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is suicide possible with exhaust gas of a car fitted with catalytic converter. how long would it take?

Additional Details
would you just fall asleep then pass away.

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Don't listen to them!! Try overdose of pills, it worked swell for me :)

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yes, if you start the car in a closed space, the fumes could kill. Depending on the size of the space, it could take a varrying amount of time. You'd have to wait for the fumes to fill the space, then for the lack of oxygen go cause death. The brain dies after 8 minutes without oxygen, so it'd have to be upwards from there.

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Between 15 to 20 minutes and you will just fall asleep........

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Call your local 24 hour/day crisis line. This is just a moment in time. It will pass. Don't even attempt it. I've been in similar situations of enormous personal turmoil, and I'm 40. It's just a phase, talk it out.

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I'm not gonna tell you b/c i think you might try it.

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suicide is not the answer. SEEK HELP!!

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dont ever ever do that

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I don't know, but don't give up.

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I love you. Don't do it.

Message me if you want to talk about anything.

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Yes. The catalytic converter reduces, but not eliminates, carbon monoxide, which is the primary cause for death from vehicle exhaust.

Carbon monoxide combines with hemogoblin in the blood to form carboxyhemoglobin, which greatly reduces the oxygen-carry capacity of blood.

It is difficult to know exactly how long it would take, which would greatly depend on the type of engine, the ventilation of the environment, the condition of the victim himself, etc. It can be as quick as a few minutes, but otherwise I don't have numbers for this.

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