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 what happens when your disabled and there is no parking spaces for you?
i have a client who just called. What happens when the person is disabled and there is only 1 parking space for every 400 parks. the law states 9 or more handicap parking spaces for every 400 hundred ...

 How can I improve my concentration whilst driving.
I have my driving test on the 30th of august, and 4 lessons booked between now and the test but I keep losing my concentration during my lessons and doing silly things like leaving my indicators on ...

 Why do they have braille on drivethru ATMs?
I mean blind people cant drive in the first place......

 What is the reasoning behind putting a smaller baby's carseat backwards in the car...?
I know its a safety thing but what does it do?...

 what to name an ugly car?
my dad bought a really ugly car and i want to give it a name.
it is on the orange side of red, is like a box car and i think it is one of the ugliest things i have ever seen :)
i really ...

 Can I sue if car salesman got in accident while i was in the car?
I went to the dealership today and the car sales guy drove one of the cars on the lot around to show me different cars and he ended up backing up pretty hard into a pole. I am having neck pain, how ...

 Whats the worst mistake you've made when driving?
I'm just learning how to drive and today when making a right turn (after looking right, then left) I went and saw a car coming from my right!
The car hooted and I was lucky that I had an ...

 is this illegal??????
Okay, me and my friends are going to the June Ball aka prom next month, and we are gonna go in something more unique than just a limo. We want to go on a beakdown/recovery truck and do it up, and sit ...

 when did the tether system for car seats go into effect, and do you need to wear a seatbelt with it?

 Am I right to be panicking a bit about the hazard perception tests in the new driving theory tests?
I've had a go at a few practice ones, but I feel that they are unnatural. I did pass the practice, but after doing it, I felt that it didn't accurately represent real life driving.


 Can anyone tell me What is Road Rage?
What is Road Rage. Explain to me in your own words....

 Are ABS brakes really THAT important?
I'm considering buying a used car which is a great price and has great options...except for the fact that it's missing ABS brakes. Could anyone tell me the advantages of having ABS brakes ...

 Can I have two different tire sizes on a vehicle?
I need two new rear tires on my truck and right now all four are 205/75/14 but the manufacturers recommended size is 205/75/15. Do I need to just go ahead and get all four changed to that size, or ...

 Why are the road signs the shapes that they are?
Why is a yield sign traingular, and why is a stop sign hexagonal? Why are railroad crossing signs circular, and slippery road signs squares? Why are the road signs the shapes that they are?...

 forget the gas tax, what about the speeding tickets?
ok scratch that about the gas tax, i need to know about the massachusetts speeding violation head injury surcharge (if thats how u spell that word). and i still need the sources and everything. THANKS...

 Tips on staying awake while driving?
I am having difficulty staying awake while driving because I commute to my University, It is about a 40 minute drive from my house. I wake up a t 5am, so my body is tired. I try to get as much sleep ...

 any driving instructors about?
whats the job like, do you make decent money, who is the best to work for?...

 Strangely awesome helmet.?
Are there really helmets like this? If so, what are they called?

 is it safe to put a baby seat in a ford mustang? or should i buy a car thats safer?

 What do you do when someone is driving too close behind you better known as tailgating?
I never let them influence how I drive, but I have been tempted to give them a glare or certain finger when the finally decide to pass.
Additional Details
normally I pull over and let ...

what's the penalty for not having child car seat?
anyone know the amount of fine and point if any for not having a car seat for a child? someone i know received a ticket and have no idea what the cost is and i'm curious what'll be the fine range...
by the way, this happened in Queens, NY
thanks in advance
Additional Details
This happened to someone i know who's from foreign country where car seats are not required by the law. I work in NYC and take yellow cabs all the time and sometimes there's no way for you to carry car seat everywhere you go. That's why i'm curious about the penalty and laws about car seats.
someone told me every state, county, even towns have different fine/point system... is this true? to me this does sound like serious violation

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Try this site but I think that it is $100.00 dollars.


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Rock Firestorm
If you, oh, I mean your "friend" only gets a fine, consider yourself lucky. This is considered "child endangerment" and you, um, I mean your "friend" can actually go to jail. The fine should be at least 271 and can be higher. I don't know what you, I mean your "friend" were thinking but this is not just stupid, but it's dangerous. But I bet you'll still do it again.

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I'm not sure of the minimum fine but I know the maximum fine is dead kid.

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