which of the following will help you avoid being hit from behind?

Select right answer

signaling at least 100 feet prior to turning.
decreasing your ...

 I need a saftey slogan pertaining to safety in a warehouse.?

 Most frequently occurring types of car accidents?
I am a new driver and would like to know, what are the most frequently occurring types of car accidents, and what can I do to avoid them? Thankyou....

 Is it legal to have those Garfields with Suction Cups in your car window?
I'm thinking about trying to get one off Ebay to put in my car...but someone told me it was against the law to put a Garfield in my car window. Do they obstruct your view? I don't really ...

 To girls only- have you ever fallen asleep driving and can you describe how it happened in detail?
I am curious. And did alcohol play a factor???...

 when was the law of "seat belts" started (what year)?

 what are some questions on the georgia driver's permit exam?

 Will proposals to increase penalty points for speeding on UK roads to 6 points make our roads safer?
Under the Minister's proposals, motorists could in future be banned for only two speeding offences instead of four as at present, if for example caught by a speed camera doing 90mph on a ...

 Do you know how safe cruise controls are?
Did you know that during snow and rain you don't want to use Cruise Control? Here's why.
The highway patrolman told her that if the cruise control is on
and your car begins to ...

 I was hit by a nun who turned without a blinker. The cop twisted the story to make it my fault. Now what?
She made a wide right turn with no blinker and hit me after I had just made a legal right turn with my turn signal. She immediately apologized (admission of guilt?) When the cop came I was treated ...

 Questions about interstate travel at night....?
I can't find any information showing how much more dangerous interstate travel during the night is as opposed to the day (if it is more dangerous at all.) Can anyone help me out?


 When will the IRL close its doors.?
Nobody cares about the .1RL and the mess that Tony George has created.

I hope that FTG chashes his Crapotype again at Daytona and end the open wheel war....

written in words, what is the sound of a fire truck siren?

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matt n
move move move move dummy!!!!!!!!!!!

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Get out of the way! There are several sounds these days on Emergency vehicles..............

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Ken E
Fire truck siren sound.

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Fire engines still go:
Or as Bill Bailey put it:
"Come on, come on, out the way"

Ambulances and police cars go
when accelerating and
when braking

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