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when a school bus flashes its yellow lights at what point are you supposed to stop?
i was driving and a bus was going in the opposite direction, when i get less then 10 feet from the bus, the bus turned on its yellow lights, i was only going 15mph and i tried to slow more but did not have time to stop. no red lights were flashing, the bus was still moving and no stop sign was out, am i safe? PLEASEE HELP?!
Additional Details
this happened in PA.

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Treat a shcool bus light like an intersection stop light, Anytime theres a school bus you should be ready to stop no matter what. light or not

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You DON'T stop for yellow lights (around here where I live anyway) red only.

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The bus driver should turn the yellow lights on first as a warning that they are about to stop, they should also be looking for traffic that is too close to be able to stop safely, once traffic is clear then they can turn the red lights on and all traffic should stop in both directions.

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You don't have to stop for Yellow lights, only for red. You are to slow for yellow, and you were fine, based on the assumption that when the yellow comes on the red isn't too far behind.

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In short, you must stop for a school bus that is flashing red lights and has the stop arm extended -- unless (1) you are going the opposite direction, (2) you are on a divided highway, and (3) the divided highway has either a five-foot unpaved space or a physical barrier separating the roadways.

If all three of the above are present, you should continue driving at a legal speed, but with an increased awareness that school-aged children are in the vicinity.............

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